Simploring 2020 (65) Dya’s Southern Twilight

Thursday, October 1st, I got a message from Dya OHare that she has redesigned her sim and opened Dya’s Southern Twilight. This time her sim is “a homage to one of the most charming places of the world. Explore the “Big Easy” and the beautiful autumn landscape with numerous animals. Some romantic Spots and various places for photographers” (taken from the landmark description).
We’re talking about New Orleans, the river Missisippi and of the state of Lousiana in the US. Accordingly you find the 2 bridges (one for each direction), the French Quartier, an old paddle steamboat an the oak alley plantation at Dya’s Southern Twilight. Dya wants to take us back into the 1930/40ies and she did quite well.
Dya’s Southern Twilight, a moderate homestead, is another masterpiece of building in Second Life.

The landing point it close to the town next to a coffee bike and a board where you can join the group to get rezz rights. The windlight is a bit hazy, the sun seems to fight to get through the fog, just like it is at this time of the year. Looking around you see the old paddle steamboat, the river and the entrance to the town. Don’t forget to turn the ambient sound on. You will here some jazz music and Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful life” – very fitting to this place!

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (1) – around the landing point

I first went along the river a bit away from the town. At the end of the promenade is a stage where artists show some tricks. Dya used an old picture as background for the stage to provide the 1930/40ies feeling.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (2) – the stage and the entrance to the town

I returned and walked towards the entrance of the town. I had a look at the paddle steamboat and went onboard. You can see the old steam vessels. Some rooms on the upper deck are furnished and document the luxury of these riverboats in former times. At the promenade is also the stand to buy the tickets for the a riverboat tour. Dya added a lot of details. For example there’s a board with the a tour map at the ticket booth.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (3) – the town

In the town you can admire some street scenes. A homestead is limited in prims and Dya used up almost all prims. Hence not all stores and buildings are furnished – some are, just take a look. Dya also used a nice workaround. The store at the corner is just in refurbishment, hence the windows are closed with wooden boards. Dya added old newpapers to these boards to provide the right feeling of the 1930/40ies. Great idea!
But there’s also a little oddity. The tram fits perfect to New Orleans and to the town, yet the destination sign on it “Taksim Tünel” seems to belong more to Istanbul *winks*.
The street with the scenes is a great place to take pictures.

I went to the graveyard next. It fits to the Halloween season and to the town. Yes it is a bit scary, but not more than any other graveyard and I didn’t meet any ghost. I just noticed another oddity – the grave of Martin Luther King and his wife …. just does not fit to the time setting, but it fits very well to Dya’s Southern Twilight. What caught my eye next to the graveyard was a painting on a backyard wall showing thre musicians. Dya has an eye for litte details.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (4) – the graveyard and the French quartier / the bar

I continued my simploring tour at the French Quartier. It is just like I saw it on pictures, just like I expected it to be – and very well transformed into Second Life. I’d like you to have a look at the decoration and the balconies. The bar is fully furnished and you can watch Louis Armstong live there. I recommend to have a look into the antique store as well.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (5) – the French quartier / the antique store / the harbour

I left the French Quartier and walked over the bridge to the other side of Dya’s Southern Twilight, to the other side of the river and came to the harbour. It is raining there. Behind of the harbour is a village with a few residential houses, all decorated for the Autumn season and all close to the Mangrove swamp. These houses are furnished, have a look inside. In one of them you find the workplace of a witch – I loved it.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (6) – the village

My next stop was the oak alley plantation. Again a spot that Dya has rebuilt very well and fitting to the time and the location. The ground floor of the manor is furnished and provides a feeling of luxury. From the river promenade you have a great view on the town, the paddle steamer and the French Quartier. That’s really a great place to sit and enjoy!

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (7) – oak alley plantation / river promenade / at the harbour

I ended my first visit to Dya’s Southern Twilight at the river promenade facing the the town and played with the windlight settings to get another view and atmosphere. And I enjoyed the place.

Impressions of Dya’s Southern Twilight (8) – Diomita in New Orleans

I’ve been to many places in the US in the physcial world, even in the Southern states and I’ve seen old plantations, but I’ve never been in New Orleans so far. But now, I feel as if I have been there already, much more then pictures alone could provide. Thank you Dya! You created a great place. I love it.

Landmark to Dya’s Southern Twilight