Diary 2018 (181) October 6th – Sexy witches hunt

Saturday, October 6th, I met Angelique and slave Flo in the afternoon. I could catch up with both and we played a round of greedy. At night, I was alone most of the time. It’s rare that none of our closer family is present. I first went to Brii, where a hunt for Halloween witch outfits is currently offered. You have to search little witch dolls in the store and can grab one of the outfits from each witch doll you find for 6 L$ each. I found 9 of 10 and sorted them into my wardrobe for the Halloween season.

October 6th: Diomita Hunting for sexy witch outfits at Brii

After my shopping I was still alone and went to several clubs, Babylon Berlin, Dungeon of FDS, Venustus. I stayed a bit longer dancing at Venustus, then I went to Psi’s realm where I had a nice chat with Daisy (Daisy Rimbaud), the owner of Evil Kitten. Our Kitty often spends time at Daisy’s playground. We became a bit nostalgic and talked about vanished old friends as well as about our first years in SL while we watched the crowd at Psi’s realm.

October 6th: Diomita dancing at Venustus / Diomita with Daisy Rimbaud at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

Then Mistress Jenny dropped inworld and I went home to see her and to catch up with her. Before we logged off, Mistress Jenny replaced my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar thus starting another red light.

Simploring 2017 (43) Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground

In my last diary entry “Diary 2017 (91) June 1st – June 4th: Quiet Relaxing Moments” I reported that I met Kitty and Aimee Riptide at Daisy’s Playground, to be more precisely at Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground. Even after more than 9 years in world and in the BDSM scene you sometimes get to places that are well known, just I never heard of it before or was there before. Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground is owned by Daisy Rimbaud, who is also the creator of Evil Kitten, a brand for cells, cages, scripts and other BDSM stuff. I personally know Evil Kitten since my frist days in Second Life. Very popular is the Evil Kitten titeler, a toy that I used a lot during my first years. I adds a locked titeler to an avatar, everyone can change the titeler, just the victim itself can’t. You ight imagine the fun behind it.
The Evil Kitten tube cage accompanied me also for my whole Second Life, a simply tube cell with a transparent door shield. Up until today, if we want to collar a new slave, they usually have to spend some time inside of this tube cell as a trial for us – and during this time the rest of the family and we ourself get to know better a new potential family member.

I asked Kitty, who told me that she’s been there quite often, to write a little bit about Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground and here’s what she wrote:

Evil Kitten Chek Chau is a BDSM D/s and kidnap play area. When arriving at the landing zone, do yourself a favor and veer right into the Evil Kitten shopping area. It’s not your usual mall but a best-of-breed collection of Daisy’s wonderfully wicked creations. And yes, there are freebies, too.

Crossing the water over a narrow bridge will bring you to an abandoned industrial site which begs to be explored. Rusting metal, paint peeling off walls, heavy concrete structures, graffiti, barbwire fences, hazmat drums, re-bar and spilled buckets set the scene for a multi-level slave storage, a power plant, a pit, factory buildings, warehouses and a well-appointed home with an adjacent ‘garage’. And cells. Did Kitty mention cells?

Make sure to explore the Sky Dungeon (Kitty thinks it has some of the best lockable pits in SL) and also the Garage Roof. Be curious. Not only does the sim set a wonderful atmosphere for some grungy RP, you will also find lots of unique cells, cages, traps and many other contraptions to experiment and play with. The sim also has a small RLV controlled prison area.

So, what is missing? You. Go and explore and then bring a friend and play. Or do both. Or bring more friends. The sim is usually not overly busy, which is another great plus for some unfettered fun and games. Once you’ve completed a hard day’s work and safely stored your victims, you can head for the beach to relax with cocktails and deckchairs, celebrating your accomplishments and the fun you’ve had.

Thank you Kitty, for your description!

I visited Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground myself again Monday, June 5th, mainly to take some pictures for this simploring entry. The sim consists of 3 main parts: The Evil Kitten Store, The public playground and a private area, most probably Daisy’s private home. There’s a teleporter network for the public area and the store. The public area consists of a social area, the industrial complex with the garage and the Beach. With the teleporter network you can also visit the Sky Dungeon and the prison, that Kitty mentioned.

Another premiere for me waited at the social area. There’s a chess board with mesh chessmen and it is fully working. I played my frist game of chess in Second Life game against the computer (at Level 2, I have no idea how many levels it offers nor if it is an easy level). I won :-).

Landmark to Chek Chau – Daisy’s playground


Diary 2017 (91) June 1st – June 4th: Quiet Relaxing Moments

Thursday night, June 1st, was a very quiet relaxing night, that I spent with my property Jenny mostly at Domme a Domme. It was quite crowded there and we had enough to look at and to read profiles. But mostly we caught up with RL and SL before Jenny left into her vacation the next day. I made no pictures, at least no pictures to publish in here. We locked another “victim” in the fram of our key holding service (read here). But that’s is about Thursday.

Friday night, June 2nd, we had our regular party that was quite well attended. Claven was there with her slaves Betina and Lexi, Starry and Della and several others of the Atomic Pixies, and Virgo and Tyra (as a tied up and gagged tigress – Virgo and Tyra are still Fin Saphir’s dolls). From the Euro Brats it was just Kitty and me. We had fun as always.

Saturday night, June 3rd, Jenny came online and we spent a relaxed hour at Domme a Domme while she reported about her first day of vacation. Well, in Second Life, she’s also kind of on vacation – always nicely tied up and gagged. I can’t see enough of it! I shouldn’t change it and keep her like that. Argi joined us, she landed right next to us at Domme a Domme when logging in. And of course she teased Jenny. You might ask … and what about the slaves? They all are somehow prevented from coming online by their RL. slave Flo has some health issues and is recovering and should care about herself first of all, slave slut cecy has new working times that will decrease her presence online when we’re here (remember she’s from Mexico and hence the time difference is an issue), slavin C is locked away at “The Keep” and not often online anyway, and slave Adarra just let us know a few days ago that she’s quite tied up with her RL but that it might become better by the end of June. Who did I forget? Yes, Angelique, who is enjoying her newest adventure – and Kitty.

When I logged in Sunday morning, June 4th, to make a simploring tour, I got a message from Aimee Riptide. She asked me if I could come and look at our Kitty. I agree but Kitty was free when I arrived at Daisy’s playground, a BDSM, D/s and kidnap play area owned by Daisy Rimbaud and home of the Evil Kitten store. Aimee, Kitty and I had a nice chat about a new cell, that should be available for purchase soon. It has some really nice features. For example you can’t touch own items (like cuffs) and hence you have no ability to struggle out of them, you can’t use channel 77 if you wear Real Restraints (channel 77 is used to get to the menu), you can’t cam outside of the cell (very realistic), you can chat but you can’t send or receive IM (realistic) and there’s a reasonable anti idle feature that will stop a set timer once you don’t move within 5 minutes. To sum it up, this new cell is perfect for a realistic punishment, that provides enough time to think for the prisoner. I will for sure get one, once it is on the market.

I took Kitty on my simploring tour to Flash Back / Flash Forward (read here) and upon our return from there we met cow Dana for a short chat.

That’s it about these last days.