Simploring 2017 (100) Binemust Snow

For my 100th simploring tour 2017 I looked up the SL destiantion guide and selected BinemustSnow: “This beautiful two-island winter wonderland is filled with surprises in all corners and under the surface. Explore Binemust now to see it covered in the loveliest of snow.

December 15th: winterly Binemust overview with ground desitinations

The name Binemust did ring a bell and yes, I visited Binemust before in August 2016 (read here). There have been some changes. It was really worth revisiting!

Impressions of winterly Binemust

The landmark of the destination guide BindemustSnow leads you directly to the winterly island of Binemust. The island is really photogenic. I roamed around, explored and discovered. First I didn’t recognize that I was here before but when I entered the church I did remember and recognized it as not much changed here.

Binemust: Residential home (upper left) / beach house inside (upper right) / the curch (lower left) / the curch inside (lower right)

Upon your landing you’ll get a welcome notecard from Bine Rodenberger, who created and owns Binemust.
“Welcome to Binemust – a 2 island sim with an underwater world and experimental decor sites in the sky. You landed on the ground. You can find your way to the Portal, from where you have access to all the experiences on Binemust. At the portal you will find doors and holes in the ground to the different scenes on the ground, in the water and in the sky.. When you sit on a door or a hole, you will be transported to that experience, and you can find your way back to the portals by returning the way you came, or use the Portals landmark”

Binemust Portals (upper left) / campingsite (upper right) / fairground (lower left) / art garden (lower right)

There are several doors and holes spread over the island, one hole is directly next to the landing point. I recommend to explore and discover the winterly island of Binemust first. I really love it. Bine succeeded to create an atmosphere that seems to be cold. But when you enter the farm house or the residential home opposed to it, it feels cosy and warm inside. After visiting the church, I took a door to the Portals. From here you can explore and discover the following destinations:
– on the ground: Horse field (landing point of BinemustSnow), Beach, church, Beach house, Light house, Farm house
– underwater: art garden, campingsite, fairground, waterford
– Skybox
and Vimmershavn

Cica’s hugging tree (upper left) / waterford (upper right) / art inside of waterford (lower pictures)

The underwater desitinations didn’t change much compared to my visit in 2016. I recognized the campingsite, the fairground and the the art garden. New for me was Cica Ghost’s hugging tree Close to the art garten. And new for me was waterford. Inside of this fabric building you find soem more art installations.

Binemust skybox (upper left and right) / interior of Lighthouse (lower left) / Beach house (lower right)

Binemust at the beach and Binemust lighthouse (lower right)

The skybox is a residential home and contains everything you need for a comfy home.

Completely new is Vimmershavn, a modern shabby town that is mostly abandonned. But there’re oases of life where nothing is abandonned, they are neat and clean. These oases give Vimmershavn a particular charme. It is ood to be in such an oasis and to look at the shabby abandonned town, that was taken by criminals and homeless people. Vimmershavn could be a great place for roleplay. I spent a lot of time there, it’s a really interesting creation.

Binemust: Impressions of Vimmershavn (1)

Binemust: Impressions of Vimmershavn (2)

Binemust and all the experiences is a great place for simploring. Bine Rodenberger has created something outstanding in Second Life. This time I also visited her website which contains a lot of additional information. Thank you Bine for providing Binemust to us all. I should return more often!

Landmark to BinemustSnow
Landmark to Binemust Portals
Bine Rodenberger’s website
My first visit to Binemust


Friday night, August 19th, I got an opportunity to explore Second Life. A went to Binemust, which is (as always) perfectly described in Inara Peys’s blog “Binemust in Second Life“.
Bine Rodenberger, the owner and creator of the sim writes about it “Binemust – a 2 island sim with an underwater world aswell. Enjoy the different scenes and find your way to the floating rock in the sky and an interior decor experimentation in the skybox. There are 2 portholes by the landing point. The door will take you to the skybox, and the hole in the ground will take you to the floating rock in the sky.”
I started my discovery with the underwater world. It is bizarre. Some areas look like just recently sunken under water, like the railroad with the power poles along it’s side. At the end of the railroad tracks is a locomotive graveyard. Next to is is another field with a Buddha, an elefant, an tree, strange flying eyes. For sure you can take surrealistic pictures of these places, as in addition there’re turtles and sharks swimming around you (well, you’re under water). Another place in the underwater world is a big camping area (under water!). As I said: bizarre but very interesting and there’s a lot to discover.
20160819 Binemust underwater world
I took the two offered teleports to the “interior decor experimentation” and to the floating rock. The interior decor experimentation is very well done. Inside you won’t imagine that you’re in a skybox and I really like the decor and the layout of this little house.
20160819 Binemust exploring tour

Then I went exploring the 2 islands. First I visited the chapel which is not used as such anymore. It’s hard to describe – there’s the illuminated advertising that remembers of a red light district, there’s a lot of garbage, an old bike and the chancel is dominated by a sculpture from Mistero Hifeng. So my first impression of the first island was: also bizarre. Yet there are several other houses which are not bizarre at all. Inside you see that they are occupied and decorated with love. And on the porches and terraces you find nice spots to sit and enjoy.

August 19th - Binemust chapel

August 19th – Binemust chapel

The other island is connected by a ballon bridge and it is quite a high rock. On its top is a lighthouse and it looks really comfortable inside. At the foot of the rock is a small beach where you can either sit and enjoy or take a swan pedal boat to explore Binemust from the water side.

August 19th - Binemust balloon bridge

August 19th – Binemust balloon bridge

20160819 Binemust islands tour

Binemust is a really varied sim, it has something of everything: Art, Surrealism, Nature, Fantasy and is also just a nice place to be. And I’m pretty sure that there’re many details that I haven’t found yet. Thank you Bine for providing the sim to us all!
Last but not least, there’s also a website where you find more pictures and information about Binemust as well Bine’s blog.
Landmark Binemust
Website and blog
Inara Pey about Binemust