Simploring 2018 (65) Nantes

In 2016 and 2017 I had 3 blogpost about “Follow your Bliss” (“Happy Easter – Follow your bliss“, “Simploring 2017 (5) Follow your Bliss” and “Simploring 2017 (50) Follow Your Bliss (II)“). Sadly “Follow your Bliss” is longer existent. In the virtual world of Second Life places appear, change and vanish quite quickly sometimes. Hence it is good to keep some memories because they stay. But on the other side, the changes provide countless opportunities to discover and explore, the creativity in Second Life seems to be endless, which is not surprising as people from all over the world live out their dreams virtually. “Follow your Bliss” was created and owned by Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes).

Nantes – an overview

As I still was a member of the according group, I got a message that Ms. Nantes has build a new place – Nantes. “I am opening a new sim, reminiscent of the original Follow your Bliss (+FYB+). Nantes will be group access only and there will be a small fee for the group to help offset the cost of staying open, I loved sharing +FYB+ with all of you and I hope you will enjoy Nantes as well.” The opening of Nantes was on July, 25th and I visited it July 26th/27th.

The landing point of Nantes is in a small hut by the sea. Here you can join the group in order to be able to visit. The fee, Ms. Nantes mentioned above, is 250 L$ (approx. 1 US$) and will contribute to keep the sim alive. From here you can either start exploring on foot or you take the teleporter to Nantes Gallery or to Ms. Nantes store, e.posEd. The store is located in a skybox above Nantes and offers animations. The Nantes Gallery is located on the sim itself. I decided to explore on foot and not far from the landing hut I found a teleporter map, that gave me a nice overview. Yet I continued simploring on foot.

Impressions of Nantes (1) – Benson House (upper left) / House by the beach (upper right) / Prodigy Brew (lower left and right)

Nantes is a group of islands connected by bridges, clearly dedicated for vacation or simply for relaxing and unwinding. It offers a nice beach with several different opportunities to sit (and cuddle). On a offshore sandbank (“Hamilton Surf Beach”) you also find several roofed wicker beach chairs, that are typical for Northern Germany and gave me a feeling of home *winks*. But there’s more. For example an outdoor cinema where you can watch youtube clips laying in the sun, called “Magic Movie Cove”. Or there is the “Lake Joliva”, a little lake with some toys and with animals to watch.

Impressions of Nantes (2) – The Nantes Gallery presenting “L’amuse Bouch”

Nantes has 3 major buildings and you can visit them all. The “Benson House” is a fully furnished residential house, the “Prodigy Brew & Boathouse” is a place to meet and chat in a nice and comfy environment, and the Nantes Gallery. The current exhibition at the Nantes Gallery is called “L’amuse Bouche”. L’amuse Bouch is French and means appetizer. What a great title for a first exhibition, that features the picture of several different artists. I admit that none of the names were familiar for me, but that might change in future.

Impressions of Nantes (3) – Magic Movie Cove (upper left) / at the Lake Joliva (upper right and lower left) / Diamond River Retreat (lower right)

I finished me first visit to Nantes with a boat tour. There’s a peddleboat rezzer at “Taslin Bay”. And I was really not dressed appropriate for the peddleboating nor for the whole visit. Next time I’ll dress casually again and will wear my simploring sneakers!

Impressions of Nantes (4) – at Hamiltion Surf Beach (upper left and right) / peddleboating (lower left and right)

Nantes is, similar to “Follow your Bliss”, a place to unwind, to chat, to cuddle or for taking nice pictures. It’s a lovely place and I can only recommend visiting. I might return for another visit of the Nantes Gallery, if there’s an exhibtion that I want to see.
Thank you Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes) for providing Nantes to the public!

Landmark to Nantes
Landmark to Nantes Gallery

P.S.: I got a group message from Ms. Nantes (elizabethnantes) a few days after visiting Nantes: “Hey everyone, i moved the gallery and store and group joiner is now in the sky.”
The Landmark I provided for Nantes in the above post will reroute you to the a welcome skybox with the group joiner. I’ll add this one here too:

Landmark to the new welcome skybox of Nantes

Simploring 2017 (50) Follow Your Bliss (II)

I recently got a message that Follow Your Bliss has been closed for remodelling. Today, Saturday, June 24th, Follow Your Bliss was reopened. I was several times at Follow Your Bliss before and I wrote about it already twice, one time in 2016 (read here) and one time this year (read here) – hence this is the 3rd simploring blog post about Follow Your Bliss.

