Simploring 2019 (83) Whimberly 2019

When I visited Scarlett Island (Simploring 2019 (82) Scarlett Isle), which was designed and landscaped by Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub), I decided that I had to visit Whimberly again, which I visited in 2017 (Simploring 2017 (7) Whimberly) and in 2018 (Simploring 2018 (3) Whimberly revisited ). And I didn’t hesitate long and went to Whimberly the very next day already.

Whimberly is an adult homestead, designed and owned by Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub) and after seeing Scarlett island the day before I can clearly see Staubi’s style – and I like it!

Staubi is a girl from Germany. She’s inspired by fashion, landscapes, people and music. She expresses herself through fashion, outfits and daily lifestyle in Second Life. Staubi makes interior design as well as landscaping, she takes photographs and she has her own blog.

Whimberly 2019 – overview

Whimberly is layed out as one big island. A suspension bridge connects the island with a small island which is occupied by a light house. The main island is cut into 2 parts by an inlet that ends in a pond with a waterfall. This way Whimberly‘s shape resembles an horseshoe. The landing is at a fountain garden. From there you have already a great view over to the lighthouse.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (1) – around the landing point

I began my simploring tour on foot, came to the boat rezzing pier and had a short boat tour. Then I continued on foot again and got to the big canola field. It is very large and reminded me of my home in Northern Germany. The blooming canola is a feast for the eyes.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (2) – blooming canola fields

The biggest building on Whimberly is the farm house. I went inside. It is all furnished with style and a you can discover a lot of details. The farm house would fit into a Mediterrean surrounding. Imagine to live in a house like this! I enjoyed the view from the balcony over the canola field.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (3) – the farm bouse, the seaview decking and the dance decking

I went to the shore again and discovered the seaview decking. It was already occupied during my visit, hence I just took a picture. It is a really nice place to sit. I went to the dance decking instead where I made a short rest and enjoyed the views. Whimberly is designed quite naturally and at the same time it is that lovely that it can’t be real. I made really a lot of pictures. By the way, of course you can dance at the dance decking.

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (4) – around the beach house

My next stop was at the beach house. This house is also furnished and invites to sit down either inside or outside. I liked the beach chair on the seaside terrace. There are two more beach chairs close to the beach house. From those you have a nice view at the lighthouse and over the beach. I walked to the lighthouse from where you have more great views on Whimberly and there’re another two beach chairs. Staubi seems to like them just like I do *winks*

Impressions from Whimberly 2019 (5) – the lighthouse and the inlet with waterfall

Finally I explored the inlet and the waterfall. The atmosphere is quite different there because you lose the view on the sea. There’re some birds and blooming flowers. And the inlet is another great spot for photographers. I really enjoyed my visit to Whimberly once again. It seems that I have to visit it at least once per year. I’ll end this simploring report with the landmark’s description from Staubi: “Come and explore the spring themed location called “Whimberly”. Enjoy your stay, take lots of pictures, meet friends an above all have fun!

Thank you Staubi for sharing this lovely sim with the public. I did enjoy almost a whole afternoon exploring and enjoying it!

Landmark to Whimberly
Whimberly Flickr group
Staubi’s blog

Simploring 2019 (82) Scarlett Isle

Following Inara Pey’s blog post “The natural beauty of Scarlett Isle in Second Life” I visited Scarlett Isle.

Scarlett Isle is a moderate homestead and the home of Grace & Ziggy Sixpence & Tempest Rosca (Grace Sixpence, Zigmal, Tempest Rosca). It was designed and landscaped by Staubi Reilig (engelsstaub).

Scarlett Isle – overview

Back in 2018 I visited Achill Island, which was Grace and Ziggy’s home that time (Simploring 2018 (99) Achill Island). Achill Island doesn’t exist anymore. I assume that Scarlett Isle is the replacement for it. Grace Sixpence is also involved and co-owning Mystic Timbers which I visit last month (see Simploring 2019 (65) Mystic Timbers  and Simploring 2019 (66) Mystic Timbers – Extra Worlds)

Impressions of Scarlett Isle (1) – close to the landing point

And Staubi (engelsstaub) isn’t unknown for me as well. She designed and owns Whimberly, which I visited in 2017 (Simploring 2017 (7) Whimberly) and in 2018 (Simploring 2018 (3) Whimberly revisited). Whimberly still exists and has changed since my last visit. I intend to visit it soon again.

