Art in Secod Life 2022 (85) MISHAPS – The daily life of Ambre Singh

I got an invitation to see a new exhibition of Ambre Singh in the NovaOwl Sky Gallery: “Mishaps”. The invitation was similiar to that I got for “Past Masters” (read here). It was a HUD with quite some menu entries for landmarks also to her main gallery, her biography, something about the exhibition and other links, like Ambre Singh’s own webpage, her store on the marketplace and her flickr page.

Ambre wrote about “Mishaps”: “Since a good part of my SLife consists of getting into all sorts of misadventures, the theme was a natural one. Another common thread in my SL presence is a form of spiritual activism. My virtual existence might as well serve a purpose, right? It is therefore with pleasure that I invite you to discover my new exhibition, “MISHAPS, the Daily Life of Ambre Singh”, generously hosted by The NovaOwl Sky gallery.”

Knowing Ambre Singh’s art, I expected funny and witty pictures. I was not disappointed. Ambre herself was present and welcomed me with the words “Welcome to one more silly outburst of mine :)”
The gallery space is huge. On the ground floor Ambre Singh’s pictures are often extended with 3D objects fitting to the according picture. Every picture has funny and fitting title. There is a sandbank with beach pictures.

Impressions of “Mishaps by Ambre Singh” (1)

Where the heck did Ambre get these ideas, this wit and this irony? The pictures are really funny and made me smile. In some pictures Ambre picks up on current topics like covid or King Charles III. And it’s no surprise that Ambre also added some explicit pictures, as I did expect it. The gorund floor packed with pictures and ideas.

Impressions of “Mishaps by Ambre Singh” (2)

On the stairs to the second floor sits a man with a bouquet of flowers, but take a closer look, it is ot a bouquet of flowers, it is a bouquet of coloured dildos *winks*. The pictures on the second floor are also witful, but most are with a serious background. At the entrance of the second floor Ambre added a text:
A good way to get into trouble is to show your political views.I personally feel that seriousness is suffocating the planet and making people amorphous. We need joy, disobedience, courage and love. So here is my little contribution, my call for a joyful, libertarian and libertine awakeing. The beginning is near!”

Impressions of “Mishaps by Ambre Singh” (3)

Ambre Singh is in Second Life for over 15 years. She writes about herself:
‘It is your mind that creates this world’, said Buddha.
All you do in SL will subtlely change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.
I photograph people of character in beautiful places of SL or in studio. Sometimes, I create thematic images in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition.
Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, my photos try to express the life and the soul of the people and places.

Impressions of “Mishaps by Ambre Singh” (4)

I had fun visiting “MISHAPS – The daily life of Ambre Singh” at NovaOwl Sky Gallery. Thank you Owl (Owl Dragonash) and Uli Jansma for providing the space for Ambre Singh’s “Mishaps”. Ambre also mentioned Kika Yongho for her precious help in decorating the space.

The exhibition is open until 27 November 2022 – enjoy your visit, like I did.

Landmark to MISHAPS – The daily life of Ambre Singh
at NovaOwl Sky Gallery
Landmark to Ambre Singh town gallery Noir’Wen
Landmark to Ambre Singh Main Gallery
Ambre Singh’s flckr
Ambre Singh Marketplace
Ambre Singh website

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  1. Owl D.
    Oct 12, 2022 @ 11:27:17

    So glad you could come to see Ambre’s work had me laughing and giggling to the point my housemate in RL was like what are you doing. Thank you, Diomita!


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