Simploring 2020 (48) Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon

For my simploring tour on Monday, May 4th, I picked nothing from a list or website. I did a little bit simhopping after Mistress Jenny had left in the afternoon – and then I decided to write something about a sim that I know (at least as far as I remember) for my whole Second Life and that’s more than 12 years now: Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon. I might not remember correctly, so it may also be less than 12 years old, but for sure it is one of the places that coined my SL.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is an adult place. It is for girls only and it supports RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) for adult play. It is group owned by [GA] Land Management. As far as I know Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is owned by Amelie Sawson and Gwen Setzer. They both own a shop for cages and BDSM gear named GA. And they both own the neighbour sim “Gwen’s and Ame’s RLV Slave Storge Facility“, another great place where I spent hours already: “Store your slave in one of our high security cells”. But I might be wrong and one sim belongs to Amelie and the other to Gwen.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – overview

Anyway, Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon has one main feature: a huge and widely spread underground maze consisting of tunnels, rooms, hidden doors, stairs, traps and dead end’s. The rooms are filled with furniture and gear and grouped by themes. Within the Labyrinth is one larger room, a club room called “The Bunker“, that is used for events. I remember that I often got lost in the maze and that there were real experts who knew every room and how to get there. I was not one of those.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – short description / a view into “The Bunker”

The landing at Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon is at a yacht harbour. There’s a nice clubhouse nearby, that can be used to meet, to cuddle or even for events. The long wall along the yacht harour is used for advertising for other places – all of them good places in my opinion. Behind the club house is a beach (again you can sit and enjoy there) and from the beach you go a few step upwards and get to the main house.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – around the landing point: yacht harbour and club house

The main house offers rooms for different kinks, a large living room, a kitchen and a bedroom, a balcony … and of course you can use it for play.

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – the main house, nicely furnished with style

The maze does still exist and for quite some years now the entrance is outside of the main house hidden as the entrance to a cellar. What has changed – compared to many years ago – is that it is not one single maze anymore. The cellar under the main house does not reach down that far. Instead there’s a door that functions as a teleporter and brings you to the next level (somewhere in the sky).

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – the maze, a few pictures from inside

Still you can get lost, but once you find an elevator or a door that is particularly marked, you can use a teleport to get out or to teleport some place else:
Bunker – Club/Back Roons
Bunker – Dungeons II
Bunker – Entrance
Caces – Crypt
Caves II
Cow Breeding
Maze I
Maze II
Old Attic
Space Ship Floor 1
Space Ship Floor 2
Space Ship Floor 3 – Control
Space Ship Latex
Space Ship – Pod Prison

Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – more impressions of the maze

I really appreciate that some places like Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon do still exist and provide fun for those who are new to Second Life and the BDSM scene and for people like myself who enjoy a familiar environment and want a different background for play outside of their own homes. It does make a difference! So it really was about time, that I wrote something about it in this blog. I want to thank Ame and Gwen for providing Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon to the public and for maintaining it over so many years. I hope that there are a lot more years to come. Thank you!

Landmark to Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – RLV – Girls Only!
Landmark to Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon – The Bunker
Landmark to Gwen’s and Ame’s RLV Slave Storge Facility

Diary 2020 (68) May 10th – a full Sunday / our puppy slaves

Sunday, May 10th, Mistress Jenny and I spent quite some hours inworld together during the day. We met already in the later morning and Mistress Jenny was up for getting into trouble. Hence we both wore our cuffs, locked in a prayer pose, and with our keys out. Mistress wore her police collar in addition. We went to Puerto Esclava first and spent quite some time there – nothing happened, not even an IM and we could provoke nothing.

May 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita as easy preys at Puerto Esclava

Then we went to Heavy Bondage Club and met Ann there. But also nothing happened there. Finally we went back home and tended to our real lifes again.
We met after lunch in the early afternoon agin for 2 hours and continued our tour. We started off at Puerto Esclava again. I tried really hard to provoke anyone to take our keys and to have fun. I bumped with my bum into others and I even remarked in public chat that I was doing a field study about butts – this time we got a little bit response yet none dared to take our keys. After one hour at Puerto Esclava we made a bigger tour. We went to Psi’s realm, to club Domme a Domme, to Gwen’s storage, to The Storage at Harriot and even to Dungeon of FDS – nothing.