Impressions of Scarlett Isle (2) – enjoying the public island

Besides being a homeplace Scarlett Isle was designed to be used by those interested in photography and it fully fulfills this intention. The landing point is on one of the two islands close to a creek that devides the sim into two islands, on a smaller third island is a lighthouse overlooking Scarlett Isle.

Impressions of Scarlett Isle (3) – around the public house / the suspension bridge

The island where you land is fully public. It offers a lovely beach with quite some opportunities to sit and dream, be it alone or with your loved one. Close to the beach is a lovely pond with a decking that invites to take a rest. There’s one building on this island. On it’s porch you can once again sit and enjoy. Inside is one bedroom and on from 2nd floor you have a nice view over the island and the beach. Next to the house is another smaller beach.

Impressions of Scarlett Isle (4) – the private homes (upper and lower right)

You can get to the other island either over a tree that spans over the creek or you take the big suspension bridge. This island offers some very nice views for taking pictures. The two houses with their large deckings are private and secured with a security orb. If you get too close you have 15 seconds to retreat, so be careful *winks*. I explored the other beach and found a beach chair there. I like these chairs as they remind me of many vacations in RL.

Impressions of Scarlett Isle (5)

Scarlett Isle is a peaceful and beautiful place to retreat or to simply enjoy an hour in a lovely environment. Most views you get look just amazing, like being painted. I enjoyed exploring and winding down from everyday life. Thank you Grace, Ziggy and Tempest for sharing most parts of your home with the public and thank you Staubi for designing this place. I had a lovely one hour vacation.

Landmark to Scarlett Isle
Flickr group
Inara Pey’s blog post “The natural beauty of Scarlett Isle in Second Life”
Landmark to Whimberly

Simploring 2018 (3) Whimberly revisited

Early last year I visited Whimberly (read here). I came across Inara Pey’s post “Once more to Whimberly” Saturday, December 30th and learned that I had already missed one makeover of this sim. Spontaneously I revisited Whimberly myself.

Whimberly overview

Staubi (engelsstaub), owner and creator of Whimberly, wrote an inviting landmark description: “Come and explore the spring themed location called “Whimberly“. Enjoy your stay, take lots of pictures, meet friends and above all have fun!

Impressions of Whimberly (1)

I had not very much time for my visit, but yes, Whimberly is a beautiful place and gives already a taste of the upcoming spring. I just took a few pictures and enjoyed the atmosphere. There’re some places to sit and relax and for enjoying the views. For a more detailed description read Inara’s blog post.

Impressions of Whimberly (2)

I recommend a visit and I hope to find a bit of time for another visit to Whimberly myself. Thank you Staubi for sharing your sim with the public.

Landmark to Whimberly
Inara Pey’s blog post about Whimberly

Simploring 2017 (7) Whimberly

Sunday morning, January 29th, it was time for a bit of simploring again. I scrolled through Inara Pey’s blog and picked “The gentle elegance of Whimberly in Second Life“. The landmark description says “Come and explore the spring themed location called “Whimberly”. Enjoy your stay, take lots of pictures, meet friends an above all have fun!”

Jan 29th: A visit to Whimberly - overlooking the sim for orientation

Jan 29th: A visit to Whimberly – overlooking the sim for orientation

Whimberly is a lovely sim with lots of nature and many spots to sit and enjoy. It consists of a main island with a hill upon which’s top is a Mediterranean villa overlooking the island and a smaller island which is connected by a little bridge. Roads and walkways lead you around both islands while you explore.20170129-whimberly_021 At several spots you can rezz a boat and see the island from the waterside. It is spring! Everything is green, the flowers are flourishing, and the sun already giving enough warmth. I enjoyed a lovely, peaceful hour at Whimberly, took pictures, sat down here and there and enjoyed.20170129-whimberly_022

Jan 29th: A relaxed Sunday morning at Whimberly

Jan 29th: A relaxed Sunday morning at Whimberly

As we still are in Winter and are wistfully waiting for spring that was just the right thing to do for a Sunday morning. Thank you, Staubi (engelsstaub) for providing your sim to us! Staubi is also a blogger, look up her blog at: (old blog) and here “Love and Lipstick” (new blog)

Landmark to Whimberly
Inara Pey’s blog post about Whimberly
Staubi (engelsstaub)’s blog’s (old) (new)