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After publishing my post about “Dya’s scent of the Caribbean” (read here)  Dya OHare asked me to share my pictures on flickr. The picture on this blog can be downloaded but I am aware that the quality isn’t very high. I had to downsize the pictures in order to limit my costs for WordPress and not to pay even more than I do pay right now. For this reason you also see mostly 4 pictures grouped to one picture in this blog. For more than 8 years I publish the full size pictures on my deviant Art account here and over the time I uploaded more than 11,000 pictures on deviant Art.

Nonetheless I decided to open a flickr account as well for the pictures of “Dya’s scent of the Caribbean”, and yesterday I added my pictures of “Elephants by Cica Ghost” (read here). Today I added my pictures of “A Favela” as well.

Flickr is limited to 1,000 pictures. I intend to publish mainly the pictures of my simploring tours on flickr and when I reach 1,000 pictures the older pictures will be deleted. The more kinky pictures of the diary entries will be published on my dA account only.

Here is the link to my flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188414948@N07/

Simploring 2020 (35) Dya’s scent of the Caribbean

On Friday, April 17th, I got a message from Dya OHare. I had visited her sim “Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot :)” end of February 2020 (read here). Dya told me that she remodeled her place and invited me to get over to see it. I went there the very next day, Saturday, April 18th.

The moderate homestead, that is owned and designed by Dya OHare is called “Dya’s scent of the Caribbean” now. The landmark description gives away what to expect: “Feel the good vibes and the rhythm of Reggae. Long beaches, romantic spots and various places for photographers. Good place for biker and horseman. Everyone is welcome 🙂

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (1) – the town

The landing is admist a Caribbean town, you hear the some reggae music in the background. The town itself is just how I picture a Caribbean town, a bit dirty, colourful, a bit torn down and full of life. There’re a lot of details to be discovered.

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (2) – Motel / Chapel / Slums / a waterfall

I left the town and followed the road passing a motel and a chapel. Up on the hill are a few shacks where the Jamaicans themself life. You sense their poverty. Did I say Jamaicans? Well, Dya’s scent of the Caribbean does refer to Jamaica. She told me that she’d been there and that she added two places from the physcial world to her sim. One of these places is the “blue lagoon”, where I went to next. Just compare the pictures from the lagoon in RL with the one in SL. I assume it is the turquoise colour of the water that is that outstanding.

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (3) – the blue lagoon

The other place Dya rebuilt in Second Life is Floyd’s Pelican Bar, one of the coolest bars in the world. It is located a mile off shore the only way to get there is by boat. In Second Life you can simply walk through the water to get to the bar. And it is really cool! And Dya succeeded to catch the atmosphere of it when she transformed it into a virtual bar.

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (4) – Floyd’s Pelican Bar

After a drink I continued my visit and explore the beach, the Surfer’s beach. You find somre really nice spots there to sit down, have a beer and to let the good vibe in. It did feel like a short vacation and that is what Dya wants us to feel – a good vibe without a long flight. The largest house on the sim is next to the Surfer’s beach and is a surf shop.

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (5) – Surfer’s beach and Surf shop

Dya’s scent of the Caribbean offers not only nice spots to sit and enjoy but also is perfect for taking pictures and of course I took a lot of pictures. I went to the beach villa and to the light house and was about to leave when Dya asked me if I got a joint. I didn’t get one and went back to the Surfer’s Beach. There’s a table where you can grab a drink or a joint. This way I relaxed and smoked a joint (only virtually). Together with the good Caribbean vibe, even a virutal joint can be very destracting from everyday life

Impressions of Dya’s scent of the Caribbean (6) – Beach Villa / Lighthouse / at the bar / Don’t Forget your joint my friend

Dya’s scent of the Caribbean is a great place for a short virtual trip to get in a good mood. It’s a lovely place and very well made with love for the detail. I have never been to Jamaica but this place felt just how I picture it to be. I enjoyed my trip a lot. Thank you Dya for creating this sim and sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Dya’s scent of the Caribbean

Simploring 2020 (16) Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot :)

For my simploring tour on Thursday, February 27th, I picked “Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot” from scoop.it SL Destinations and I read Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp (read here in German). The landmark description gives an idea about what to expect “An Abandoned Vacation Spot in the 30s. Sometimes you can still see the glamor of the past….Beaches, Romantic, Photographers…Some attractions for the whole family. Everyone is welcome. Enjoy your stay

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Dya OHare. Lam Erin has helped designing it.

