Art in Second Life 2022 (96) Cyborg Exhibition by Sophie de Saint Phalle

I got an invitation to the visit “Cyborg Exhibition” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010), her newest exhibtion built on a seperate sky platform above her own SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center. The exhibition opened December 1st, I visited just before the offical opening.
The invitation itself was special. The poster, that attached to my HUD, provided not only the basic information and a folder with more information, it also played futuristic, sci-fi tunes.

Impressions of “Cyborg Exhibition” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (1)

You can access the “Cyborg Exhibition” also with a teleporter from the main platform of the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center. The exhibition  is a world on it’s own, on a far away planet. The sky is dark and red. There’s a dark stone desert around the center with the exhibition. Sophie’s pictures are shown at rectangular blocks spread over the place. At one side is a stage for the opening event and maybe other events. There’re colour light effects that make the rocks reflect the light in different colours. The whole scenery is not of this world.

Impressions of “Cyborg Exhibition” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (2)

Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) provided a background story for “Cyborg Exhibition“:

It is the year 4029. Humanity spans large parts of the galaxy, divided into several star nations. 
Invasions from many alien alliances left devastating damage and destruction of parts of that galaxy. The genetic structure of the human race became more and more unstable. The human body was weakened and highly sophisticated cyborgs had to be developed to help humanity survive.
Children were conceived in artificial uteruses and divided into classes at a young age according to intelligence and physical ability. The physically strong children were transformed into cyborgs and often used as soldiers for intergalactic wars and others worked in the mines.
In the year 3988 a group of 96th generation cyborgs was sent to the planet Nactron-C to mine the super-heavy element, Thoranium, which allows humans to construct planetary terraforming. The mining proved to be very difficult, as the planet was dominated by dangerous and primitive creatures. Over the initial years, these creatures had to be tamed and trained as work animals.
In 4001, a nanotechnological virus destroyed all lifeform on the home planet of these cyborgs and it looked as if they would have to endure life forever on Nactron-C. Consequently, they developed and grew an incredibly strong race, both mentally and physically, whose genetic material will play an important role in the future.

The story fits well with the exhibition and with the world you entered there.

Impressions of “Cyborg Exhibition” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (3)

Sophie’s pictures are copper plate etchings and lithographies, which were importet into Second Life. Those who are familiar with Sophie’s art, recognize the artist immediately. All pictures show the contures of people, female and male. Some of the pictures are also clearly erotic, although the atmosphere is not erotic at all. Part of “Cyborg Exhibition” are cyborgs, fearsome creatures, for me a mixture between humans and dinosaurs. Sophie bought these creatures from Urfin (valtum) and from Holy (Qutsal Alex), who both have shops on the marketplace.
At one side of the exhibition you also find the spaceship with which these beings travel around. I only wonder how do they fit into this spaceship *winks*.

Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) is a Austrian RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kinds of paint and lithography. Her favourite materials are sand, plaster, glue, terracotta, stones, bones, ash, charcoal, natural pigments and more.
Sophie has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the United States, Australia, Rome and Monaco. Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) has an own gallery, The “SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre”.

Thank you for another great exhibition, Sophie. I enjoyed my visit and the great set-up of the Cyborg Exhibition.

direct Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center – Cyborg Exhibition
Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center
Urfin (valtum)’s store on the marketplace
Holy (Qutsal Alex)’s store on the marketplace

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