Simploring 2018 (82) Destiny Gardens

Inspired once again by SL Destinations and the pictures published by AJ (anyajurelle) in her blog “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” I had a look at Inara Pey’s blog post “Destiny Gardens in Second Life” and decided to visited Destiny Gardens.

Impressions of Destiny Gardens (1) – around the landing point

Destiny Gardens is a full, moderate sim owned by Destiny Milos and as I learned from Inara’s post it was primarily landscaped by Adalynne Romano (AdalynneReed). To put it in one word – it is just beautiful!
At the landing point are places to sit and to play chess and I discovered a sculpture created by Mistero Hifeng. During my visit I came across of some more of Mistero Hifeng’s sculptures, most of them I had seen before. They add perfectly into the beautiful environment. The landing point area, that is located on a hill, I went down to the shore and took the trail that leads you around the island and into the inside.

Impressions of Destiny Gardens (2)

I personally was overwhelmed by the views. The ground is covered by blooming wild flowers, the trees are planted thoughtfully to provide shade and to add to the composition of colours. The trails lead over all kinds of bridges that you’d expect in a garden. And there are a lot more places to stop and sit down admiring the beauty of nature, a true virtual paradise.

Impressions of Destiny Gardens (3) – around the two residential houses

Exploring Destiny Gardens you will find 2 residential homes that blend in perfectly, their roofs are covered with moss, their own gardens are neat and offer more places to sit again.

Impressions of Destiny Gardens (4)

I also found an French garden with accurate cut hedges and, what a contrast, with several buxus cut into the form of a bunny. Behind the formal garden is another patio that invites to sit down and relax.

Impressions of Destiny Gardens (5)

I spent an hour admiring Destiny Gardens and taking pictures and had a very enjoyable time. Thank you, Destiny Milos for providing your lovely place to the public.

Landmark to Destiny Gardens
Inara Pey’s blog post “Destiny Gardens in Second Life”
Pictures of Destiny Gardens in “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide”

Simploring 2018 (45) Silent

My simploring tour Wednesday, May 16th, led me to “Silent“. I found the landmark together with several pictures in AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide. Thank you, AJ (anyajurelle).

Impressions of “Silent” by Air Angel (aair) (1)

There’s not much information about “Silent” – “Hang out, lounge, explore the art, Photographer Machinama friendly!” is all you get with the landmark description. You should turn media on, use the region’s windlight setting and set your draw distance to at least 300m.

Impressions of “Silent” by Air Angel (aair) (2)

Silent” is surreal and impresses with it’s visual effects. The ground texture of the sim background hills is very colourful and is moving, hence the sim background looks like waves, coloured waves. The windlight setting results in a purple/violet sky and you can also see an aurora borealis.

Impressions of “Silent” by Air Angel (aair) (3)

The sim itself consists of several islands, that are not connected, some are flat, some are rocky and high. There are some buildings that look surreal just because of the purple sky. Near the landing you encounter several pieces of art by Mistero Hifeng, an artist who’s work you recognize immediately by is particular style. You will find other pieces of art from different artists spread all over the sim.
Also quite outstanding is a huge white sculpture of a drowning person between the islands. You just see the head and the arms. It’s called “[GW] Liquid Sculpture II” by Groll (Groll Greggan).

Impressions of “Silent” by Air Angel (aair) (4)

There are places to sit and mediate watching the scenery. Big coloured balls fall from the sky onto the ground or onto the sea and roll amd bump into eachother before vanishing. Air Angel (aair), the owner of “Silent“, created them. These media balls, the sim’s background with the coloured waves, the purple sky, the few buildings and the art do all mix together into a fitting composition. Air Angel selected an psychedelic music stream that also adds to the experience.

Impressions of “Silent” by Air Angel (aair) (5)

Silent” is a piece of art itself, that you should see. Thank you, Air Angel!

Landmark to Silent
AJ’s blog post with other great pictures of “Silent”

Simploring 2018 (39) Cake

Lately I picked most of my destinations for my simploring tours from SL Destinations. Today, Thursday, April 26th, I came across “Cake“, which led me to another blog about exploring Second Life places “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” and from there I got the landmark to Cake.

Impressions of Cake (1)

Actually Cake is a corner parcel of Cerveza Island and owned by AJ (anyajurelle), who writes the above mentioned blog. AJ wrote about her place, that is was created with photographers, bloggers and vloggers in mind. The recommended Windlight setting is “Fairy Dark Blue (Paulina)”. She also remarks that Cake is not an enormus place, but that there’s a lot to explore and photograph. And I can tell, she’s right!
Cake is a paradies for photographers. I used the recommended Windlight setting, which provides a colourful bright light with a touch into dark blue. AJ placed some art decorations on her sim, she placed some nice places to sit and cuddle here and there, she added bright and green meadows and trees. Exploring Cake feels like entering a little world of its own, a world of light and peace where you can dream and let your mind wander.

Impressions of Cake (2) – lower right picture shows AJ (anyajurelle)

Outstanding pieces of art are the big chess game on the edge of the parcel, the colourful big butterflies at the center, the unicorn, the circle of fairies, the piano with the harp, the old gondolas from a ferris wheel, the big sculpture of arms with a finger that points up into the sky … and many more. Within half an hour I took dozens of pictures. Lovely!

Impressions of Cake (3)

I met AJ at her place and we had a short chat. She told me that she had just opened Cake and that everybody is welcome to visit. I did enjoy my visit a lot. Thank you AJ (anyajurelle) for building this place and for opening it to the public. I like how you displayed art within a dream world. You certainly succeeded in creating a place for photographers, bloggers and vloggers.
To get a notecard about Cake touch the magic lamp close to the landing point with the hoover text “Group joiner”

I added “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide” to the Active blogs link list on the right.

Landmark to Cake
AJ’s blog “AJ’s Second Life – Travel Guide”