Simploring 2022 (21) A Christmas Wish 2022

The Christmas season 2022 in Second Life is very different for me. It is the first season I spend without my beloved wife Jenny, who passed away unexpectedly in Summer. I try to keep the rituals and to make the most of it.

One thing, Jenny and I did every year was visiting the Calas Galadhon holiday installation. We always did the sleigh tour and the ballon tour, cuddling together, listening to Christmas music, being together and enjoying. I visited this year’s holiday installation on Sunday, December 18th, and it is beautiful, packed with activities, just wonderful. My impression is that it become more and more perfect every year.

Calas Galadhon “A Christmas Wish 2022”

I’m very happy that Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith realized it once again. It is the 14th (!) season that they gift this installation to us. Thank you Ty and Truck! The installation is called “A Christmas Wish 2022“. At the landing you get a notecard with all landmarks. The Calas Blog will keep you up to date with al the activities and events!

This time I will not report in detail, I have presented the Calas Galadhon installations many times.
Visit yourself and enjoy this Winter and Christmas Wonderland.

Landmark to Calas Galadhon “A Christmas Wish 2022”
Calas Blog



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