Art in Second Life 2022 (104) La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023

Aneli Abeyante invited me to see the new exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli. The opening event took place, Wednesday, December 14th. The exhibition features the art from Traci Ultsch, Yann Gyro (sempiternel),  ZackHerrMann, Thanos Runner and onceagain (Manoji Yachvili).

I started my visit with Traci Ultsch. Traci’s skybox at La Maison d’Aneli deal with the theme written in big letters on one wall: “As above so below”. Abstract forms, that remind me of the planet earth mirror in the floor, but the mirror image is not the same. It contains clouds and trees and other forms and invite the spectator to explore more deeply. As far as I gathered the skybox was also the place for the opening event.

La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 – Traci Ultsch

I didn’t come across Traci Ultsch so far. Traci is in Second Life since 2017 and I couldn’t find out much about her or him- Traci wrote in the accompanying notecard: “Traci is a rubbish artist who can not write a bio… also their music is bad…you can add that traci died in 2010 and is now run by Google Images… “fine i dont care” haha..“. You can see more of Traci on a flickr page.

Yann Gyro (sempiternel) is in Second Life since 2018. He is a photgrapher and designer. Yann has his own store on the marketplace. He also has a flickr account.
At his skybox at La Maison d’Aneli Yann allows us to have a look into his head. It’s a bit of a mess but that is how he creates. He doesn’t think, he creates!

La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 – Yann Gyro (sempiternel)

ZackHerrMann is a French psychedelik artist from the French Riviera. He’s in Second Life since 2012. He writes about his work:
French artist, kind of an alien from the unidentified dimension! He draws wither by hand or by digital toos or both. He has been a nightlife creature, a cyber punk LGBT glam cosmic one. He likes to create sounds and bizarre music that he uses for many projects. He is the creature of a fictive heroin called Linda Cluster. He works a lot usings the Second Lide Metavers, he loves concets, he is THE concept!

La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 – ZackHerrMann

ZackHerrMann’s art is quite unique. It is mostly in strong colours. Zack uses light effects and his installation is steadily changing. You can almost hear music, even when it is not turned on. Figures are dancing, everything looks full and rich. At La Maison d’Aneli his skybox is once again an own world to get lost in. 
ZackHerrMann has a little museum in Second Life – Zack Herr Mann Universum. You can also see more of his art at his flickr page.

Thanos Runner is in Second Life since 2009. He writes about himself: “I am a multiple artist, I practice in various disciplines, but drawing is above all my favorite discipline, because everything starts from drawing. It’s the idea, it’s the mood, it’s the choice, and all artistic work begins with a drawing. I draw for several reasons first of all I like drawing whatever it is, for me it is approach to the gift of self, and a visual communication, sensitivity, character, and sentimental of the individual provided that he is sincere.”  

La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 – Thanos Runner

His skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is a room in form of a sphere where his pictures are displayed in groups: “There are various drawings of the human body in all their sensibilities, and it is multiple, we are all unique and beautiful, and I try to bring out this through my works. There are very personal compositions and hence various portaits are also part of this exhibition.
Thanos has an own website here.

onceagain (Manoji Yachvili) ist in Second Life since 2007. Manoji is Italian and lives and works in Tuscany, Italy. Manoji’s skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is dedicated to the Apuan Alps.
The Apuan Alps, also known as Alpi Apuane, is a mountain range located in Tuscany, Italy. The mountains are lined with the beautiful white Carrara marble. The light colored stone gives the mountain range a look as though they are covered in snow year round. The Carrara marble remains to be one of the more popular choices among building plans, interior decor, and sculptures.
Due to modern technology, the large-scale extractions of marble from the quarries of the Apuan Alps mountains are inflicting the worst environmental disaster in Europe, and are changing the face of these mountains.
In the accompanying notecard you can find more information. onceagain (Manoji Yachvili) also provided two links – here and here.

La Maison d’Aneli Dec 2022 / Jan 2023 – onceagain (Manoji Yachvili)

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brought together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention was to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.

This is the last exhibition of La Maison d’Aneli and will stay open until January 2023. More than 12 years Aneli has curated her La Maison d’Aneli with an exhibition almost every month. Thank you very much for your work dedicated to the arts in Second Life. As always I enjoyed my (last) visit and I saw another great joined exhibtion, Aneli.
Stay healthy and enjoy whatever you do in RL and in SL. It was a pleasure featuring your La Maison d’Aneli in this blog regularly.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
Trace Ultsch’s flickr
Yann Gyro (sempiternel)’ store on the marketplace
Yann Gyro (sempiternel)’ flickr
ZackHerrMann’s flickr
Zack Herr Mann Universum
Thanos Runner website
Apuan Alps

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