Art in Second Life 2022 (87) Bamboo Barnes: Personal Aspect

Bamboo Barnes is going to open a new exhibition, Personal Aspect at the Akipelago, at Akiniwa. Akiniwa is owned by Akiko Kinoshi (a.kiko).
The exhibition is a restrospective with pictures and small picture installations of Bamboo Barnes, featuring her artwork of almost 10 years.

Exibibition poster and impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (1)

The exhibition is huge. Bamboo’s pictures are shown at 4 large exhibition buildings. In 3 of 4 corners between the buildings Bamboo made small 3D installations with her pictures. The 4th corner will present 3D art by Kerupa Flow and was not yet built at the time of my visit.
The center square will be used for the opening event today, Friday, October 28th, 12 PM SLT. At the opening even Carelyna will provide the music.

When I think of Bamboo Barnes, I immediately think of colours, of colourful pictures, of a feast of colours. All exhibitions that I saw from her were colourful – and of course a retrospective exhibition must consist of colourful pictures too.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (2) – the 4 exhibition buildings

The amount of pictures is overwhelming. I estimate that Bambo selected about 100 pictures from her pool of artwork. The three 3D picture installations int he corner were new for me. Bamboo arrange her pictures together with 3D objects, giving the pictures a new environment instead of displaying them at walls. Some of her pictures in these corner installations change permanently. I suspect that these installations look even better with an environment set to midnight. Unfortunately I forgot to change my environment and used “Midday” for my pictures.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (3) – corner art installations

In front of one of the exhibition buildings you can grab a free chair, designed with Bamboo’s art.

Bamboo is in Second Life for over 15 years already, painting software & photoshop are her best friends. Bamboo had many exhibtions and appearances in the Second Life art scene and in 2018 she had her first exhibition in real life: “I create what I see but maybe you won’t, they are about people’s reality and  mind.
Bamboo’s art is a mixture of abstract forms, of people and photographs. Most pictures are colourful and it is in the eye of the beholder what we see in her pictures.
I myself saw her work the first time at La Maison d’Aneli during the Holiday season 2019/2020 (read here). I also saw her exhibition “Marginal Mannerism” at DixMixGallery in April 2021 (read here), the exhibition “Meant to be” at Itakos Art Gallery last year (read here), I saw “Conjure” at FOCUS Magazine F.A.I.R Gallery in August 2021 (read here), “Mindstorm” at IMAGO Land (read here) and “Drawer” at Hannington Arts Foundation (read here). Last December I saw her exhibition “The path” at Art care gallery (read here) and this year “Metaphysics” at the Kondar Art Center, (read here), Colores Primarios (read here) and New Day (read here) – wow, quite a list in the meanwhile!
Look also at Bamboo’s flickr page.

As mentioned above there are about 100 pictures! Just to give you a better impression of what to expect when you visit yourself I picked a few pictures for a collage.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (4)

I visited again shortly before the opening so have a look at the 4th corner with the 3D art of Kerupa Flow. Kerupa wrote about it: “Without collaboration with you, my work is invisible. How you interact with the piece, what it makes you tink; the feelings it invokes is what uncovers it’s soul. Take your time, immerse yourself in the display: be aware.
You can walk into one of the installation: heads, geometric objects, squares, texts … and everything changes permanently. Now it is at the visitor which feelings the installation seeds.

Impressions of “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa (5) – Kerupa Flow’s corner installation

Kerupa Flow is a 2D&3D artist from Japan and in Second Life since 2007: “After all, there live the same person both SL and outside SL, so even if the tools changed, you can have the same scent.“.
Kerupa has a permanet place “Kerupa’s World” at Akimori. For more information and current exhibitions look up Kerupa’s profile or grab a notecard.

I enjoyed my visits. Don’t miss this exhibition with Bamboo’s colourful artwork.
Thank you Akiko Kinoshi (A Kiko) for providing the space for this exhibition.

Landmark to “Personal Aspect” by Bamboo Barnes at Akiniwa.
Bamboo Barnes’ flickr page
Kerupa Flow’s World at Akimori

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  1. Bamboo Barnes
    Oct 29, 2022 @ 05:23:45

    Diomita. Many thanks to your visit and do appreciate your articles, means a lot to me. Best regards Bamboo Barnes


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