Simploring 2017 (29) Bella Italia – Amandia

It seems that the Mediterranean appeals to many of us in a magic way. That’s true at least for me. Wednesday, April 12th, I came across Amandia by following Nix Bubbles’ blog “Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of fashin” (link to this blog is in the Active blogs list).Amandia is a little Italian village which offers a really great variety of living, roleply, fun and kink. First of all it is very picturesque and a place for those who like taking pictures. It is made with love and creativity and to me it looks really like a place to spend a vacation. Amandia also presents some art. I did recognize immediatly several of Mistero Hifeng’s art. In addition it has countless places to cuddle, to sit, to dance and to dream. Amandia has several beaches and patio’s, there are (public) vacation homes as well as one private (non-pubic) resident home. There are possibilities for roleplay, night clubs, sky boxes for voyeurs, lesbians and for extreme play. And there is a hotel that has also a suite for bdsm.I visited for about an hour and could just get a little overview. I roamed around in the village first. It is not large but the houses there are not empty and just facades, instead they are furnished very many with details. The village really make you feel like being in Italy. Amazing. I visited some of the skyboxes (kinky), the beaches with the many opportunities to sit, to take a sunbath, to cuddle or to surf. I went to the little half island “Though Isle”, which is more for meditation. I spent time walking along the shore promenade. I walekd up to the lighthouse. I enjoyed many many views .. and of course I couldn’t hold back and also visited the hotel suite for bdsm.
Amandia is a full sim and an adult sim (so you can sunbath naked .. and more). The landmark description lists all the activities: “Vintage city, beach, dance, outdoors, kid, garden, piano’s bar, farm, nature, forest, hangout, live music, sea,  photoset, photostudio, models, hotel, suite, dom, lesbian, bdsm, hospital, Mama Allpa clinic“. Amandia is owned and created by robb (robbaccia). He wrote (in the notecard you’ll get upon landing in Amandia): “I’m very glad to welcome you to Amandia, folklore, arts, nature and hospitality from the  people of ‘LeMarche’, an Italian Region.
The land is open to all ** Human Avatars and Pets **, the moderate area is open to ** Child avatars ** too. You can fly and rez (group required). No Nazis, No fascists. Respect other avatars and have fun
There is not much to add but a big thank you to robb for providing this gem to all SL users.
Landmark to Amandia
Flickr for Amandia

Simploring 2017 (10) Mistero at Astral Dreams

Just after visiting Anduril, where I saw art of Mistero Hifeng again, Inara had another blog about an exhibition of Mistero’s art at Astral Dreams “Mistero Hifeng at Astral Dreams in Second Life“. 20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_010Of course I went to Astral Dreams and had a look. In this concentration Mistero’s art has not the same strong effect than it has when you stumble over it by accident be it in plain nature or in any other environment. I think this kind of art, big surrealistic statues often somehow craving for love or for music, and always a bit broken into pieces, do fit better as a single point of art, as stand alone piece – but that is just my personal opinion and for art everyone has an own way seeing it. No question I like Mistero’s art.20170215-astral-dreams-mistero-hifeng_011

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams (La...chiamano realta' by Mistero Hifeng)

Feb 15th: Diomita visiting the Mistero Hifeng Exhibition at Astral Dreams
(La…chiamano realta’ by Mistero Hifeng)

The pieces at Astral Dreams do provide a good overview about Mistero Hifeng’s art and you can even buy them there….. and Bruciando ricordi (Burning Memories) can be seen at our homeplace now.

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at "Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng"

Feb 15th at home: Mistress Jenny, Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave cecy looking at “Bruciando ricordi (Burning memories) by Mistero Hifeng”

Landmark to Astral Dreams with the exhibition of Mistero Hifeng:
Inara Pey’s blog post

Simploring 2017 (9) Anduril

20171102-anduril_028Saturday, Feb 11th, I went on a simploring tour to Anduril. Inary Pey wrote about it in her blog “The streets and paths of Anduril in Second Life“.
Anduril is a sim with 3 faces. Upon your landing it is first of all a small town as you land on the main street. There are cars, street lights, sidwalks, shops, some trees, just what you expect from a small town. Every thing is nice, clean and neat. maybe there could be more people on the street but that’s Second Life. The town and the the whole sim is somehow dominated by a lighthouse, you can see it from everyhwere. Just where you land is a hotel and above the entrance is at well lightened statue. Inara writes it is a statue from Marcel Marceau. At least it is extraordinary for sure. At the end of the street is a big old villa. If you go in, you’ll find a big room that is used for ballet and on the balcony is a (ballet?) dancer.20171102-anduril_029
But Anduril is not just a little town. if you turn right and walk through a passage you can look at the backside of the houses and it looks not neat and clean anymore, but abandonned, as if the people left the place in a hurry. In one old building there’s an art installation of Mistero Hifeng .. that leads to the second face of Anduril: art. There’s not just the statue of Marcel Marceau, other pieces of art from Silas Merlin and Mistero Hifeng and others are spread over the sim.

Art at Anduril

Art at Anduril

The third face of Anduril is nature, more a park just next to the town. There are places to sit and cuddle, places to enjoy the view and there’re other pieces of art in this park. Overall, there’s a lot to discover and explore at Anduril and my one hour visit went by very quickly. Thank you Marina Breen and Asa Vordun for providing Anduril to the public. For me it is the best way to espose art, not in a museum and packed but in a park more by accident, when you’re in the right mood as you’re relaxed when walking through a park. There you can you discover each piece and they look different outside embedded in the environment.20170211-anduril_031


Feb 11th: Diomita relaxing and writing at the end of her visit to Anduril

Landmark to Andruil
Inara Pey’s blog about Anduril

Diomita in art – Gates of memories

I found some time for simploring again. Yesterday I visited the “Gates of memories“. The sim’s description in the landmark is short: “We don’t remember days, we remember moments“. So what is it about? Basically it is a sparse winter landscape with two small houses. The whole island is snowbound and it is snowing permanently. Embedded in this scenery is art which is outstanding in the quite monotonous scenery.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (1)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (1). Left sculpture by Raya Jonson, right sculpture  by Mistero Hifeng.

As the whole island is snowbound and the sky is gray and as it is snowing, you won’t see many colours. Hence, every coloured piece gets particular attention in this surrounding, like the coloured paper laterns that you see first time when landing in the sim. Later I came across a red car with a christmas tree on it’s roof. This car would not get any attention elsewhere but here it is a real eye candy, literally glowing red.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (2)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (2)

For me, “Gates of memories” represents another way to exhibit art. You can become part of it as you walk through it, sit beside it or even on it, get close to it and as you become part of it as a counterpart of the art itself. The fact that the art is in a virtual world and thus only exsists temporarily plus the fact that you become part of the art by walking through it or standing next to it , makes a visit unique. What is left are memories and maybe a few pictures which capture the moment.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (3)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (3). Sculptures by Mistero Hifeng.

There’s a detailled description of the sim in Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog titeled “Stepping through the Gates of Memories in Second Life” with her impressions of this region. “Gates of memories” was created by the photographer shelly70 and the following quote from her profile fits perfectly with her sim “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away“.

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at "Gates of memories" (4)

Jan 25th: Diomita in art at “Gates of memories” (4). Sculptures by Mistero Hifeng.

Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:

Landmark “Gates of memories”:

Enjoy your own visit and create your own memories! Thank you shelly70 for providing the sim for our pleasure and memories.