Simploring 2019 (61) Killary

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, May 21st, I picked “Killary” from SL Destinations. Killary is a moderate homestead owned by Morena Tully. I want to start this simploring tour with the text from the landmark’s description:
Inspired by the scenic, quiet beauty of Killary Fjord in Western Ireland. No pubs, no Intans, just simple, peaceful, irish nature. Unwind, relax. Take a picture or two. Please keep your clothes on, and don’t harass the sheep!

I visited Western Ireland myself a few years ago. The rough beauty in combination with the loneliness impressed me. During my visit it was cloudy and rained a bit which caused a very particular atmosphere.

Impressions of Western Ireland … Location of Killary Fjord

Morena’s description fit’s perfectly to what she created within Second Life. There’s almost nothing to explore or discover in Killary at first glance. Looking around at the landing point you see nothing but a meagre rough island, some hills, sheep, water and in the background a church spire. I began hiking and the peace of this place immediately warmed my heart. And there’s something to discover at second glance. There’re the ruins of a chapel and a stall, there’s the stone circle with a tree in the centre on the top of a hill, there’re a few places to sit and inhale the strange beauty of the place, there’re peacefully grazing sheeps, you can even see some ducks swimming.

Impressions of Killary (1) – around the landing point

At one end of Killary sits a lonely man looking out over the water. Morena also added 2 pieces of Bryn Oh, the Wasp Angel and a teddy. Clicking the teddy leads to a machima video of Bryn titled “Gretchen and Teddy“. In her profile you can read why these pieces of art are important for Morena:
I have such admiration for Bryn Oh, and her work. Things she has created have touched my SL in ways that can’t begin to be be described. She embodies the extreme end of the spectrum of what SL is meant to be, for me.”

Impressions of Killary (2) – the mediating man / Bryn Oh’s teddy and wasp angel

I also discovered 2 chests (I might not have found all of them), which contain questions to think about. I failed giving the right answer but the questions themselves give reason to think. I sat down at a few spots and enjoyed the peace. I think that the secret of Killary is that it is not overlaoded with many buildings or features or activities. The few things to discover and to do stand out way more this way.

Impressions of Killary (3) – enjoying the peace

Morena is in Second Life for over 13 years and she wrote in her profile that Killary might be the last sim she built, her retirement home, simple, minimalist and easy. She added: “Sometimes it’s ok for a place to be… just a place.
In her profile Morena Tully also wrote why she’s still in Second Life after all these years:
You would think after all the time I’ve been here, I’d be bored or burned out. It’s true I’ve mostly been there, done that, but each experience is new, every day is a different day, and I never know what will happen…. SL will always have new frontiers … Why would I ever want to leave?
That fits for me and my SL as well.

Impressions of Killary (4)

Thank you very much for sharing your place with the public, Morena. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to Killary
Gretchen and Teddy from Bryn Oh

Simploring 2018 (57) Another Planet by Cica Ghost

I became a regular visitor of Cica Ghost installation. I simply like her particular style and her art often is soothing to the soul as while you’re diving deep into the phantasy worlds created by her. This time it is Another Planet.

You arrive on a deserted unreal planet. There’s no vegetation and the rocky ground is structured with patterns simliar to printed integrated circuits. There’re no buildings but a clutter of melted frames and structures that look like leftovers of former buildings that were totally destroyed by an explosion or something like that. Some meteorites hoover over the planet like satellites.

Another Planet by Cica Ghost: at the landing point (upper left) / overview (lower left) / Alien Diomita with other aliens (upper and lower right)

Another planet is inhabited – of course – by aliens. I noticed 2 different forms of one and the same species, two genders perhaps. While the first form stands with bodies that look like pyramid cake made of rusty iron, the other form is larger and lies around. Both dont move. The heads and faces of the aliens are dominated by huge black eyes.

Upon your arrival you can decide to discover Another Planet as a human or as an alien. Cica provides the alien body at the landing point. I first explored as an alien and made a second tour as human. I met Cica herself in her alien form and the time I was visiting Bryn Oh was with her. There are two ways to travel around, either on foot or flying using one of the different planes or flying platforms. When flying you just sit and watch as you can’t steer the plane or platform.

Another Planet by Cica Ghost: Alien Diomita exploring (upper left anr right) / Alien Diomita in the foreground looking at Alien Cica and Bryn Oh (lower left) / another human visitor flying around exploring (lower right)

Find out if you’re still human, observe yourself from another planet” is the quote Cica Ghost choose for her installation. It is from Benny Bellamacina, who’s a songwriter, musician, poetic humorist and children’s author. Indeed the humans do look as being the strangers, the aliens on Another Planet. And the aliens living on Another Planet seem to watch the strange beings, the human visitors, through their big eyes. Yes, maybe we should look on humans and on our planet from a more distant point to get things right again and to preserve humanity.

More impressions from my visit to Another Planet by Cica Ghost

Cica impressed me once again with her creativity. It was fun exploring Another Planet and to get out from everyday life entering a peaceful fantasy world even within Second Life. Thank you very much, Cica!

Landmark to Another Planet

Simploring 2017 (84) Floating

Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post “Floating in Second Life” my simploring tour Friday, October 20th, led me to Floating . Floating is a LEA sim designed by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost. As I saw already some of Cica’s and Bryn’s art and installations, just these two names attracted my attention.

Floating is build on rocks, just by the sea and has a yacht harbour. Everything is in shades of grey. At the landing point you can sit on one of 3 coloured umbrellas and being to float around getting different views on the town. According to the board at the landing point you can also use a ballon to float, but I did not try it. There’s also a game offered, Zap Gun. You can grab such a zap gun to shoot your friends. When you’re hit, you’ll be sent back to the landing point (supposed you accepted the expierence – otherwise you’ll be sent back to you home point). I didn’t try the zap gun, but I can imagine that it is fun.

Impressions of Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost (1)

Back to Floating, the grey in grey town with the yacht harbour. It looks strange as it’s houses are small and high but not skycrapers, more like squared lighthouses with no lights but with roofs instead. And they all stand very close to eachohter on the rock. All houses are just grey silhouettes. And you can’t look into them. Just a few windows allow a view inside. And this view is full of colour and show everyday scenes.

On one side of Floating, there are frameworks filled with barrels that look like eyes on the first view, on the second view they appear to be build for living, for those who can’t afford to live in the houses. And yes, one barrel allows a view inside and there’s just an ugly sleeping person inside. Below are some huts and agains you can have a look inside of one of them. The huts are not as small as the barrels but offer a bit more comfort.

Impressions of Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost (2)

I floated around and saw nothing else in they gray world. Nothing? No, I discovered one person that was not in a house, hut or barrel but walking around.

Inara had her own interpretation of Floating. She thinks that Floating shows a town with quarters for the wealthy and for the poor. I share her interpretation but that might be due to the fact that I read her blog before visiting. I also think that everything is just grey in grey unless there’s life, and life brings colour.
You might take the sim’s description text as a start for your own interpretation. The text reflects more on the floating with the umbrella or with the ballon:
Floating in the sea
You and me
To the sky you flew
But I will wait for you

Anyway, Bryn and Cica created another piece of virtual, temporary art. Thank you both.

Landmark to Floating (LEA13)
Inara Pey’s blog entry “Floating in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (61) Serena Imagine Arts Center

For simploring Saturday, July 29th, I followed Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life“. Bryn Oh is a well know artist in Second Life and has had already some very catching installations. I have visited some of them myself, for example Immersiva (read here). The exhibition Picture of Oh is in a skybox at Serena Imagine Arts Center and it is worth a visit. For a description you better read Inara Pey’s post – it is very detailed and I can’t add anything to it.

I never heard about Serena Imagine Arts Center before, so I had a look what else is there. The Arts Center is embedded in Wolves Land, a nice homestead sim that offers some places to dance, to relax or to wind down, just as it is described “Come, relax, have fun and meet friends in this wonderful wolf-friendly land. You will be welcome. Why not dance or just chill under a tree?“. Right now it hosts not just the exhibition “Picture of Oh” but also the exhibition “Talking Walls” by Lalie Sorbet and an exhibtion with pictures of Lin Carlucci, both artists in RL. Their paintings are shown open air in a park, another and different way to show paintings and some of them melt perfectly with the environment while others add strong colours to it.

Serena Imagine Arts Center is owned by Vita Theas, who owns the sim and has her clothes store “Just imagine” right next to the art center. Thus the sim has 3 functions: a peaceful retreat, a store and an art center. “Ciao, Wolves Land is opened for all to visit and my hope is that you’ll love it. There’s my store Just Imagine and the Arts Centre I’m taking care of since 2009. If you are an artist feel free to call me.”

I think that’s a really nice way to combine business, art and the beauty of Second Life. Thank you Vita for the idea and the support of arts!

