Living in a Modemworld – Thoughts on Virtual Living

Today the SL Fetish Fashion blog (see Active Blogs list) pointed me to antoher blog that I didn’t know about before: “Living in a Modemworld” by Inara Pey. Inara writes for more than 6 years now and her blog is about living in a virtual world in general as the title indicates. What caught my eye was beautiful winter landscape picture taken in SL. WOW. One part of Inara’s blog is about sims and landscapes and just for that it was worth visiting her blog. I will go on exploring her blog and the sims. Inara has another blog that deals with all matters relating to D/s relationships in Second life. I will have to read that too. Now I have a lot to read (and also to see inworld), thank you Inara !

Back to the beautiful picture, it can be found here:

I followed the link in Inara’s blog and found Calas Galahon Park Sims. In one word: That’s beautiful and amazing. I strongly recommend that you have a look on what can be created within Second life.

Winter in Calas Galahon Park

Winter in Calas Galahon Park

Here is the link to the Calas Galahon Park Sim

You can find the link to Inara’s blog in the Active Blog list now.

Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog

In my link list you find the url of the Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog ( According to the authors deirdre young and lelo Recreant they are “Just two girls who want to have fun in a Barbie Girl Second Life world of fetish and fashion!”. We enjoy their blog a lot and read it regularly as it puts our attention to new outfits and to new fetish stores in SL. That’s why we added their url.
Last Friday I got an IM from deirdre telling me that they returned the favor and pointed our blog. We got about 500 extra clicks just by this recommendation. This little post is just for saying “Thank you deirdre and lelo”.
And for those not knowing their blog. Have a look at it!