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot – bird eye overview

The landing is in the first floor of a building named “Gatcha House”. Here you find information about the town, there’s a teleport board, information about rezzing rights with a group membership, pictures of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot and a guest book. The 2nd floor is occupied by the Gatcha shop.

Dya gives us the background story for her sim:
This place was a rich vacation spot in the 1930s. But a lot was destroyed in the war and the place has been deserted ever since. You can still see the glamour of the past. In this season it is raining here a lit, the roads are wet, many treed are old and partly broken. The shops and the hotels are empty. A few people left some things behind. Ivy is growing on the walls of the houses.
THe old harbour with its beautiful piers also saw better times. Earlier the fischermen and many visitors came here to go fishing. The boats are old and the fisher huts need a new coat of paint.
There used to be a well-functioning small container ship port on the left side of the alley. But since the place has left, there is only an empty tea factory.
The beaches are very natural in meantime and many animals have settled in the deserted island the past years. Some visitors are now coming to the island again. It is said that renovations are going on here to bring back the former glamour of the place. The house by the sea seems to be inhabited. Unfortunately the beautiful hotel on the slope is only a ruin. But who knows how the island looks like in Spring when everything is blooming and some houses have been renovated.”

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot – the Background story / information and pictures at the landing in the Gatcha house

Stepping out of the Gatcha house you see the picturesque fishing habour. With the regional windlight everything is grey in grey though. Nonetheless the place has it’s very own attraction. There are many many details to discover. I roamed around the harbour and took many pictures before is followed the road that leads all around the island and started my further simploring tour.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (1) – the fishing habour

I came to a beach first. Many birds have occupied it. There’s an old boat rental that looks abandonned for the season yet not for many decades. And you find a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the atmosphere there – if it just were not that cold, wet and rainy.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (2) – the fishing habour / at the beach

On the hill almost in the center of the island is the ruin of an hotel. The hotel sign is stil partly illuminated but the rest of the builing is already quite destroyed by time. Inside it is heavily leaking through the roof respectively the rain pours down unrestricted as there’s no roof anymore. I continued walking along the road and came to the lighthouse.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (3) – the hotel ruin and the lighthouse

At the following beach there’s the above mentioned residential house that is obviously inhabited. It is furnished inside and looks as if the owner will return every minute. At the beach you find a scene with a child, a dog and a tricycle. Farer away a few seals relax on a swimming platform. The hut at the beach is used to renting loungers – but it is closed for the season.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (4) – the other beach / the residential house

The road led me to a long wooden pier with 2 benches next. From here you have a good view to the industrial harbour with the old tea factory and a submarine in the dock. At this poin of my simploring tour I decided to change the windlight to see Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot in another, more sunny light. Quite a change! Let us assume that after all the rain the sun came out *winks*

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (5) – the wooden pier and the industrial harbour

And with the sun the island changes at lot. The hotel ruin looks total different and the fishing harbour with all its townhouses looks almost inviting for a walk along the promenade. I also got a nice view from the road above the fishing harbour down to the harbour.

Impressions of Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (6) – the hotel ruin and the fishing habour when the sun comes out

Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot is a particular place. It doesn’t make you feel sad at all to see it. As opposed to the travel back in time is very enjoyable and there’s a lot to discover – way more that I could see during the one hour that I spent there. I can imagine how this spot comes to life again, how investors revive it, how people we occupy the beach again and rent boats and lounger, how the warm sun will change it. And when I understand Dya’s story right, then she plans to make this change coming true in Spring. Therefore you might have to go there soon if you want to see it like it was during my visit.

Thank you very much Dya for sharing your place publicly. I enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark to Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot
Maddy Gynoid’s Simtipp: Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot