Diary 2018 (181) October 6th – Sexy witches hunt

Saturday, October 6th, I met Angelique and slave Flo in the afternoon. I could catch up with both and we played a round of greedy. At night, I was alone most of the time. It’s rare that none of our closer family is present. I first went to Brii, where a hunt for Halloween witch outfits is currently offered. You have to search little witch dolls in the store and can grab one of the outfits from each witch doll you find for 6 L$ each. I found 9 of 10 and sorted them into my wardrobe for the Halloween season.

October 6th: Diomita Hunting for sexy witch outfits at Brii

After my shopping I was still alone and went to several clubs, Babylon Berlin, Dungeon of FDS, Venustus. I stayed a bit longer dancing at Venustus, then I went to Psi’s realm where I had a nice chat with Daisy (Daisy Rimbaud), the owner of Evil Kitten. Our Kitty often spends time at Daisy’s playground. We became a bit nostalgic and talked about vanished old friends as well as about our first years in SL while we watched the crowd at Psi’s realm.

October 6th: Diomita dancing at Venustus / Diomita with Daisy Rimbaud at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

Then Mistress Jenny dropped inworld and I went home to see her and to catch up with her. Before we logged off, Mistress Jenny replaced my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar thus starting another red light.

Diary 2017 (212) December 14th – Holiday Hunting

The holidays are always also a time to shop not only in Real Life but also in Second Life. And it is the time of freebies, sales and hunts. Thursday, December 14th, Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo out for a hunt. We first got a freebie, a gift: christmas hat and scarf and socks. We wore the hats for the rest of the night. For the hunting we selected Brii where we did the “Night Hunt For Peace”. It will be available until December 31st.

December 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita doing the Brii “Night Hunt For Peace” with slave Flo

The goal of this hunt is to find 22 dolls that are spreaded all over the Brii shop. Each doll contains a different Christmas outfit for 2 L$. Mistress, slave Flo and I found most of them and we will have a lot to sort lateron trying them on.

December 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Satyr Club with slave Flo and slave Bella

After the hunt we went to Satyr club and danced. Later slave Bella came inworld and I picked her up at home so that she could join us. And that’s it for this diary entry.