Art in Second Life 2022 (100) Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals” December 2022

I got invitation to visit Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals“, that was opened Wednesday, December 7th.

The exhibition is on a sky platform, that is also used as a place to dance and for events.

Impressions of Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals” (1)

On the platform are 4 squared boxes, 4 spheres and a few other 3D objects. Please use “Advanced Lighting” to see the optical effects. The boxes contain a sculpture on each side,  so that there’re 16 sculptures displayed in total. The spheres contain also scuptures but also other objects. As the boxes turn permanently and as the inside of the spheres change permantently, there’s no exact equal impression ever.

Impressions of Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals” (2)

Terry wrote about “Mythologicals“:
Mythologies abound with extraordinary creatures… It is as if the human imagination needed strange figures to feed itself – and to escape into the realm of the “non-ordinary”… Friend, come and discover non-ordinary beings in my sculpture exhibition… Come and meet my vision of “monsters”, my hybrid beings… evoked in myths and legends of ancient Greece and also in other, more “exotic”, cultures…

Impressions of Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals” (3)

Terra Merhyem (TerraMerhyem) is in Second Life since 2016. She’s a “French 2D / 3D artist, makes phostos, machinima and performances, is a choreographer and curator. Leitmotiv in my life is “Beauty”, that’s why the sentence in my profile is a verse of “The Beauty” (Baudelaire): “I am beautiful, ô mortals, like a dream of (Dark)stone…”
Terra also has several exhibtions at The Dove Rhoads Gallery. You also find her at flickr.
Terra Merhyem and Rage Darkstone, another artist who I have covered in this blog already, are partnered in Second Life.

The mytsic fantasy beings are quite impressive, I’m not a fan of fantasy but I admit that the figures can be attractive and are a feast for the eye. Together with the other 3D objects, with the light effects, they make a great exhibition. As stand alone objects they are great eye catchers and could decorate a sim perfectly and initiate a journey into a fantasy world.

Impressions of Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals” (4)

When you visit yourself, don’t forget to turn the sound on. Terra wrote about it that it is “expressive, powerful music which, if you let it penetrate you, will charge you with vitality, with energy!”

Thank you Terra Merhyem for this exhibition and the music. I enjoyed both and I really like your 3D objects.

Landmark to Terra Merhyem’s sculpture exhibition “Mythologicals”
TerraMerhyem at The Dove Rhoads Gallery
TerraMerhyem’s flickr

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