Art in Second Life 2022 (61) City Scenes – Modern and Vintage by Colm Midnight @ Galerie ARTCARE

I got a group message about a new exhibition of Colm Midnight (colmmidnight) at Galerie ARTCARE. The artists name rang a bell. I had visited the exhibition “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery back in 2020 (read here).

The new exhibition of Colm Midnight is called “City Scenes – Modern and Vintage“. It consists of 12 smaller vintage pictures of city scenes and 16 larger pictures of modern scenes. The pictures are arranged around a court, so that you are in a city scene with a few trees, a fountain and some benches to sit.

Impressions of City Scenes – Modern and Vintage by Colm Midnight @ Galerie ARTCARE (1)

The vintage pictures are arranged in groups of 3 pictures in each of the 4 corners of the squared exhibition space at ARTCARE Gallery. As far as I could gather, all pictures are based on pictures taken in Second Life. The vintage pictures are monochrom,e processed to look old, a bit blurry and with shadows in the corners. Also the scenes were selected accordingly.
What you don’t notice on a fist glance is that some one the modern pictures – not all – are based on exactly the same picture as the vintage pictures. That is a nice contrast showing what can be done with processing.

Impressions of City Scenes – Modern and Vintage by Colm Midnight @ Galerie ARTCARE (2)

When you hoover your mouse over the pictures you can also see where the pictures were taken and I recognized some places, like Soft Melody, a palce that I visited this year (read here).
Also the modern pictures are processed in different ways. For some pictures Colm added a colour filter or exchanged colours thus making them more colourful and intriguing. One picture of the modern scene is in black and white, it could be a vintage picture as well (although it is not placed in the corners. Here Colm used another technique, using a semi-transparent layer of a flower above the corner of a city buildiung with a fire escape. This picture is my personal favourite.

Impressions of City Scenes – Modern and Vintage by Colm Midnight @ Galerie ARTCARE (3)

Colm Midnight (colmmidnight) is from the US, he’s an artist, creator, and admirer of all that is beautiful in SL. He is in Second Life since 2017. Colm “specializes in vivid photography and colorful painting. He seeks to create unique, positive, and bright abstract artworks that enhance and complement the favored environments of Second Life. Rather than presenting a factual reality, he fabricates an illusion to conjure the imagination and lure the viewer into each canvas. He also is a sculptor in real life.” (taken from the accompaying notecard)

Colm has an own gallery, the Gallery CM at Noir’wen City. I decided to have a quick look. At his gallery Colm showcases colourful pictures, mainly pictures of his exhibition “Bouquets and Flowers”.

Impressions of Colm Midnight’s Gallery CM at Noir’Wen City

ArtCare Gallery is owned and curated by Carelyna. Thank you Carelyna for providing the space for the art and for enabling “City Scenes – Modern and Vintage” by Colm Midnight. I enjoyed my visit.

ARTCARE GALLERY – City Scenes – Modern and Vintage by Colm Midnight
CM Gallery Noir’Wen City