Diary 2018 (4) January 4th/5th – slave Bella’s trial

Thursday, January 4th, turned out to be a quiet day in Scond life for me, but it was varied and enjoyable nonetheless. I met Jenny in the afternoon and we went to the Heavy Bondage Club to get some eye candy while we catch up. When slave kelly came inworld, we summoned her to us and she served well to decorate us.

January 4th: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Heavy Bondage Club

At night, I was alone for a long time, very unusal. This provided time to finish my visit to Brand New Colony (see yesterday’s post here) and even to write the blog post about it. I was just finished when slave Bella came inworld and at the same time Mara (Maralyn Corleone) showed up also. We held company to slave Bella and Mara told me how often she remembers her time with us together with slave kelly. She is missing “her” box obviously.

January 4th at home: Diomita at slave Bella’s tube cell and having fun with Mara and “her” box

I was in a playful mood and put out the box and soon after slave Mara found herself boxed again. First she was a bit talking back, but not seriously as it aroused her way too much. I pulled her wig off, her hair has grown a bit again but is still quite short, and she had to strip. After adding some cuffs, I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the view on slave Bella and slave Mara.
When it was time for bed, I released Mara again and let her pick up her clothes. And that’s it about January 4th.

January 5th at Domme a Domme: Diomita and Jenny having an entertaining afternoon together with slave kelly and Kitty

Friday, January 5th, I met with Jenny in the afternoon. We decided to visit Domme a Domme while catching up. It turned out to become a very entertaining hour. First we summoned slave kelly and once again she attracted some attention just by being bald headed. Then also Kitty joined us shortly. She’s in her CC drone suit and enjoys it in her very own way:
Kitty Maurer: Psi’s Snark has been the “happening” place. Since Kitty isn’t allowed to park idlers, Kitty has been trying to instigate others to perform that service on Kitty’s behalf. With moderate success.
Jenny Maurer : that is not like you to obey that kind of order
Kitty Maurer: well…there are many ways to get the job done, right?
We had quite some private and public chat with the other guests at Domme a Domme while we teased our Kitty and slave kelly. Kitty’s drone suit was recoloured to a bright pink, that bright that Jenny had to wear sunglasses. Too bad, but we can’t enslave everyone *winks*

Friday night party January 5th, 2018

At night we had our regular Friday night party again. There’s not that much to report about dancing, having banter and fun and listening to great music selected by Virgo. But still, there’s something to add for the blog: We ended slave Bella’s trial and collared her. More about our newest family member in tomorrow’s blog post.

Simploring 2018 (4) Brand New Colony

A few days ago Inara Pey wrote about New Brand Colony in her blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life“. I was at Brand New Colony End of July 2017 and had a blog post about it (Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony). I wrote about it: “What a lovely place! It’s peaceful and offers a lot of spots to sit and watch, to cuddle or to mediate. And as it is an adult sim, there’re also some adult animations. Brand New Colony truely is – as described in the destination guide – photogenic. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it. Of course I also went to the dungeon, which is located in a skybox. The dungeon is well equipped and cosy“. I also wrote that the sim is owned by the Blessed Family and I assumed Esmenet Foxdale (esmenetpink ishtari), the founder of the group, being the owner.
Of course, Inara’s recent post attracted my attention. I learned that Brand New Colony has moved and was redesigned. The redesign as well as the first sim was done by Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed) and Mimara Blessed (Mimara) with assistance from Seren La Croix (torturedstar).

Brand New Colony January 2018 – overview

Again Brand New Colony is lovely and photogenic. It has changed a lot. There’re six islands now and the fact that some of them hoover above the sea like balloons clearly defines the sim as a dream, a lovely dream. The islands are held on the ground by thick and heavy chains that connects them to the main island and the chains also serve as bridges between the islands. All islands offer a rich and colourful vegetation and many spots to sit and cuddle. Here you can really wind down and dream.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Landing Point (left pictures) and Gazebo (right pictures)

Instead of walking you can use the sim’s teleport system. In the overview above I added the teleport spots for your orientation. On the main island, which has a Mediterrean touch, is a large villa and a bit below of it a nice decking with a fireplace. The decking is just next to a small jetty with a sailboat.

Brand New Colony January 2018 – Pond (upper left) / Chapel (lower left) / Dock (upper and lower right)

January 2018 – Villa (upper left and right) / Roma Camp (lower left and right)

Brand New Colony is still an adult sim but on the first view and in most areas you won’t notice it. I went inside the villa and found a dungeon in one of the rooms. The skybox dungeon doesn’t exsist anymore, at least it is not accessible by the teleport system. Inside of the villa, there are some items that are related to bdsm on the second view. During my visit, I saw a male slave locked into one ot the closets. I had a look into all rooms, and I also went upstairs to the “Management” room. First I thought, I’d be in a girls room, pink being the dominating colour. But then I realised that it must be the Mistress’ room. There are toys, a real wardrobe and a desk. And again you see the toys and the more kinky decorations not immediately but when you look at details. There’s the tied up bear under the chair, a gagged piggy bank, a laptop with an erotic picture, a vibrator on the desk …. I admit, I spent some time in this room and began to enjoy the atmosphere very much.

January 2018, the kinky side of the villa – Dungeon (upper left) and Management room (all others)

I remember that I wanted to return to Brand New Colony together with Jenny, be it for cuddling or for playing, but with all of our activities I forgot about it. I hope, that I won’t forget about it this time. Brand New Colony is a dream turned into reality. I really like it!
And still it is open to the public. The landmark description is inviting “Home of the Blessed family. Everyone nice is welcome.
Thank you Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed), Mimara Blessed (Mimara) and Seren La Croix (torturedstar) for creating this dream and thanks to the Blessed Family for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Brand New Colony
My first visit Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony
Inara Pey’s blog “Return to Brand New Colony in Second Life”