Landmark to Serena Imagine Arts Center
Landmark to the exhibition “Picture of Oh”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Picture of Oh in Second Life”

Kultivate Magazine / Windlight Gallery Summer Art Show

Following Inara Pey’s blog I came across and art show and event in Second Life “Kultivate Summer Art Show in Second Life“. The Kultivate Magazine / Windlight Gallery Summer Art Show has opened in Second Life. Running through until Saturday, August 20th, the event features, art, music and shopping.
August 14th: Diomita as living art in Silas Merlin's installation

August 14th: Diomita as living art in Silas Merlin’s installation

Over 50 2D and 3D artists are participating in the event. And some of them did appear already in this blog and hence are my favourites: Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost. The whole show is placed on a beach, with a few larger buildings for the 2D art and many kiosks for shopping. Inbetween is a big event stage (see list of events in Inara’s blog article or at the show web page) and the 3D art pieces. I placed myself into Silas Merlin’s sphere and I really stand out there, don’t I?).
I also got into Cica’s art “Cica’s hinging line” tumbling in a huge washing machine (poor me!) and I became part of Bryn Oh’s “Lazy Lazy Bryn”.
20160813 Diomita living art Cica Ghost 20160813 Diomita living art Lazy Lazy Bryn
There’s a lot to see. Have fun!
Link to Inara Pey’ blogpost
Link to the event’s web page
Landmark for the event in Second Life

Saturday afternoon simploring tour

Saturday afternoon, July 2nd, I spent some time of simploring and I visited 3 places, all of which were quite different. I first visited Legacy Ridge. You find a full and perfect description in Inara’s blog: “A walk through Legacy Ridge in Second Life“.
July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (1)

July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (1)

Legacy Ridge is just a little town somewhere at a coast. It has all you would find typically in such a town: Diner, Motel, park, Car dealer, restaurants, playground, shops … and spreaded among the hills nice homes for the residents. You land in a house, something like a visitor center, where you can join a group and grab a landmark and get some infos about Legacy Ridge.

July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (2)

July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (2)

I explored on foot first the little town itself, then I walked along the shoreline and then I took the big tour through the hills. From the town I noticed a modern house up in the hills with a big window from where you must have a great view. And during my walk in the hills I could take a closer look. A really beautiful house, something I’d love to have in RL. I think that is the secret of Legacy Ridge. It all looks so natural, so familiar, that you could think about moving into one of these nice houses – well I’d take the mordern house with the view over the bay.

July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (3)

July 2nd: Simploring Legacy Ridge (3)

Landmark to Legacy Ridge:
Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:
July 2nd: Simploring It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (1)

July 2nd: Simploring It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (1)

My next stop was “It All Starts With A Smile” – what a lovely name for a sim. And it is really fitting. It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) is a picturesque sim by Kaelyn Alecto and Maxx (Maxxster). It is a group of tropical islands with many places to sit and cuddle, to have a drink, to relax and I could almost feel the sun. At least I had a feeling of vacation and laziness. I explored, I wandered around, I sat down here and there and I took some nice pictures. IASWAS is just lovely for a visit with your love or just for getting away for an hour without a long flight.

July 2nd: Simploring It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (2)

July 2nd: Simploring It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (2)

July 2nd: Simploring (or Simplorelaxing) It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (3)

July 2nd: Simploring (or Simplorelaxing) It All Starts With A Smile (IASWAS) (3)

Landmark to It All Starts With A Smile
Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:
My Saturday simploring tour ended at MetaLES, an art sim. Inara has a full description in her blog. Ths sim is turning 7 years, hence her blog text is titeled “MetaLES at seven in Second Life“.
July 2nd: Simploring art in SL - MetaLES (1)

July 2nd: Simploring art in SL – MetaLES (1)

I learned that the sim is operated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar. For the 7th year anniversary it exhibits art work, virtual art form the last 7 years which was captured in pictures by Anita Witt. If I were a regular visitor of the many art sims in SL, I would recognize some of the art exhibited – well but I’m not. I just visit art installation or sims that were created by artists sometimes. But I did recognize some of the artist names mentioned in Inara’s post like Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh. At MetaLES the art is presented quite exceptional. Frames with the pictures hang in the sky, big objects and rocks holding the according hooks. The objects are huge, the pictures are huge. This way my avatar looks quite short and negligible within the art installation, that is for sure an intended effect.

July 2nd: Simploring art in SL - MetaLES (2)

July 2nd: Simploring art in SL – MetaLES (2)

For those interested in art or those who just want to see something different, virtual and temporary art, I do recommend a visit. I enjoyed my visit and the pictures I took will remember me of the particular way the art was presented here.

Landmark to MetaLES
Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:

Immersiva by Bryn Oh

Something total different for today: Immersiva by Bryn Oh. Check it out at There is a longer entry in the “Living in a Modemworld”-blog. That’s how i was pointed to it. Be sure to follow the manual to adjust your viewer settings at the entry point and get a headlamp. Just for the scenery alone it is worth visiting, but I’m sure there’s more to explore.
Here is the link to the text in the “Living in a Modemworld”-blog:

Immersiva by Bryn Oh

Immersiva by Bryn Oh

…and one last hint: to enter from the landing point into Immersiva you need to say “open” in main chat 🙂