Art in Second Life 2022 (97) Junction Points by Selen


Today, Monday, December 5th, the exhibition “Junction Points” by Selen (Selen Minotaur) will be opened. It is the December exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof gallery, owned and curated by Dido Haas.
The opening party will start at 1 PM SLT (9 PM CET) with music by “A Limb & Yadleen”, particles will be contributed by Venus Adored.

The exhibition “Junction Points” by Selen consists of 3 forms of art – pictures, 3D objects and a video, that is shown at one front end.

Impressions of “Junction Points” by Selen @ Nitroglpbus Roof Gallery (1)

Selen wrote about “Junction Points”:
“The law of polarity states: “There is an equal and exact opposite to everything. Nothing exists alone. Forces exist as pairs of opposites.”
This quote from Hiram Pagan helps to better understand the universal law of polarity: “Everything can be separated into two completely opposite parts, and each of them contains the power of the other.”

As with the yin/yang symbol: one cannot exist without the other. Each is contained within the other.
We live, in fact, in duality: high-low, left-right, chiaroscuro, good-bad, day-night, healthy-sick, cold-hot, north-south, positron-electron, etc.
Duality teaches us what we prefer to experience and helps us recognize how to change our way of thinking to create that preferred experience in our lives. We know we prefer happiness because we have known sorrow. We love health because we have known sickness.

The challenge, for everyone, is therefore to find the points of junction, those which make it possible to feel “ONE”, in symbiosis and in balance with oneself, with the others and with the universe.
This exhibition is an allegorical and metaphorical visual exploration of the question of junction points.

Selen’s pictures as well as the 3D-objects reflect that duality, ying and yang, be it the swing or the two figures with the jumping spark. Together with a picture, that consists of several layers and is changing permanently, the video on the front provides a different experience every moment. And the mirroring floor at the Nitroglobus Roof gallery adds to that perfectly.

Impressions of “Junction Points” by Selen @ Nitroglpbus Roof Gallery (2)

Close to the landing you find the description by Selen also a board along with a quote by Olga Tokarczuk about the feet being the most important part of the human body:
“I have always thought that the most intimate and personal part of our body was the feet, not the genitals, the heart or even the brain, organs, after all, of little importance and which are overestimated. Wrongly. It is in the feet that all the knowledge of man is concentrated; it is towards the feet that the essence of who we are converges and that our relationship to the earth is established. The contact with the earth, its point of junction with our body, contains all the mystery: although we are made up of particles of matter, we are not part of it, we are separate from it. Feet are our connecting plug.”

It takes a moment to understand the logic. I admit I have never thought of it this way, have you?

Selen’s pictures are colourful, full of fantasy art mixed with abstract elements as well as forming “one” out of two different parts. Very intriguing. All elements combine to a particular experience and a new way of looking at our world and at ourselves.

Selen (Selen Minotaur) is in Second Life since 2008. It is the first time that I came across her. In her biography she writes about her connection to art:
“In the physical world I grew up in France with an architect, painter and sculptor father, maybe that’s why I’ve always loved art in all its forms. I myself tried drawing, painting (watercolor) and sculpture (clay) when I was younger. Later I discovered different platforms of the Metaverse (Second Life being the very first and main one) with endless possibilities to create digitally….. I always like to experiment new things, and creativity and art are definitely my main fuels in SL.”
Nowadays, Selen has an own gallery, an own website, a facebook and an instagram account, a flickr page and an own youtube channel

Impressions of “Junction Points” by Selen @ Nitroglpbus Roof Gallery (3)

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery is owned and curated by Dido Haas. Thank you, Dido for providing the space for the art and for enabling the exhibition “Junction Points” by Selen (Selen Minotaur). The exhibition poster of “Junction Points” was created by David Silence based on an picture by Selen.

Thank you Selen (Selen Minotaur) for this great exhibition. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and “Junction Points” by Selen
Dido Haas’ blog
Selen’s gallery in-world
Selen’s website
Selen on facebook
Selen on Instagram
Selen’s youtube channel
Selen on flickr

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  1. didohaas
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 10:35:36

    Thank you sooo much Diomita for this wonderful review. It gives the reader a clear view on the exhibition!
    Big big kisss


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