Art in Second Life 2020 (50) Michiel’s Art café and gallery at Little Paris

I got an invitation from Michiel Bechir to attend an opening party for a new exhibition at his Art café and gallery at a sim named “Little Paris”.

On July 29th, I had the opportunity to visit the Art café and gallery. The Art café and gallery fits perfectly into the environment. It is a 3 story city building, the ground floor is occupied by the café, a place to sit and talk that is nicely decortated.

The Art café and gallery at Little Paris

The pictures at the wall in the café are from Tresore Prada Hawkins (tresore). Tresore Prada (tresore) is in SL since 2011. She writes about herself “I love SL because it allows me to explore, discover new parts of myself, be creative, connect and experience others. It enriches my life. I have found in photography and visual arts the perfect outlet for creativity.”

Tresore Prada Hawkins (tresore) at The Art café and gallery at Little Paris

As far as I understood, the 2nd floor exhibtion changes. Right now the art of Star (gossamerstar) is showcased there. Her pictures have one common theme – fantasy. Star (gossamerstar) is Canadian and in Second Life since 2013. Star had a few exhibtions before. The art presented at th Art café and gallery show young fairy-like women surrounded by flowers painted in pale colours.

Star (gossamerstar) at The Art café and gallery at Little Paris

And on the third floor under the roof, Michiel has exhibited a few of his own pictures. Michiel Bechir is quite a while in Second Life already (since 2007).
Michiel likes traveling in Secnd Life and takes his pictures within Second Life. With the options offered by several photo tools he improves the pictures, makes them more colourful, highlights the beauty of the original picture and adds a personal touch and feeling.

Michiel Bechir at The Art café and gallery at Little Paris

And that’s it about my visit to Michiel’s Art café and gallery at “Little Paris”, a nice small gallery, a place to enjoy a conversation and a place to look at artful pictures. Thank you Michiel.

Landmark to Art café and gallery
Tresore Prada Hawkins (tresore) flickr

The Elves sweet delivery cover, thank you ♥

Star (gossamerstar) flickr

Fish Tales