Art in Second Life 2022 (98) Ode to snowmen by CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)

I got an invitation from CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) to visit her newest exhibition at NovaOwl – Sky Gallery named “Ode to snowmen”. The exhibition opened December 1st and will stay open until December 31st.

CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) is in Second Life since 2008. CK is a SL photographer and watercolour artist. She has done several exhibitons and installations, alone as well as in collaboration with others. I came across her in March the last time, when she participated at an exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli (read here)

As the title implies, the exhibition is about snowmen – how fitting to this time of the year. CK wrote about the exhibition:
I like themes. I like to dress up for them and I like to take pictures around a theme as well.
Winters in SL bring out those beautiful snow men. So many different ones and so beautifully placed around the SL grid. Winter, and in particular Snowmen, have been the inspiration for this exhibition.
Watercolours have been used to provide an immersive environment, one of my trademarks, as well as adding to the art.
There are 3D and 2D snowmen, pictures of snowmen around SL and watercolour landscapes.

Impressions of “Ode to snowmen” by CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) @ NovaOwl – Sky Gallery (1)

The NovaOwl – Sky Gallery is a squared building with two floors. CK has quite some different snowmen on display on the ground level. The pictures of snowmen in their beautiful Winter environment are displayed on the walls. And as it should be there’s quite some trees.

Impressions of “Ode to snowmen” by CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) @ NovaOwl – Sky Gallery (2)

Stairs lead to the second floor, that is used also for events. It has a transparent floor, hence from the ground level if looks like a gallery. CK has larger, watercolour pictures with the theme “Winter” up here.
Some of her pictures are just beautiful. But at “Ode to snowmen” all pictures just give the right environment for celebrating the snowmen. You find a lot of stylised snowmen, 3D snowmen, and snowmen painted by children spread almost everywhere. CK did this exhibition certainly with a big smile in her face. I enjoyed it. And I do have a snowmen at our home in SL as well. As opposed to RL, the snowmen in SL don’t melt and look perfect all season long by the way *winks*

CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) has an own place, CK’s Corner, where she has surrounded herself with all the memories of her roleplayer and artist’s life. It is open to the public to explore. A gallery, odes to art installations and roleplay sims, a butterfly conservatory, and a few other interesting and sometimes changing areas, are all accessed from there (walking distance or teleporters).
She also has a store on the marketplace named CKB Art, a flickr page and an own blog.

Impressions of “Ode to snowmen” by CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo) @ NovaOwl – Sky Gallery (3)

The NovaOwl – Sky Gallery is in the skies above the NovaOwl Gallery, which is owned by Uli Jansma. Owl (Owl Dragonash) is the general manager. NovaOwl is an international community on the mainland continent of Corsica. NovaOwl is located on Novatron. It is a meeting place where events take place regularly. Thank you Uli and Owl for providing the space for the art and for enabling this exhibition. I enjoyed my visit.
The exhibition shall be opened until December 31st, 2022.

Landmark to NovaOwl – Sky Gallery and to Ode to snowmen by CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)
CK’s Corner@ Mainland
CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)’s store CKB Art on the marketplace
CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)’s flickr
CK (Ceakay Ballyhoo)’s blog

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  1. ceakayballyhoo
    Dec 07, 2022 @ 12:22:18

    Reblogged this on ceakayballyhoo.


  2. ceakayballyhoo
    Dec 07, 2022 @ 12:22:36

    thank you! Glad you enjoyed yourself!


  3. Owl D.
    Dec 07, 2022 @ 12:27:39

    Thank you very happy you could come by! As yousaid “at “Ode to snowmen” all pictures just give the right environment for celebrating the snowmen.”
    I totally agree and her exhibit makes me smile too!☃️❄️💜


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