May 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with Ann, at Puerto Esclava, at Psi’s realm, at club Domme a Domme and at our loft skybox

We had fun nonetheless although we didn’t succeed to get someone taking our keys and giving us a small kick of helplessness. When we returned to our loft skybox Mistress allowed me to lick her. That was a nice reward and we both enjoyed it. Thank you, Mistress Jenny

Our night was full and pure fun (for us) after this already long day in Second Life. Angelique, slave Gwendi, slave Flo and slave Luci were playing greedy when we came inworld. They finished their game and we took them all to our Stonehaven patio. Unfortunately Angelique had to leave for bed. One after the other we had the slaves strip and made them wear latex puppy suits. We choose a dog muzzle for slave Gwendi (the black puppy) and simple hoods for slave Flo (white puppy) and slave Luci (red puppy). Don’t the puppies look just cute like this?

May 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita putting slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci into puppy suits at our Stonehaven patio at home

Of course we had to walk our pets and we went to Mesmerize Dungeon for it. We had fun and enjoyed! At flotime we returned home and put slave pet Gwendi in the cage on our porch, slave Flo and slave Luci went to bed as well – and so did we after this full day.

May 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita walking their pets slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci at Mesmerize Dungeon / taking slave pet Gwendi in her cage

Kitty Maurer aka. Santana Thibedeau collared 11 years!

We missed celebrating Kitty’s 12th rezzday anniversary on November 1st. 12 years in Second Life is quite a while and we’re not much shorter in this virtual world. The biggest challenge is to keep your Second Life varied so that it doesn’t become boring and to keep your network of family and friends in Second Life at the same time.

Our Kitty Maurer aka Santana Thibedeau is the oldest family member of the Eurobrats. Mistress Jenny and I collared her on November 22nd, 2008 – 11(!) years ago. And Kitty is still our’s! Keeping any relation over such a long time and in particular over a big difference in timezones is even more outstanding. We feel blessed to know and own our Kitty and to have her (him) as our friend.

We don’t see much of Kitty due to the timezone issue. Mistress Jenny meets her sometimes, when she’s able to go inworld in the early morning after work and I see her sometimes on the weekends. But Kitty is quite independent as cats usually are *winks*. She’s always up to find some trouble for herself or to cause trouble for others. Just recently she brought herself and Mistress into trouble at Mistress Oblivion’s facility (see also Diary 2019 (165) October 21st – The Facility). And like every cat Kitty is very curios and doesn’t hesitate to try out new stuff. She showed me a restrictive mask at “The Red Room” for example. She tried out being a sissy when we met our former slave Dana together. Soon later I had a giant sissy Kitty on my leash visiting “Gans”. One Sunday morning in October I took Kitty on an Autumn tour through Second Life .. there’s always something to explore or discover or try out for our Kitty!

Diomita meeting Kitty at “D-Zone” (May 1st, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at “Gwen’s storage” (July 10th, 2019) / Diomita with slave Gwendi and Kitty at home (September 1st, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at “The Red Room” (September 13th, 2019) / Diomita with sissy Kitty at “Gans” (September 29th, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at Psi’s realm (October 6th, 2019) / Diomita with Kitty at “The Beguinage of Bruges” (October 3rd, 2019)

I recommend to keep an eye on your cuffs and keys when you visit Lock Without Asking and even more when you visit Psi’s realm and Kitty is around somewhere.

We’re very proud to know you, to have you as our friend and last but not least to own you.

Happy belated 12th rezzday, Kitty!
Happy 11th collaring anniversary, Kitty!

Diary 2018 (86) May 17th – 19th – Catwoman

There’s not much to report from Thursday, May 17th. Mistress Jenny and I spent the night with slave drone Flo at Heavy Bondage club reading profiles and chatting. We had some fun teasing Argi, who was in a conference chat with us, and time flew by. Back at home we played a round of skipee and that’s it about Thursday night.

May 17th: Mistress Jenny, slave drone Flo and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / May 18th: Angelique, Diomita and Mistress Jenny dancing at our Friday night party

Friday night we had our regular party again. And this time it was frequented as usual. Angelique joined us as there was none at Sainte Agathe Castle. We also got a rare guest – Danii Szydlowska, a former sub of ours. She was wearing a catwoman suit and it was no surprise at all that she was fully restricted, that’s her passion. Danii did publish a picture of her visit to us on her deviant Art website and she wrote about her visit to our party there:

May 18th: Diomita, Angelique, Danii Szydlowska, Mistress Jenny at our Friday night Party (picture taken by Danii)

Locked in my new outfit, with all restrictions in place, I (finally) got to visit my old family and friends on their weekly friday night party!
You can see the effect of my visual limitation, as everyhting beyond a couple of meters is blacked out (makes it pretty hard to find my way)
Having no names (except in the chat window), I’m pretty sure nevertheless you can see Miss Diomita, her niece Angelique, and Miss Jenny here with me.
Most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about or saying to me, as I got DannaPearl’s SubListen & SubSpeak HUD locked on me. I’m sorry friends if I ignored anything you said or asked, as I saw only things like:
[15:01] Diomita Maurer: : -a-a-e in -e- -i–e, u–e-ie-e- in -e- -o-e
[15:01] Diomita Maurer: : -u– -u– -u–
[15:01] Diomita Maurer: : -i–e -a–e

But nevertheless, I had fun, the music was good and… most importantly: I was restricted!

Saturday afternoon, May 19th, was quite busy. When I came inworld I met with Angelique and we both couldn’t hold back and went inside having a bath together. Well there was more ….*coughs*. We had no time to dress again when Mistress Jenny came inworld and soon after also Kitty joined us there.

May 19th: Angelique and Diomita taking a bath / Diomita, Kitty and Mistress Jenny

I got a spontaneous invitation from Kerupa Flow to attend a real time piano improvisation. I had visited Kerupa’s installation “If the Mind is Absent” at LEA 11 and wrote a blog post about it (read here).
Mistress Jenny, Kitty and I went there and we listened to the piano play of rulie cisse of for about 15 minutes. There was also some chat, but we couldn’t understand a single word as it was in Japanese. The place and in particular the stage was decorated by Kerupa and knowing the installation at LEA 11 I could recognize the style.
The variety, that Second Life has to offer, still does impress me!

May 19th: real time piano Improvisation by rulie cisse, decoration by Kerupa Flow

Then we went to Gwen’s storage, picked up slave kelly there and brought her home. Mistress Jenny had to leave us for RL and I went to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer with Angelique, slave kelly and Kitty. Kitty danced for us there and Angelique and I cuddled and chatted with slave kelly at our feet until it was time for me to tend to my RL.

May 19th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Kitty and Angelique picking up slave kelly at Gwen’s storage / Diomita and Angelique with Kitty and slave kelly at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

At night, Mistress Jenny was not inworld. I first met Anne and we went to see slave kelly at the Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. Anne began to tease slave kelly proposing several ways to humiliate her. She had in mind to put slave kelly in a tube and to suspend another slave above her so that slave kelly could drink the other slave’s pee. As Anne said she saw such a tube cell at Gwen’s, we went over there to her a look. Anne meant a floor cage! Well, we have that at home for slave kelly, her pit.
I showed Anne slave kelly’s pit and I’m pretty sure that slave kelly thought she might end there the next minute – she didn’t. Angelique joined us and she showed me her maid dress, lovely!

May 19th: Anne, Diomita and slave kelly (upper left and upper middle) / Diomita at home with Angelique, slave kelly and slave Flo (lower left) / Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at Lochme (lower middle) / Diomita and Angelique (right)

Anne and Angelique left and I spent the rest of Saturday night with slave kelly and slave Flo. We went to Lochme, Mesmerize Dungeon and to Puerto Esclava. At Puerto Esclave we had a bit of fun and we met Millianrose, who I know from deviant Art. Inworld she’s known as Lady Rosecynder Orlais (yugia). slave kelly did lick my boots while slave Flo and I watched the scene. It was quite quiet and I could relax.

May 19th: Diomita with slave kelly and slave Flo at Puerto Esclava (left pictures) / Diomita storing slave kelly on our slut platform at home

After slave Flo went off to bed, I took slave kelly home and I stored her on our slut platform …. using her butt plug leash to make it a bit more uncomfy.
And that’s it for Saturday and for this diary post.

Enjoying Bondage April 2017 at Maurer‘s patio and kidnapped

In April the slaves wore their chastity belts and latex catsuits. We took each of them one night to our patio, unshielded the belt and put them into a rack with a fucking machine and watched them cuming for us. As we didn’t get all of the together, which was my Primary intention, I made a collage again. slave Adarra wasn’t online, so she’s missing in this collage. On April 18th/19th Jenny and I had a dangerous game, that ended with us both being kidnappend and locked at Gwen’s storage (read here). Unfortunately the roleplay couldn’t be continued and hence Jenny and I had only one full day enjoying bondage together. I added us during our dangerous game and later being hogtied to the enjoying bondage collage for April  2017 to complete the picture.

Enjoying bondage April 2017 – Mistress Jenny and Diomita (twice on the left), Kitty, slave Flo, slave slut cecy and slavin C

Diary 2017 (59) April 18/19th – Kidnapped

Tuesday, April 18th, I met Jenny in the late afternoon. I had left Jenny the night before with her keys out, as she loves to seek some trouble and she often complains that people don’t dare to take keys for a spontaneous roleplay like they did when we joined Second Life and spent or first years in Stonehaven. She was online during the day a bit, but as she had expected nothing had happened. Maybe she radiates a dominant aura, who knows? But also her profile is quite clear about that. Anyway, I thought, why not have a dangerous game together again like we did several times before in the last years? So I took my restraints out, locked them and left the keys out just like Jenny. We went to Domme a Domme. Well and there it took just 2 minutes, then I had an instant message from another visitor of the club asking me what Jenny and I were doing there with our keys out. I told her, that we’re playing a dangerous game. She did not hesitate more than a few seconds to order me to her and then she took my keys from my already locked cuffs that tied my arms on the back. What should I do? She removed my jacket and  ordered me to pull my hotpants down, thus stripping me in public. In the meanwhile Jenny was still standing alone in the club. She, lets call her Miss Kidnapper, called Jenny over and took control of her as well.“I’ll show you how dangerous games can end”, she said, before I had to go on my knees and lick her. She treathened me to beat Jenny, if I won’t perform to her satisfaction. Well, this dangerous game was definitively becoming dangerous. Miss Kidnapper brought us to Gwen’s storage and put both of us in one cell, tied up in hogtie and gagged. Miss Kidnapper brought her partner over and they both discussed how to take us. And we could not really do anything – as Miss Kidnapper expressed it very simple: “You two are fucked up now”.
The next day, Wednesday, April 19th, Jenny and I were quite often online during the day, also idling while we were busy in our RL, but nothing happened. We saw people come and go at Gwen’t storage, even some known faces. But none helped us out (well, it would have been in vain, as Miss Kidnapper did a good job in restraining us). At least we kept IM and were able to talk with eachother and time went by quickly chatting and yes, also enjoying to spend some time of togetherness in this dangerous game.
Later at night our head slave Flo showed up. She took the big tour over all places she could think about as a probable storage for kidnapping victims. And Gwen’s storage isn’t that unknow. It was a matter of time that she found us there. Still Miss Kidnapper hasn’t shown up again. Slave Flo had taken the secretly hidden wallet of us for emergencies. She bribed a guard to lock the door and we traveled home, where we had the according tools for releasing. But is the danger banned??
to be continued eventually … *winks*
P.S.: What a shame, I had a green light and some of it is spoiled now.

Diary (125) December 19th – spreading more seasonal spirit

We spent Monday night, December 19th, with slaves Flo and cecy. Both look really dressed up for the season with their antlers. We first went to Psi and watched the scenery there. I tokk off the gags of both slaves and then they were ordered to sing. What a seasonal spirit! The dark cellar filled with songs about Christmas. One of the subs there already thought that she had a wrong landmark *winks*.

December 19th: slave cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny at Psi

December 19th: slave cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny at Psi

Our second stop was Gwen’s storage. Mistress selected a bench right in front of the storage and slave Flo had to sing. We got no direct feedback, but I’m sure that some of the prisoners inside heard Flo singing and were reminded of Christmas.

December 19th: slave cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny at Gwen's storage

December 19th: slave cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny at Gwen’s storage

Later, after the slaves went to bed, Mistress Jenny took me to Club DeLust and we had a nice chat winding down. Tonight we got our personal mutal Christmas gift and we talked not only about that.

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Club DeLust

December 19th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Club DeLust

In control

Yesterday was the last day of a long period of being in full control of my wife and property Jenny, of my Ehesklavin. To make the most of it I squeezed myself into a latex catsuit, overknee boots, a corset and even a neck corset and gloves in black and white. I put my Ehesklavin into a fitting outfit and went roaming with her. You can feel my pride having her like this in the pictures below and I also couldn’t resist to get spoiled by her.

June 18th: Diomita with Ehesklavin at Gwen's storage

June 18th: Diomita with Ehesklavin at Gwen’s storage

June 18th: Diomita with Ehesklavin at HBC

June 18th: Diomita with Ehesklavin at HBC

June 18th: Diomita getting spoiled by her Ehesklavin

June 18th: Diomita getting spoiled by her Ehesklavin

It’s not easy to give up control again after a full month.
Thank you, Ehesklavin, thank you, Mine …… and thank you, Mistress Jenny for this long green light. I love you, Mistress.

New Amilie’s garden

After my simploring tour to La Vie (see my post of yesterday “La Vie in Second Life“) we had our regular Friday night party at night. I was online early and Virgo asked about a theme. Spontaneoulsy I decided for “skirt and chains” mostly because I’m still in control and had plans for taking advantage of my property. The party was relaxing as always. I mentioned it here before, my weekend starts with this party every week. After a while I decided to change into something with chains as well. Here’s a picture…

June 17th: Jenny and Diomita dancing in "skirt and chains" at our Friday night party

June 17th: Jenny and Diomita dancing in “skirt and chains” at our Friday night party

And after the party? As planned I took Jenny to our private skybox and enjoyed. And she woke up today with her chastity belt locked in place. In addition I put her into a latex hood today and kept her naked. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon. Soon after we arrived, slave Nina came online and joined us. Here’s what she wrote on deviant Art:
“Once again a whole week went by before I found time for SL. As the luck would have it, BOTH of my Mistresses were online when I logged in. And my lucky streak didn’t end there either: I went to check out places where Mistresses often hang out, and they were at the first one I teleported into! Neat! On the downside, I probably used up enough luck for a lottery jackpot… 🙂
So, here I am (the one in the reddishpinkish suit), hanging out with Mistresses at Mesmerize Dungeon. Mistress Diomita is currently the Top One, and has put Mistress Jenny into a rather different outfit than she usually wears…”

June 18th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at MD

June 18th: Diomita with Jenny and slave Nina at MD

I decided to take the two on a simploring tour to Amelie’s garden. Amelie’s garden has gone through a full refurbisment. Now Gwen’s storage and Amelie’s garden are close together and you can see the storage from the landing point of Amelie’s garden. I was in the new garden already a few weeks ago but exploring the whole garden and underground maze takes more than just one visit. We explored together and after a while I found a place to store slave Nina in just the way that I had in mind.

June 18th: Diomita exploring Amelie's garden with Jenny and slave Nina

June 18th: Diomita exploring Amelie’s garden with Jenny and slave Nina

June 18th: slave Nina locked lustfully at Amelie's garden

June 18th: slave Nina locked lustfully at Amelie’s garden

Nina wrote on deviant art: “After we left the Mesmerize Dungeon, Mistress Diomita wanted to explore a bit. The destination of today’s little expedition was Amelie’s Garden and Dungeon. We wandered for a while in the dungeon, until Mistress saw a device She decided to put me into. I am still in it as I write this, writhing helplessly as the vibrator continues to purr inside me. When Mistress Diomita was setting me up, I wondered aloud about the purpose of the big fan attached to the table. Mistress assured me that it was a cooling fan, but once I was securely fastened, it turned out to be a HEATER instead! Oh-my-god! As if I wasn’t sweaty enough from the relentless vibrator assault, now there is also a heater blowing warm air into my already hot latex covered body!”
We left slave Nina in the underground maze and went to the house at Amelie’s garden where I found a nice place for myself to relax and to talk with Jenny. I guess it was more relaxing for me than for her though.

June 18th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Amelie's garden

June 18th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Amelie’s garden

After Jenny had to leave I returned to the underground maze to check about slave Nina. She was not alone anymore. Another slave, her name is Ysabel (sklavin.ysabel), was loitering around there and I made sure that she stayed close to slave Nina so that both can enjoy each others company.

Diomita with slave Nina (in the background) and Ysabel (sklavin.ysabel) at Amelie's garden

Diomita with slave Nina (in the background) and Ysabel (sklavin.ysabel) at Amelie’s garden

What a nice Saturday afternoon 🙂


Diary (18) Feb 21st – Feb 24th

It’s time for a diary post again. Not that much happened as the evenings were short for Jenny and myself due to RL obligations. But there’s still something to document from the short time we managed to get online. Sunday, Feb 21st, I enjoyed my ongoing control and took Jenny to TSH to expose her a bit while we were catching up.

Feb 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny visiting The Secret House

Feb 21st: Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny visiting The Secret House

Later the same day we went to Club DeLust. I came across this club over Chisato Watanabe’s deviant art page. She’s a regular guest there. DeLust is a “dresscoded BDSM & Fetish Club established in 2010. DeLust is a latex / leather / bondage / D/s fetish and BDSM club with main focus on seedy play and kinky scening.” (quote taken from the landmark description).

Feb 21st: Visiting Club DeLust with my Ehesklavin Jenny and slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

Feb 21st: Visiting Club DeLust with my Ehesklavin Jenny and slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

The club is small and has a really dense atmosphere which I really like. The guests sit (or kneel of course) instead of standing like statues. Nonetheless as with every night club in SL everything depends on the guests. We had a quite good time during our first visit. We might visit a bit more often as I like the atmosphere there. It actually seems to smell of leather and latex and is sort of cosy at the same time as well.

On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, our niece Angelique Maurer finally got her 4th collaring anniversary spanks. Yay! She really enjoyed the tradtion and I enjoyed it too. Happy belated collaring day, Angelique!

Feb 23rd: Angelique gets her belated collaring anniversary spanks

Feb 23rd: Angelique gets her belated collaring anniversary spanks

But that was not all to report from that night. Jenny came online and we went to club DeLust once again. This time it guests were quiet (like in so many clubs), but we didn’t mind as we caught up in IM and I had to end the green light. You shouldn’t overdo if you get granted something and I will get other green lights as Jenny sees fit. Anyway, thank you for this green light, my love!

Feb 23rd: The end on a green light - Diomita with Ehesklavin at Club DeLust

Feb 23rd: The end on a green light – Diomita with Ehesklavin at Club DeLust

On Wednesday, Feb 24th, I took slave Flo and Angelique to Gwen’s storage. I had left sklavin Gebby there the day before and leashed her at the entrance, where she can observe the coming and going of people, who aren’t stored. We had a bit of chitchat and banter before it was time for bed. sklavin Gebby is still there for a bit. If you see her, she loves to be spoken to as “sklavin” as that is the only way for her to speak.

Feb 24th: Dio visiting sklavin Gebby at Gwen's storage together with slave FLo and Angelique

Feb 24th: Dio visiting sklavin Gebby at Gwen’s storage together with slave Flo and Angelique

That’s it for right now again.

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