Diary 2021 (37) March 21st/22nd A night at Psi’s realm

Sunday, March 21st, I was inworld quite early in the morning. I visited a gallery and Kitty was inworld and we chatted. I had just finished my gallery visitt and was about to see Kitty when Mistress also logged in. That changed my plans a bit. I went to Pis’s and picked up my property and took her with me to Kitty, who had told me that she was with Ame. Because Amy (chastitycontrol) was inworld, I thought Kitty was with her and went to Amy’s home – no Kitty of course. At least I could showcaed Mistress Jenny *laughs*. We said hello .. well I said hello, Mistress was still gagged, then I asked Kitty for a teleport offer and we went seeing her at Ame (Amelie Sawson)’s home. Ame herself was not present anmore, just another couple – and Kitty was tied up properly.

March 21st: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at Amy (chastitycontrol)’s home / at Ame (Amelie Sawson)’s home and at Psi’s realm with Kitty

We didn’t stay long. It was late for Kitty and Mistress and I had to turn to our RL again as well. I took Kitty and Mistress back to Psi’s realm for a few pictures. And while I was taking pictures Mistress’ timers ran down. Once Mistress was dressed again we said good night to our Kitty and returned home.

In the afternoon, I had not as much time as usual. I waited at club Domme a Domme for Mistress Jenny to return inworld. slave Zephaney was there and was happy that I tied her up. I had some chats that kept me entertained. Finally Mistress came inworld and we spent half an hour together at club Domme a Domme. I enjoyed the last minutes of my green light. Mistress had limited it to that afternoon. Hence before I left to tend to my RL I took my property home returned control to her *sighs*

March 21st: Diomita and Mistress with slave Zephaney at club Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo

We were inworld early at night and as Flo was also already present we played a skipee first. Then we spent the night at Carnal Intentions with Flo. It was relaxing … and Mistress is back in control.

Monday, March 22nd, Mistress was not inworld during the day and I was quite occupied with my RL. Hence I was inworld only late in the afternoon. It happened that my blackmail roleplay partner was inworld and I had another quite intense experience with her *sighs* (no pictures here *winks*).
I returned quite early at night and visited a gallery that was just opened the day before.
When Mistress Jenny came inworld we started our quite short night with a skipee. Then we went to Psi’s realm for the rest of the night. It was crowded and there was a lot going on, hence we had a lot to watch and had good entertainment. Mistress went off shortly after Flo as she had an early start the next day. Hence that’s it for this diary entry.

March 22nd – a night at Psi’s realm: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo – and some other impressions

Simploring 2020 (48) Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon

For my simploring tour on Monday, May 4th, I picked nothing from a list or website. I did a little bit simhopping after Mistress Jenny had left in the afternoon – and then I decided to write something about a sim that I know (at least as far as I remember) for my whole Second Life and that’s more than 12 years now: Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon. I might not remember correctly, so it may also be less than 12 years old, but for sure it is one of the places that coined my SL.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is an adult place. It is for girls only and it supports RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) for adult play. It is group owned by [GA] Land Management. As far as I know Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is owned by Amelie Sawson and Gwen Setzer. They both own a shop for cages and BDSM gear named GA. And they both own the neighbour sim “Gwen’s and Ame’s RLV Slave Storge Facility“, another great place where I spent hours already: “Store your slave in one of our high security cells”. But I might be wrong and one sim belongs to Amelie and the other to Gwen.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – overview

Anyway, Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon has one main feature: a huge and widely spread underground maze consisting of tunnels, rooms, hidden doors, stairs, traps and dead end’s. The rooms are filled with furniture and gear and grouped by themes. Within the Labyrinth is one larger room, a club room called “The Bunker“, that is used for events. I remember that I often got lost in the maze and that there were real experts who knew every room and how to get there. I was not one of those.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – short description / a view into “The Bunker”

The landing at Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is at a yacht harbour. There’s a nice clubhouse nearby, that can be used to meet, to cuddle or even for events. The long wall along the yacht harour is used for advertising for other places – all of them good places in my opinion. Behind the club house is a beach (again you can sit and enjoy there) and from the beach you go a few step upwards and get to the main house.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – around the landing point: yacht harbour and club house

The main house offers rooms for different kinks, a large living room, a kitchen and a bedroom, a balcony … and of course you can use it for play.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – the main house, nicely furnished with style

The maze does still exist and for quite some years now the entrance is outside of the main house hidden as the entrance to a cellar. What has changed – compared to many years ago – is that it is not one single maze anymore. The cellar under the main house does not reach down that far. Instead there’s a door that functions as a teleporter and brings you to the next level (somewhere in the sky).

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – the maze, a few pictures from inside

Still you can get lost, but once you find an elevator or a door that is particularly marked, you can use a teleport to get out or to teleport some place else:
Bunker – Club/Back Roons
Bunker – Dungeons II
Bunker – Entrance
Caces – Crypt
Caves II
Cow Breeding
Maze I
Maze II
Old Attic
Space Ship Floor 1
Space Ship Floor 2
Space Ship Floor 3 – Control
Space Ship Latex
Space Ship – Pod Prison

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – more impressions of the maze

I really appreciate that some places like Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon do still exist and provide fun for those who are new to Second Life and the BDSM scene and for people like myself who enjoy a familiar environment and want a different background for play outside of their own homes. It does make a difference! So it really was about time, that I wrote something about it in this blog. I want to thank Ame and Gwen for providing Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon to the public and for maintaining it over so many years. I hope that there are a lot more years to come. Thank you!

Landmark to Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – RLV – Girls Only!
Landmark to Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – The Bunker
Landmark to Gwen’s and Ame’s RLV Slave Storge Facility