Art in Second Life 2020 (45) Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth

I got an inviation for the opening of “Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth” for July 7th. I wasn’t able to attend the opening but I visited the next day, Wednesday July 8.

As the name already gives away Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth is an installation by Gem Preiz. I have visited a lot of the installations and exhibtions of Gem, Just latey I saw his skyscrapers (Gem’s Skyscrapers – read here) and Elusive Reality (read here).

Entering “Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth”

Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth is an immersive exhibition of high resolution fractals, featuring particles by Delain Canucci. In this exhibition Gem brings together two of his passions: fractals and mineralogy.

Impressions of Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth (1)

The exhibtion consists of 16 rooms. You should set your environment to “Midnight”, particles to max and graphics to high or ultra. There’s just one way through the rooms. Each room has one big fractal picture of Gem Preiz. The walls, ceilings and floors are adjusted to the fractal object and colour of the picture as are the particles that liven up the room and the scenery.

Impressions of Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth (2)

There are a few hundred mineral species on Earth (a few thousand if we include those that the microscope only can reveal), born of the fantastic pressures suffered by the rock in the Earth’s crust, the sudden cooling of volcanic material, or the accumulation of sediments crushed by their own weight. While tectonic movements and volcanoes lava have brought to Man many of these natural treasures (quartz, gypsum, sulfur, obsidian, …), many of them were discovered in the depths of the planet only through industrial research or scientific exploration.” (taken from the acompanying notecard)

Impressions of Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth (3)

Each room is a piece of art itself and you can let your mind wander watching the picture, the walls and the other objects in the room. The particles make every view particular, every picture I took is unique therefore, yet the real experience is to see it yourself in 3D.

Gem has selected a music. It can be heard by running youtube in a seperate window, the link is also in the acompanying notecard. I recommend that you listen to it as it enhances the experience.

Impressions of Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth (4)

Gem Preiz “is educated in science and mathematics and is fond of anything related to Nature, Cosmos and Earth, from astronomy to geology. The world of fractals is, in the same way, ruled by Mathematics functions which, as Physics do in Nature, enable to create objects which features repeat themselves at every scale. There lies his passion for fractals: create thanks to the power and pureness of the Mathematical concept, images the complexity of which can suggest Nature beings, objects or sceneries.” (taken from a notecard from another exhibition)

Diomita at Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth

With Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth Gem Preiz has made another great and outstanding installation and I really enjoyed my visit. The particles of Delain Canucci add a lot to each room and scenery. Many thanks also to Akiko Kinoshi who, as for “Gem’s Skyscrapers”, provided the space for this journey.

Landmark to Gem’s Journey to the Center of a fractal Earth
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Art in Second Life 2020 (32) ROOMS by Betty Tureaud

I got an invitation from Aki (akikokinoshi) to visit and see “ROOMS by Betty Tureaud“, an installation realized in Aki’s sim. And I didn’t regret my visit at all. Upon landing you can grab a notecard in many different languages that provides some background for what you are going to see. You also get a free avatar and it is recommended to wear it during your visit – I did that.

ROOMS by Betty Tureaud – upper right is at the landing point / other pictures show the hallways and the rooms

ROOMS is an art installation by Betty Tureaud inspired of a dream.

Dreaming Rooms…
“… at drømme om rum er en adgang til din underbevidsthed om dig selv. ”
(Dreaming of rooms is an access to your subconscious of yourself.)  — Betty Tureaud

“If you dream of a room or find yourself alone in a room this represents different factors of your personality within the waking world. One of the most intriguing of dreams to have is of being in a house, and suddenly discovering new rooms in it that you did not know were there. In the dream, these rooms may be a very pleasant and even exciting surprise, they may be unusually decorated or full of interesting things. But most commonly, you will have a sense of surprise, because you thought you knew this house well, and never would have suspected that rooms such as these were here. To dream of discovering new rooms is often a symbol of releasing new aspects of your own personality.
The analogy is that you thought you knew yourself so well, but suddenly circumstances have arisen that have revealed there is far more to you than you previously thought.These kinds of dreams are a great gift, they challenge you to outgrow previous limited perceptions, and to embrace growth and change in your life.”

(taken from the notecard)

There are 15 rooms. I think I didn’t see all of them because after a while you get lost in the hallways and rooms. But I might have seen most of the rooms. It doesn’t matter where you start. Important is that you look in the main chat when you enter a room to get a quick thought about the room. You often have to fully enter the room and to go to the center to see the installation of the room. The colourful hallways, the avatar that melts into the walls, ceilings and floor, the dancing figures at hallway crossings, it all does feel like a dream after a hile and when you get lost in the hallways and rooms. I’ll present the rooms in the order I saw them.

Impressions of ROOMS by Betty Tureaud (1)

In the picture above are three rooms.
Betty whispers: Get some new brain cells Diomita Maurer (upper left)
Betty whispers: Stay in the center and get caught in colors Diomita Maurer (lower left)
Betty whispers: Click on the floor Diomita Maurer (upper and lower right)

The pictures are just catching a moment and give just a tiny impressions of what you see in the rooms. For example, the room with the brain cells fills slowly with the cells until they form a net around the avatar’s head. Everything is steadily moving and you get different impressions depending on viewing angle and zooming. On the other hand my captured 2D pictures are quite artful (in my opinion) and can’t be reproduced again, they are temporary like thoughts, that come and go.

Impressions of ROOMS by Betty Tureaud (2)

Betty whispers: Now you see them now you don’t Diomita Maurer (left pictures)
Betty whispers: Tribute to Yayoi Kusama Diomita Maurer (right pictures)

The whales in the left picture appear and disappear, yet they are moving and they don’t show up in the same position, and strangely they are not intimidating at all.
The room in the left picture was filled with imaginary walls in colourful textures with circles. I admit, that I never heard, read or saw anything about Yayoi Kusama but I do know a bit of her now looking her up in wikipedia: “Yayoi Kusama (born 22 March 1929) is a Japanese contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation, but is also active in painting, performance, film, fashion, poetry, fiction, and other arts. Her work is based in conceptual art and shows some attributes of feminism, minimalism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art, and abstract expressionism, and is infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content. She has been acknowledged as one of the most important living artists to come out of Japan” (source wikipedia)

Impressions of ROOMS by Betty Tureaud (3)

Betty whispers: Don’t be afraid of the dark! Click the box and sit on the doll then click again Diomita Maurer

The dark room is quite funny and playful. When you click the box a uni coloured (lego-like) figure appears, when you sit on it you become one with it and your avatar vanishes and when you stand up the figure falls from the box and jumps around on the floor before it vanishes … and you can do that with all boxes …

Impressions of ROOMS by Betty Tureaud (4)

Betty whispers: Sit and enjoy Diomita Maurer (upper left)
Betty whispers: Relax Diomita Maurer (lower left)
Betty whispers: Welcome to the crazy circus Diomita Maurer (upper right)
Betty whispers: walk around and be a griffer for a day Diomita Maurer (lower right)

Sitting down in the gallery room makes your avatar disappear. You can sit in the boat in the relax room and there are mayn poses offered, including coupleposes. The crazy circus reminded me a bit of pole dancing, set the stools are way to umcomfortable for the spectators. The colourful boxes did offer a lot of different perspectives for taking pictures.

Impressions of ROOMS by Betty Tureaud (5)

Betty whispers: Take my hand and stay in the center Diomita Maurer (upper left)
Betty whispers: Stay in the center of the room Diomita Maurer (lower left)
I either missed the text for the upper right room or it was also “Stay in the center of the room Diomita Maurer” (upper right)
Betty whispers: Say hello to mister AI Diomita Maurer (lower right)

While I was with many other peopler in the room shown in the upper left picture, I was alone with colours and colourful particles in the next two rooms. In the last room I visited I met mister Artitical Intelligance – at least now it has a face … and it springs out of the human brain.

Betty Tureaud is from Denmark, she’s a builder and light and space artist in Second Life. I came across her art before at ArtSpace UTSA in 2016 (read here), in August 2018 when I visited her installation “The Art Game” (read here), in January 2019 when her work was shown at La Maison d’Aneli (read here), and in April 2020 when I visited “swim with elephants” which was also hosted in a sim owned by Aki (akikokinoshi) (read here).

ROOMS by Betty Tureaud is a well made journey into your dreams and inspries to let your mind wander, to play around, to dream and to get away from everyday life and maybe as Betty wrote to find new sides of yourself or new rooms in your “house”.
Thank you for this artful istallation, Betty and thank you Aki for hosting it. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to ROOMS

Art in Second Life 2020 (20) Gem’s Skyscrapers

I got an invitation to visit Gem Preiz’ newest installation “Gem’s Skyscrapers” which opened Sunday, April 19th. As so often I wasn’t able to attend the opening celebration but I went there the very next day.

Gem’s Skyscrapers – instructions and bird’s eye views

The landing at Gems Skycrapers is in a skybox where you can grab a notecard about the installion. I use a lot of this notecard it in my post. Furtheron you get instructions how to set your viewer, which windlight is recommened (I used the recommened windlight “TOR Night Under a Yellow Moon”) and how to hide you avatar for a visit. I shied back from that first as you have to get rid of all of your attachments but then prepared myself as instructed. There’s a reason for that and I will explain that lateron. I teleported to the installation and although I had seen a picture of Gem’s Skyscrapers in the invitation before I was really overwhelmed by the first views. I selected an UFO and started my visit flying through the alleys and above the skyscrapers. Great!

Impressions of Gem’s Skyscrapers (1)

I love the infinitely large and the infinitely small. I love stars and atoms. I love skyscrapers and grass strands. I have presented on Secondlife very large fractal frames teeming with tiny details. These differences of scale are one of the levers of the immersive feeling.” (Gem Preiz)

Impressions of Gem’s Skyscrapers (1)

With the city Gem had two objectives:
– the first one is purely architectural and linked to my fascination for the skyscrapers, modern cathedrals which are, like those of the past, the synthesis of all the techniques of their time, dedicated to the collective aspirations of their builders.
– the second one aims to create a stronger sense of immersion on Secondlife. How to push the 256m limit of a Sim and give a city its natural dimension compared to our character? The solution I found is to build on a 1/10th scale and make the avatar invisible, apparently enclosed in the cockpit of a vehicle whose size and speed are made consistent with the scale of the buildings. Thus, it is in a city of 2.56 km side that you move, which is the equivalent of the surface of 100 normal Sims. The offsim background emphasizes this scale effect since these hundred meters high hills really seem here to be mountains topping up the skyscrapers.

Impressions of Gem’s Skyscrapers (3)

About 11000 prims, 500 constructions of more than 100 different designs, 6 transport lines of 20 km in total (at scale), 6 bridges; diversity and excess that evoke but do not equal that of the megacities of our time. I hope that you will take as much pleasure in visiting this city as I had to build it during the 6 months of its realization.
(taken from the notecard)

Impressions of Gem’s Skyscrapers (4)

The city, that Gem has built, has clearly different districts in which the skyscrapers are of the same colour or at least of a similar style, just as they had been built by the same architect. Some forms and silhouettes seem familiar. The reason is that Gem has used some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers as a model for his skyscrapers. He added some drafts of skyscrapers that were never built and some of his own ideas.
The city remembered me of Chicago with the river and the bridges crossing it. You must try to move your vehicle close to the ground for a different perspective as well as flying above the city in order to get an overview.

Before I finished my visit I went home, dressed again and returned to see Gem’s Skyscrapers again but this time 10 times smaller. Again I got different views!

List of buildings or architectural projects evoked or displayed in the city

– Burj al Khalifa (Dubaï, UAE)
– Marina Creek (Dubaï, UAE)
– Sydney Opera (Sydney, Australia)
– Geode (Paris, France)
– The Interlace (Singapore)
– Abu Dhabi Plaza (Astana, Kazakhstan) (competing project, not selected)
– The One (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
– The Address (Dubaï, UAE)
– Lodha World Towers (Mumbaï, India)
– Ecocity (Tianjin, China)
– ADNOC Headquarters (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
– Etihad Towers (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
– Hyatt Regency (Xuzhou, China)
– Sheraton (Huzhou, China)
– 900 Biscayne Bay (Miami, USA)
– WFC Tower (Shangai, China)
– St George wharf Tower (London, UK)
– Sky Mile Tower – Tôkyô Bay (Tôkyô, Japan) (project never built)
– Wynn Hotels (Las Vegas, USA)
– Central Park Tower (New York, USA)
– Pullman Hotel (Roissy CDG, France)
– Grand Rama 9 (Bangkok, Thailand)
– Bride Tower (Bassorah, Iraq) (project never built)
– Lincong Bridge (Huashan, China) (project by Santiago Calatrava)

Impressions of Gem’s Skyscrapers (6)

I wrote already quite often about Gem Preiz and his fractal art, the last time just a few weeks ago, when I visited his installation “Elusive Reality“. In 2019 I visited his own art gallery the “Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery”.
Gem Preiz is educated in science and mathematics and is fond of anything related to Nature, Cosmos and Earth, from astronomy to geology and to architecture. Seeing his work in Second Life is always a particular experience and so was my visit to Gem’s Skyscrapers.

Thank you very much for this great installation, Gem. I enjoyed it to the fullest!
Thank you Akiko Kinoshi who provided the space for Gem’s skyscrapers (as far as I understood).

Landmark to Gem’s Skyscrapers
Landmark to Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery