Art in Second Life 2023 (19) Happy Town by Cica Ghost

I got an invitation to visit Cica Ghost newest installation named “Happy Town”. It opened Friday, April 7th. Together with the landmark, Cica provided a quote again: “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” (Anne Frank)

To anticipate it, Cica at least made me happy and put a smile on my face.
For “Happy Town” Cica has returned to her fabric and stitch theme. The ground, the clouds, the houses and the fences are made of fabric and sewn together. as always you’re asked to use “Shared Environment” as the environment is part of Cica’s art. Please also turn on “Advanced lighting”.

Of course “Happy Town” is inhabited by happy beings, in this case you find, animals, animal people and monsters. When I began exploring I came across cows first, then I saw cat people, sheep people and chicken.

Impressions of “Happy Town” by Cica Ghost / overview, cows, cat people, sheep people, sheep and chicken

Then I saw happy monsters and an animation of Cica’s cyclist in an open waggon. I walked on and discovered 3 different cars – all are also for sale if you want one. The cars are sold by cat people. But you can make a test drive, and so I took a blue car. I had Cica in IM and asked her if “my cat was there anywhere or if the cat people did replace it. Actually I had missed the pink cat at the landing when I was immediately attracted by the happy cows. I drove the care back to the landing point and met Cica there – and saw “my” cat.

Impressions of “Happy Town” by Cica Ghost / monsters, Cica’ cyclist, cars, “my” cat at the landing point

Cica had seen how people sat on cars so that two person can use them together and she tried it herself – and it worked. So for the rest of my tour I had Cica with me, she was a perfect passenger and tour guide.
If you turn your view up at the landing point you can see an UFO landing on the roof top of one of the houses – and two aliens, who start to colonize “Happy Town”. Our tour together led us along a yellow monster, a girl with a cow and a huge turtle.

Impressions of “Happy Town” by Cica Ghost / UFA and aliens, yellow monster, girl with cow, turtle

We saw a running girl as well as a pink moster. And finally I noticed another cat people sitting on a tree. Cica loves hiding details. What else … yes you can dance again at several places. I danced surrounded by sheep and chicken.

Impressions of “Happy Town” by Cica Ghost / running girl, pink monster, Diomita dancing, cat people on a tree

Again “Happy Town” is a place to make us smile and make us forget the world outside, that is running mad in this day and age. We can see the world with the eyes of children again and just be our happy self. Thank you Cica, you really accomplished this mission once again.

Cica Ghost has opened a new CICA shop inworld. Her friend Bryn Oh provided the space for it in the skies of her sim just next to her shop. The landmark is listed below. I mad a few pictures, but I didn’t use Cica’s environment because I wanted to provide an idea how big it is and what you can get there. Bascially, all beings that Cica created, well most of them at least *winks*

Cica Chost’s new in-world shop

As always we don’t knwo how long “Happy Town” will be available for a visit, so hurry up and be happy. Smile!

Landmark to Happy Town by Cica Ghost
Landmark to Cica’s new shop
Cica Ghost’s shop on the marketplace
Cica Ghost’s flickr:

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