Simploring 2021 (34) Southern Magic

Looking for a simploring destination, I had to scroll through the blogs, that Annie checked for me and us before on her SL Destination. On RigTorok’s blog I came across “Southern Magic” and decided to visit it.

Southern Magic is an adult full region owned by Davis (davisdelong). The landmark description lists the main points of interest and activities on this sim: “Welcome to Southern Magic! Romance and Music are in the air! Bring a date or find one in the many romantic nooks and crannies!” along with several tags “Southern shopping square, cocktail bar, Riverboat, Hand and Foot, Greedy, 7 seas fishing, Musicans, Djs, Ride the Croc, Adult

Southern Magic – birds eye view and orientation map

Southern Magic is built to create the look and feel of the old South in the US. The landing is right next to the largest building at “Southern Magic“, the Magnolia Club. You should be a group member to enter the club, joining the group is free.

The Magnolia Club is an adult based meeting and dance club on Southern Comfort sim – a place for romance and more. A place to meet, hangout, catch up with friends and lovers, dance, cuddle and maybe more. We hold occasional events here but music is always on and you are welcome to come and dance or wait for people to show up any time of day or night.
On the indoor balcony upstairs you will find dining tables and chairs. You can eat all kinds of beautiful cakes desserts and patisserie, drink tea and chat quietly perhaps for before moving on upstairs to more sensual pleasure – the access to this part is reserved to group members. On the outdoor balocony are teleporters to 4 suites, each consisting of 4 rooms with adult equipment (The Bedroom, The Living Room, The Bathroom and the Playroom). Each suite has a slightly different decor and furniture.” (most parts taken from the notecard that you can grab at the entrance)

Impressions of Southern Magic (1) – The Magnolia Club

I continued my simploring tour and walked through the lovely park in front ot the Maglia Club to the little town “The Square”. The houses really provide the look and feel of the old South. All of them are furnished, the stores are really store where you can buy clothes for example. The atmosphere is really great.

Impressions of Southern Magic (2) – The Park and The Square

Next stop for me was the Riverboat. No old South without a Missisippi paddle wheel steamer! The Riverboat offers a larger gaming area on the lower floor, and a large dining room on the upper floor. The Riverboat Club holds a Dinner Dance Experience on Fridays. The Dinner Experience is a roleplayed formal dinner (Grab a notecard at the entrance to the boat to read more about it).
And above ot the dining room is a wedding room, almost perfect for weddings!

Impressions of Southern Magic (3) – The Riverboat

You can explore Southern Magic either on foot (like me) or you take the carriage (I didn’t) or you use the teleporter boards which you find at all mayor points of interest. I walked long the river on the Riverboat walk and came to the Open Air Venue and Dancing area. And I visited The Plaza, another event space.

Impressions of Southern Magic (4) – The Riverboat walk, The Open Air Venue and Dancing and The Plaza

But there’s even more to do at Southern Magic. There’s a 7 Seas Fishing game if you like to spend your time with that, or you could visit The Swamp. I read that you can ride an alligator there (I missed trying that, a reason to return asap). Beside these activities you find quite some nice and romantic spots to sit and cuddle at Southern magic, lovely places surrounded by the atmosphere of the old South.

Impressions of Southern Magic (5) – The 7 Seas Fishing, The Swamp, and two of the many romantic spots

I enjoyed my simploring tour and saw another great place in Second Life. Thank you Davis (davisdelong) for sharing your place with the public and for adding all the activities!
You can find more information, more great pictures on the Southern Magic website here.

Landmark to Southern Magic
Southern Magic website