Follow Your Bliss is still “a place to relax, dream, breathe..” as it was before remodelling. But the character of the islands changed. Now it is a Japanese group of islands. The islands are all connected by land or by small brigdes and in the middle of the islands is a large laguna. The landing spot is in a modern Japanese style house, which is not yet furnished as the remodelling isn’t finished yet. I noticed a picture at the wall from Susan Mortonwold. It might be just a favourite of Sushi (elizabethnantes), who owns Follow Your Bliss, or it might be planned to exhibit more at – I don’t know.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (1)

As before you can explore Follow Your Bliss either on foot or with a boat, a Japanese boat of course. I explored on foot this time. Follow Your Bliss is a sim for dreamers, for those who love to sit and relax, to watch and observe or to mediate or to take pictures (what is my passion). And the Japanese style adds a bit of exotic to me as an European. There are some colourful bushes, pants and trees. The houses along the way are far enough apart from eachother so that you can enjoy some privacy when you sit on a terrace overlooking the laguna or the sea.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (2)

The character changes on the other side of the laguna. There are several houses, that are still empty. There’s a large barbecue site and several bars and small food stops. Then you can walk up on a hill and on its top is a big Buddha statue. Just some steps away is a tall Japanese Pagoda, that dominates this corner of the islands like a light house.

Impressions of Follow Your Bliss remodelled (3)

I ended my first visit to the remodelled Follow Your Bliss with a boat tour across the laguna. Form what I saw Follow Your Bliss is still the place to find some quietness and to relax as it was before although the character did really change. It’s new and unique. Thank you Sushi (elizabethnantes) for your work and for providing the sim to the public.

Landmark to Follow Your Bliss

Simploring 2017 (5) Follow your Bliss

As I’m away for a few days of vacation I prepared just a few blog entries in advance. On Thursday, January 12th, I found time for some simploring. I did some revisits for places I’ve been before and that still exist. One downside of Second Life is, that you never know how long a sim will stay or if your visit is the last. I went to “Follow a Bliss“, which I visited Easter 2016 the first time (see here).

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Follow your bliss" (1)

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Follow your bliss” (1)

Follow your bliss (FYB) consists of several small islands, mostly connected by bridges and pathways, there’re a lot of lovely soots to sit and cuddle and you can really relax there. Sushi (ElizabethNantes), the owner of FYB put it in these words “A place to relax, dream, breathe….”. There’s not much I could add. I roamed over the Islands and tried out some spots to cuddle.

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Follow your bliss" (2)

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Follow your bliss” (2)

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Follow your bliss" (3)

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Follow your bliss” (3)

I recommend that you try to take a boat and explore FYB also from the waterside. It provides another perspective and is fun. The house, you can see in the first picture is private, I assume that it is Sushi’s home – so please respect that. I enjoyed again my visit and will come back for a cuddle with Jenny some time soon, I hope.

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Follow your bliss" (4)

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Follow your bliss” (4)

Thank you Sushi (ElizabethNantes) for providing your sim to the public!

Landmark to “Follow your bliss”:
My first visit to “Follow your bliss”:


Happy Easter – Follow your bliss

What to do on a Easter Sunday morning when the weather outside isn’t nice in RL? Follow your bliss 🙂

March 27th, Easter 2016 - Follow your bliss (1)

March 27th, Easter 2016 – Follow your bliss (1)

I intended to do a bit of simploring this morning.
I decided to visit Follow your bliss, again inspired by Inara Pey’s Living in a modemworld blog. Her post about this sim is titeled “Follow your Bliss in Second Life“. Inara’s description is very detailled as it is always, so I recommend reading it. Follow your bliss is just lovely. It is a world of cosy islands of which some are connected by bridges, others can be reached by using a boat. Thank you Elizabeth (ElizabethNantes), for providing this place for us all.
During my visit I was alone and enjoyed being on myself. There are many many many places to sit and cuddle, full of power and tranquility, perfect for letting go and unwinding. And that is what I did.

March 27th, Easter 2016 - Follow your bliss (2)

March 27th, Easter 2016 – Follow your bliss (2)

Sitting and winding down, enjoying the environment, hearing the sounds of the see, enjoying the peace and feeling the bliss. Happy Easter!

March 27th, Easter 2016 - Follow your bliss (3)

March 27th, Easter 2016 – Follow your bliss (3)

March 27th, Easter 2016 - Follow your bliss (4)

March 27th, Easter 2016 – Follow your bliss (4)

Landmark “Follow your bliss”:

Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog: