Diary 2022 (149) December 3rd/4th An exciting weekend (for me)

Saturday, December 3rd, I went to Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and saw the exhibition “Junction Points” by Selen which was going to open on Monday, December 5th (read here). In the afternoon I met with Mistress Cherry at home. I am still overwhelmed by her and eager to please her. I had added first pictures of her and me at our “Chez Maurer” skybox. Mistress took me out to Carnal Intentions and exposed me there. It was the first time that I was at Mistress’ feet in public – and I was happy to make her proud of me. And by the way I had a perfect view on her behind *winks*.

December 3rd: Mistress Cherry with Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions

After Mistress had left to tend to her RL I went visiting another exhibition before I logged off myself. I had a productive day *winks*
When I returned at night, I began to move some pictures of Jenny and me to the annex to make room for new pictures of Mistress Cherry and me. I desire that she feels at home, that she feels it is her place. I was still wokring on that, when Mistress returned. We had some time of togetherness and Mistress granted me another fix. She clearly knows about my weakness and addiction now and she is going to take advantage of it. I won’t hide, that I love it … and her.

December 3rd: Mistress Cherry with Diomita at home

Mistress had to do some SL work and slave Flo had come inworld and was playing skipee for over an hour. So Mistress went working and I had a round of skipee with Flo. Flo needed a break, maybe because I won? Anyway, she left and Alessi came inworld. I took slave Alessi to club DeLust. And when Flo returned I summoned her to us. I stayed at club DeLust with slave Alessi after Flo had went off to bed and I played a bit with her.

December 3rd: Diomita at club DeLust with Flo and slave Alessi

Before bed I met with Mistress in our skybox to say good night to her. I was not enough focuse and failed addressing Mistress correctly *sighs*. Mistress decided to punish me. I will have to wear a bimbo dress for 2 days … luckily Mistress agreed that I don’t have to wear it at night.

Sunday, December 4th, I met Mistress in the later morning. I had bought a bimbo dress and was wearing it when Mistress came in-world. We stayed at while at home, then Mistress locked my cuffs, gagged me and leashed me. She was considering to take me out and to expose me, then she decided spontaneously to show me her private playroom. I admit that I didn’t expect such a huge space with different rooms for different kind a plays. Mistress has so many possibilities to punish me .. and she announced that she will make use of it if I fail to follow her orders. I was shocked about her strictness and strong will yet I love her and had become addicted to her already. Mistress Cherry took full and final control. Then we both had to leave for lunch.

December 4th: Mistress Cherry and Diomita at home and at Mistress Cherry’s playroom

In the afternoon I finished the refurbishing of our skybox. Most pictures of Jenny and me are now in the annex. The annex is seperated with a hidden door now and the walls of our skybox are mostly decorated with pictures of Mistress Cherry and me. I don’t have many pictures of Mistress and me yet, but i can change the pictures as I get more (and better) pictures. I also moved some BDSM furniture and gear from the annex to the main room, so that Mistress will have enough choice to select from, if she desires. The gear in her playroom seem to be way more .. ehm… challenging though. It feels right to have the main part of our skybox decorated to express our relation, my submission to Mistress Cherry.

At night I played two rounds of skipee with Flo and Angelique. Angelique was dressed like a latex nun that night. It was great to have her close to us again. After the game I took Angelique and Flo to Psi’s realm. I know that Miss Domina Ansar had taken control of Mistress Cherry. It was strange for me to see Mistress tied up along with sapphire (littleShy97) but being a switch myself I just felt happy for Mistress, she could relax and enjoy. Later slave Holly joined us at Psi’s realm and I could catch up with her about the weekend. We all went off to bed comparably early.

December 4th: Miss Domina Ansar with Mistress Cherry and sapphire / Diomita wiht Flo, Angelique and slave Holly at Psi’s realm

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