Art in Second Life (32) FreeDÂme by Vallys Baxter

On March 21st, another gallery was opened at Noir’Wen City – Vallys Baxter’s gallery. The first exhibition is named “FreeDÂme”. I went visiting the next day.

The gallery is in an old storage building. The walls are used to display Vally’s pictures and the rest of the room is filled with decorations, with stuff that piles up with time. There’s quite something to discover. And there are some nice places to sit downand enjoy this particular atmosphere.

Impressions of “FreeDÂme” at Vallys Baxter’s gallery (1)

I have come across Vallys Baxter last year when I saw portraits of her at the Itakos Art Gallery as part of the 2020 Summer Collection (read here).
Vallys is Second Life for more than 14 years. Her artist name is VallysValife. On the occasion of the opening of the gallery, Violet Boa published an interview with Vally and also wrote about Vally’s biography. The interview can be found here:

Vallys is a “sociable loner”. In her “hiding place” in Second Life, she devotes herself to the things she likes most, photography and writing. Often inspired spontaneously, by music, words, situations, emotions, sometimes by a film or a book, she transports her visions into her photos. Vally’s works are often in red, black, white 50/50 shades.

She has been interested in photography since her youth. In her passion for science fiction, she is drawn to Jules Verne’s works. Vallys is heavily influenced by the stories of “Women and Work” by Audrey Hepburn, Vivian Maier and Fran Lebowitz.

“Red is my dark side. Blue is my quiet side.
Purple is my medium side. White is my shadow.
Black is my light….” by Vallys Baxter

All of the pictures at the gallery are very erotic. They show females, naked and dressed, sometimes just the legs, then only the upper body, then only a face or part of the face. And as mentioned in the biography the colours are red, black and white. I could look longer at all of them and immerse into the picture. Vallys’ pictures are quite strong in their expression.

Impressions of “FreeDÂme” at Vallys Baxter’s gallery (2)

The gallery is dominated by one large picture at the back wall of an elevated floor showing a naked female in black and white in a quite erotic pose – an eye catcher of the exhibtion.

Impressions of “FreeDÂme” at Vallys Baxter’s gallery (3)

It is great to see how Noir’Wen City develops more and more to an artist comunity – and now it has a gallery more. I’m curious to see more exhibtions of Vallys Baxter. Thank you, Vallys, for your art and thank you Violet Boa for the P.R. and for the interview. Last but not least, thank you Nieu (nieuwenhove) and Belice Benoir for your efforts to enable Noir’Wen City.

Landmark to Vallys Baxter’s gallery at Noir’Wen City
Vallys Baxter’s flickr page
Violet Boa’s interview with Vally’s Baxter in Virtuality blog

Diary 2021 (24) February 17th/18th Titilliations

On Wednesday, February 17th, my time wearing the partnering collar was scheduled to end. With her present on the occasion of my 13th rezzday Jenny had allowed me to wear the partnering collar for one week – until we would meet on February 17th at night. I would have 3 options… firstly to ask Jenny for more time in the partnering collar, secondly to ask for my sub collar and thirdly to ask for my slave collar. There were good reasons for all three options *sighs*.

But first I had to make the most of the time left over Wednesday afternoon. So far I hadn’t exposed Jenny as my property nor had I taken a green light, as this one week was supposed to be something particular, something out of every routine. For ths reason I didn’t address Jenny with Mistress that week – it felt strange first but after a while I got used to it and it made me feel closer and on eye level with Jenny.
I asked Jenny to wear her moyet corset with the breast bondage, her cuffs and a gag. We went to club Domme a Domme where I exposed her to the public kneeling at my feet. I got a few praises and I enjoyed. Unfortunately I got interrupted by RL inbetween.
With enough time left over for that afternoon, we returned to our loft skybox. We stripped and went to bed enjoying each other.

February 17th: Diomita and Jenny at club Domme a Domme and at our loft skybox

We I returned at night Jenny, Mistress Jenny, was waiting for me and we sat down in our old lounger, which accompanies us for almost all of our Second Life. I had decided to ask for the sub collar, at least for a few days to get used to my role again. And Mistress did accept my pledge. She even granted a short green light very soon – hence I will wear the sub collar for a couple of days.
To be honest it feels right as well as it feels right to address Mistress Jenny properly again.

We dressed and went home to play a skipee with Flo, that went quicker than we all thought as I got a strange series of jokers all of a sudden. After the game I presented the painting that Ambre Singh had sent to me – with me in a prominent place. The painting is part of the announcemnt of Ambre Singh’s exhibtion “Titilliations” at Noir’Wen City,, that is shown there in March. The original painting is “Women of Amphysia” by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema.

February 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our loft skybox and in front of Ambre Singh’s painting at home (can you recognize me??)

Mistress Jenny and I spent the night with Flo at Carnal Intentions and at Psi’s realm. We chatted, look at profiles and I easily got back into my place as Mistress’ property. At Psi’s we had some entertaining main chat, it was quite full.

February 17th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo at Carnal Intentions and Psi’s realm

We went to bed shortly after flotime, as Mistress had an early start the next day

Thursday, February 18th, Mistress wasn’t present during the day. I was inworld myself quite a lot, but often was idling or just hopping over places. Nothing worth to be mentioned here happened. I visited Ambre Singh’s new exhibition at Noir’Wen City called “Titilliations” shortly in the later afternoon.

At night Mistress, Flo and I played a skipee together and Flo went to bed afterwards as she was tired. Mistress and I went to Carnal Intentions and enjoyed looking at the crowd, talking and reading profiles. Faye (Boy Serenity) was there and joined us. Spontaneouly I asked Mistress and Faye to wear something topless and took them over to see “Titilliations” together with me.

With the title “Titilliations” and the picture I got from Ambre it almost needless to say that the visitors are kindly asked to be topless for the visit. At the entrance you can deposit your bra if you forgot to take it off at home.

February 18th: “Titilliations” by Ambre Singh – exhibition poster

Ambre Singh wrote about “Titilliations” and the exhibition poster: “Gabrielle d’Estrées and one of her sisters is a painting by an unknown author of the Fontainebleau School, painted around 1594. This oil on oak panel is kept in the Louvre museum. The woman on the left side, supposedly Julienne d’Estrées, Duchess of Villars, is pinching the red-lined breast of her sister Gabrielle d’Estrées.
After intense research in the archives of the dusty cellars of the Louvre, it was discovered that Gabrielle d’Estrées’ nipple attracted lust, and that many members of the court had had the privilege of playing with it.
In a world premiere, here is the complete collection of the works of the School of Fontainebleau, illustrating the privileged who had access to the noble nipple, but also revealing the fantasies that the said privileged had about the assets of the royal mistress.

Visiting the exhibition was pure fun. Ambre made funny scenes with many artist friends. I know some of them. My pictures might give you an idea of them, but you have to visit yourself and read and laugh *winks*

February 18th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Faye visiting “Titilliations” by Ambre Singh

Ambre provided some extra fun – you can make your own “Titilliations” – picture. And Mistress and I did that. Thank you Ambre!

February 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at “Titilliations” by Ambre Singh

After that visit we returned to Carnal Intentions shortly. We didn’t stay long though as Mistress had again an early start the next day. We had a fun night!

February 18th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Faye visiting “Titilliations” by Ambre Singh / at Carnal Intentions

Landmark to “Titilliations” by Ambre Singh at Noir’Wen City

Art in Second Life 2021 (15) Ambre Singh Gallery at Noir’Wen City

I was invited for Sunday, January 1th, to attend the opening of another new gallery at Noir’Wen City – The Ambre Singh Gallery. I know Ambre Singh’s art from my visit to her gallery back in July 2020 (read here) and of course I was curious. It seems that Noir’Wen City develops more and more to a colony of artists, besides being an adult place, a vivid big town, a place for fairs and events and for taking pictures.

Ambre told me later that she had abandoned her land and that Noir’Wen City is the new home of her main gallery. As Ambre is a member of the Noir’Wen City team that makes perfectly sense and Ambre selected a fitting spot. The new Ambre Singh Gallery is located right next to the Pink Dildo Museum.

The Ambre Singh Gallery at Noir’Wen City

Right at the entrance into the gallery is a quote of Ambre written on the wall, it’s kind of her motto “Art is my soul masturbation. I do it for myself, but others can watch” … funny and true!
The gallery is located in a large old warehouse and has two floors. The walls are used to showcase Ambre’s pictures – and she made many pictures! On the ground floor are mostly erotic fun pictures. Ambre has a great sense of humor. I guess I grinned all the times when I visited. Oh my god, she has wit!

Ambre Singh’s erotic art with wit

The second floor shows showcases Ambre’s SL pictures featuring herself in different situations and environment, And there’re some of Ambre’s “fake-pictures”, as I named them for myself. She made pictures of herself in the style of other painters, like da Vinci or Salvatore Dali. You recognize the style immediately but of course it is not Dali or da Vinci.

Ambre Singh’s erotic art with wit / Ambre portrayed by Dali and by da Vinci (28)

On the second floor is also an area with a rezzer. with 13 different scences, the “Rumi slideshow” and 9 picture collections. The picture collections consist of 4 picture collections with portraits “Ambre seen by” and 5 picture collection called “Great Painters”. In the “Great Painters” collections Ambre copied the style of other painters and made her own pictures in their style. I rezzed two of them, yet I didn’t know the artists she interpreted. Luckily Ambre provides exceprts from Wikipedia from them. The two painters I saw were William-Adolphe Bourguereau and Herbert James Draper.

Ambre Singh’s Scene Rezzer / Great Painters – William-Adolphe Bourguereau and Herbert James Draper

Most of the 13 scenes in the rezzer area were already shown at Ambre’s old gallery, some are new though. This time I had a look at “Lustiver”, a scene in which Ambre transfers the Gulliver saga in her erotic way with many naked female liliputian SL avatars tieing Gulliver up. Looking at Gulliver’s hard-on, he seems to be enjoying.

Ambre Singh’s “Lustiver”

I also had a look at “Tits stories”, a scene which deals the the fetish of breasts in many different aspects. I still have some more scenes to look at for a next visit.

Ambre Singh’s “Tits stories”

The Rumi-slideshow is a complex artwork in itself, that I saw already at the old gallery. But now Ambre explained a bit more what it is about. Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, short Rumi, was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic. Rumi’s poems have been widely translated into many languages. Ambre started in 2010 to make pictures illustrating quotes of Rumi. The collection is finished now and contains 100 illustrations that are shown in a slideshow. I admit, Rumi was way ahead of his time, he even had a quote fitting to Second Life and Amber illustrated that very well: “I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within”

Ambre Singh’s “The Rumi Slideshow”

Ambre Singh is in Second Life for over 13 years. She writes about herself:
It is your mind that creates this world”, said Buddha. All you do in SL will subtly change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.
My images tell stories. I set up scenes in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition. Sometimes, I photograph people of character in SL or in studio, trying to express the life and soul of the beings and places.
Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, sometimes silly, often ironical, my images are never politically correct nor vulgar.

Last but not least, don’t forget to grab the gift box at the entrance of Ambre Singh’s gallery. It contains two of Ambre’s pictures.
Anything else? Yes – Ambre Singh runs her own website with a lot more information. And she also has a flickr account. Have a look.

Landmark to Ambre Singh Gallery at Noir’Wen City
Ambre Singh’s website
Ambre Singh’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2021 (8) Art Galerie HaXue at Noir’Wen City

I got an invitation from Violet Boa to attend the opening of the new “Art Galerie HaXue” at Noir’Wen City on January 10th. I visited the gallery before the opening on January 9th.

Art Galerie HaXue is owned by the two artists Puce (titput) and Cayenne (Bebop Xue). During my visit Nieu (NieuwenHove) was present as he was preparing the stage for the opening party. He gave me some background information about the two artists:
Puce and Cayenne… Two young artists working together, complementing and multiplying each other, each one of them offering us a magical and teeming world where dreams simply become real, without any other form of question or word…..
They make a playful art, out of the ordinary, open, varied, where the extraordinary simply becomes obvious. Puce and Cayenne make us travelling in a lively universe where they explore and defy without emphasis the laws of logic. They also allow us to find in us a part of childhood with adult eyes.

Impressions of Galerie HaXue at Noir’Wen City (1)

Both artists were not new to me. I came across Puce (titput) in September 2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). Puce is in Second Life for more than 4 years. She was curious and began building, shaped prims and began building her own world.
And from the latest exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli in November 2020 I know Cayenne (Bebop Xue), a French artist, who is in Second Life for over 12 years (read here)

Impressions of Galerie HaXue at Noir’Wen City (2)

It is no surprise that you can recognise the art of Puce and Cayenne at their gallery immediately when you you saw their work before. Right behind the entrance on the left side is a quite large exhibit from Puce, playing with light and shadows, with scupltures of humans transparent pictures on the walls.

The art of Cayenne is also coined by the play with forms and lights. There are two pictures at the gallery where she place a 3D object in front of the picture so that it literally connects with the picture. In one work it is a sphere, in another work it is two heads looking at each other. Depending on your viewing angle you get diffeernt impressions.
The constant change is also expressed by a couple of pictures that rotate so that you’re forced to focus to see the picture itself. In another picture Cayenne has brought the texture on an half shell and added light effects – and again you have to focus to see the picture itself. A few of Cayenne’s pictures are originally taken from an installation of Cica Ghost. Cayenne enhanced and processed them but Cica’s art is still recognizable behind the pictures.

Impressions of Galerie HaXue at Noir’Wen City (3)

At the back wall of the Art Galerie HaXue you find a door leading to the “Dream Factory”. This part of the exhibtion reminded me of Puce’s installation at La Masion d’Aneli. I wrote: “a world using chess patterns, transparency, lights and shadows to compose a piece of art that you can walk through. Most elements are animated, so the installation changes permanently and I for my part had dificulties where to look at first.” That fits to the Dream Factory as well, at least with regard to the chess patterns and the chess figures. I also recognized the maid dresses that levitate in the room. But still, it is not the same piece of art. And there’s a second different room which walls, floor and ceiling are covered with pictures and patterns in warm tones. In the room live a few crows.

Impressions of Galerie HaXue at Noir’Wen City (4)

As the Art Galerie HaXue is Cayenne (Bebop Xue)’s and Puce (titput)’s personal art space we can expect to see their newest art projects presented there. I enjoyed my first visit.
Thank you Nieu (NieuwenHove) for the provided information. I could sense how excited you were about the new gallery and the artists. Many thanks also to Violet Boa for her promotion and press work.

Landmark to Art Galerie HaXue
Cayenne (Bebop Xue)’s flickr page
Puce (titput)’s flickr page

Diary 2020 (164) November 24th/25th Two relaxed days side by side

Tuesday, November 24th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. Unfortunately I got interrupted by my RL and we missed half an hour of being together. We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and caught up with our mutual news there. Lucy (MissLucyWales) joined us there and we had fun teasing her while also watching the crowd.

November 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with Lucy

At night we met at club Domme a Domme and returned home when slave Flo came inworld. We had two rounds of greedy with her and had just finished when slave Melissa showed up. slave Melissa had her lucky day. I removed her fetish hood and put her into a KaS hood instead. But I added an extra. slave Melissa got the AnaVision HUD. We went to Psi’s realm with slave Flo and slave Melissa and I had fun teasing slave Melissa and showing her some first vision restrictions of her new HUD. We also met with Argi at Psi’s and later after Flo had gone off Faye (Boy Serenity) spent some time with us. After all it was a varied and playful night for Mistress and me.

November 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Flo, slave Melissa, Argi and Faye (Boy Serenity) / lower left shows one of slave Meli’s restricted views, lower right was taken with Vanilla Meili at club Domme a Domme

When slave Melissa had to leave for bed we went to club Domme a Domme again. Someone had left a wrapped gift for us there … Vanilla Meili. Vani had been at club Domme a Domme quite a while .. always restricted or caged.. but now she was free, a moment absent and her keys were out. We grabbed the gift and stored it at home in our Fetish club. Someone to play with the next day eventually.

Wednesday, November 25th, Mistress and I caught up with our mutual news at club Domme a Domme in the afternoon. We both had some news to share from RL and SL. And there was quite a crowd to watch at the club. We went to Noir’Wen City‘s Fetish Fair next. Most stores at Noir’Wen City participated at the fair and some offered free gifts. We visited a few stores but didn’t find anything new or interesting and the lag was quite hight for both of us. The fair ended November 29th. We also visited an exhibtion with more art from Milean Carbone. Milena’s art was still exhibited on big poster boards above the streets (read about this exhibition here).

November 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Noir’Wen City’s Fetish Fair, at an extra exhibition of Milena Carbone, at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at home

We went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club next for a few minutes and then retreated to our skybox at home. Mistress surprised me .. we had some intimate time together first before I focused on Mistress pleasure only. I got a double amount of my fix, thank you, Mistress.

My night began with a long skipee against slave Flo. Playing with two takes quite long and you can’t really play strategic. slave Alessi came by and watched. I took her and slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon next where we me peeper (Alex Chapman) who we know from our early days. And Centrilia came by, dressed as supergirl, I know her from deviantArt. Mistress Jenny joined and even Loes stood a while close to us. Hence we were quite a group that night and we managed to get at least a bit of main chat initiated.

November 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, at Noir’Wen City’s Fetish Fair, at an extra exhibition of Milena Carbone, at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at home

We returned home at flotime and went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club with slave Alessi for a bit and later Mistress and I spent a bit of time at club Domme a Domme. We were still wearing our police collars with keys out, yet we didn’t get into any trouble.

Art in Second Life 2020 (58) Milena Carbone’s art at Noir’Wen City

I got an invitation for a particular exhibition at Noir’Wen City, that opens officially on Wednesday September 23rd – “Plead guilty” by Milena Carbone.

It’s the second time that I came across Milena Carbone (mylena1992) and her art. I saw her exhibition “Agape in Pace” at The Itakos Project and Art Gallery in March 2020 (read here)

For Milena Carbone’s exhibtion “Plead guilty“, that extends all over Noir’Wen City, I got a notecard from Nieu (nieuwenhove) and later also from Violet Boa, which describes perfectly a tour not only of this but also of 3 other exhibitions by Milena. I decided to make writing a bit easier for me and to simply use it for my post along with my pictures and some comments.

“Plead guilty” by Milena Carbone above the streets of Noir’wen City

Milena Carbone (mylena1992) is a French artist and is in Second Life since mid 2019. She discovered its artistic potential and since then has devoted all her free time to creation, associating, as in real life, images and texts. By accepting the rule of the “double” (the real “I” and the virtual “I”), Milena Carbone includes herself in her artwork. Her creative process is iterative: some of her images inspire her stories and these stories modify the development of the image, which itself transforms the story.

We arrived at dawn in Noir’Wen City after a quick trip, and we have been immediately fascinated by the density and the harmony of this small regenerated and bustling industrial city of houses and restored buildings in its old factories which do host more than fifty galleries and stores of artists and fetish creators. It is here that Milena has taken over the urban and social space of this small town that has literally become the gallery for her exhibition.

Impressions of “Plead guilty” by Milena Carbone above the streets of Noir’wen City (1)

Going up from the harbor to the central place of Noir’Wen City, the artist has arranged along the streets an impressive gallery of portraits of the inhabitants of this unlikely town who find themselves caught in the act of their desires or dreams. We do not know if each of these portraits overlooking the streets is a wanted poster or the image of their prisoner identity. It is in any case the living beacon of a long apocalyptic poem that we can read as we go along.

Impressions of “Plead guilty” by Milena Carbone above the streets of Noir’wen City (2)

Along your way you find posts with some lines of a poem titled also “Plead guilty”. Above the posts you can click to get to a website from Milena Carbone which offers more background information about the 35 exhibits above the streets and the full poem. Here’s a direct link.

We then visited the church transformed for the exhibition into a place of art where Milena offers us the still unknown “sermon of Mahdi”, the fiction of a new Christ illustrated by paintings inspired by the Renaissance religious art and described in a book readable in SL and exhibited in the church.

Impressions of “The Sermon of Mahdi” by Milena Carbone at Noir’wen City Church

From the church, we reached the castle on the heights of the city, where we had a wonderful lesson about “Nude is Art” with forty original paintings of Milena dedicated to the beauty of the body and its grace, beyond eroticism.

Impressions of “Nude is art” by Milena Carbone at Noir’wen City Castle (1)

We end our visit by stopping at the art center of Noir’Wen to sit for a moment in the center of a virtuous circle of fourteen artworks which illustrate the “nine levels of love” linked with five humanist values. We can then slowly savor the deep pleasures of this new artwork of Milena Carbone, which will require us to plunge back into it to capture all the dimensions and emotions it arouses.

Impressions of “nine levels of love” by Milena Carbone at Noir’wen Art Center

While walking, we could have also seen the galleries of many artists such as Belice Benoir (Ars Amandi), Ambre Singh, Colm Midnight, Al Niekerk, Anaya Oneiro, Jos Loll, Ninatchka, Pask Wasp, KarolinaKatt, BobbiEden, Wyald Woolley … We also noted the presence of a museum of virtual arts with an exhibition on the history of the pink Dildo. But these places will be the occasion of a new visit.

It remains in us the fundamental question that Milena Carbone asks us through this new masterpiece: is it fair to plead guilty?

Impressions of “Nude is art” by Milena Carbone at Noir’wen City Castle (2)

With the opening of “Plead guilty” by Milena Carbone, also this years Noir’Wen city festival has started. It takes place in Noir’Wen city during 2-3 months at the end of the summer.
The Festival will revolve around an original artwork created especially by a selected artist, integrated into the city, with the possibility of using all possible types of visual arts and whose concept will aim to “give life” to the city, its inhabitants and its creators. And the artist of this year is Milena Carbone. There will be quite some events.

I visited Noir’Wen City the first time in April 2020 (read here). Noir’Wen City is a permanent fetish fair with over 50 inworld stores, it is a place to socialize, it is a place for the the arts with several galleries and lots of art exhibited in the streets. Noir’Wen City is a big city and as such offers a great background for pictures and it offers also rentals (luxurious villas). Thank you to Belice Benoir, to Nieu (NieuwenHove) and to the whole team as well as to Nathalie Monday and to Violet Boa who gave me a bit more information.

Landmark to Noir’Wen City
Landmark to Noir’Wen City – “Plead guilty” by Milean Carbone – Starting point
“Plead guilty” website
Landmark to Noir’Wen City Church – “sermon of Mahdi” by Milena Carbone
Landmark to Noir’Wen City Castle – “Nude is art” by Milena Carbone
Landmark to Noir’Wen City Art Center – “nine levels of love” by Milena Carbone
Simploring 2020 (27) Noir’Wen City

Art in Second Life 2020 (48) Ambre Singh Gallery

I got a private message in Second Life from a reader after publishing my posts about “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery, ars amandi art gallery and Noir’Wen City itself. The reader recommended to visit Ambre Singh Gallery. Ambre Singh is a member of the Noir’Wen City team – and as I learned she has her own fan club. The above mentioned reader is a moderator in this fan club.

I went visiting Ambre Singh Gallery on Wednesday, July 1st, and I did not regret it.

Ambre Singh Gallery – Ground floor with current works

Ambre Singh is in Second Life for over 13 years. She writes about herself:
“‘It is your mind that creates this world’, said Buddha.
All you do in SL will subtlely change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.
I photograph people of character in beautiful places of SL or in studio. Sometimes, I create thematic images in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition.
Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, my photos try to express the life and the soul of the people and places.

The Ambre Singh Gallery consists of several parts, a main floor with her current works, a second floor with her views on classical art and religion, a third floor with art from other artists, and a seperate room, where you can rezz other themed pictures or installations from Ambre Singh. There should be also an extra room with a permanent exhibition “Rumi in 100 illustrations”, dedicated to the “great mystic Rumi (I have no idea who that is, maybe the Persian poet who lived in the 13th century?). I didn’t find this room, it might have been temporarily closed when I visited Ambre Singh Gallery.

I first visited the main floor. The pictures there are mostly from the last 2 years and show quite a variety some are quite erotic, others show Ambre’s sense of humour.
I spent most of my time at Ambre Singh Gallery at the room where you can rezz different themed pictures or installations. Four rooms contain portraits, which seems to be one of Ambre’s passions.

Ambre Singh Gallery – Portraits

I saw illustrated quotes, a picture story named “The Tennis Match” and an installation named “The Heat Wave” where I could place myself in – coincidentally I was dressed perfect for it in my opinion *winks*

Ambre Singh Gallery – illustrated quotes, “The Tennis Match”, “The Heat Wave”

I furtheron saw the installation named “Nun of your Business”, which I really liked – funny and erotic.

Ambre Singh Gallery – “Nun of your business”

I also saw portraits and pictures of Amber herself – taken by other photographers. Ambre likes to be a model herself. To be honest, I like doing that also quite obviously.

Ambre Singh Gallery – “Ambre seen by other photographers”

There are more installations but I didn’t see them (yet!):
Jade Termple, The Lustiver Travels, The Art of Bliss, Bad crash on alien world, The chocorgy Room, 7 Deadly Sins, Anachronisms – Ambre’s early SL works, Movie posters pastiched by Ambre, Musical Quiz, What Tits this? An ode to breasts

I finished my first visit to Ambre Singh Gallery with the second floor, that shows her views on classical art and religion. When you look at these pictures from far away, you seem to be in a museum for classic art – if you take a closer look, then you see either manipulated classic pictures like the renowned Mona Lisa or you see pictures taken within Second Life, but looking like classic art or a mixture of these two. You shouldn’t miss a look at the second floor!

Ambre Singh Gallery – second floor “Classical art & religion”

Ambre Singh runs her own website with a lot more information. And she also has a flickr account.

Thank you Ambre for your work. I’m glad that I got the hint from your fan club. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Ambre Singh Gallery
Ambre Singh’s website

Art in Second Life 2020 (38) Bouquets and Flowers by Colm Midnight

For Sunday, May 31st, I got an invitation to the opening of “Bouquets and Flowers”, an exhibtion by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery. I couldn’t attend the opening but I went to the exhibtion on Tuesday, June 2nd.

“Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery

The Noir’Wen City Gallery is accommodated in an interesting building. Build on poles, the building has an open 1st floor. The gallery itself is on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
The open 1st floor is used as an event area, for example for openings. It has a bar, seating accomodations and a dancefloor. According to the exhibition the 1st floor is decorated with some wild flowers on the floor and with 2 pcitures from the exhibtion.

Event area at Noir’Wen City Gallery 1st floor

The landmark leads directly to the 2nd floor, one of the 2 floors that are fully used for the exhibtion. You’re surrounded by colourful abstract pictures of flowers and flower arrangements. I can only guess, but I think the pictures are created digitally and are not digitalized images of RL art. They are expressive and convince through the composition of colours. I was in particular intrigued by the 2 large pictures between the 3 large windows. For me, they show how colour and art can make a difference for a room.

Impressions of “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery (1)

Colm Midnight (colmmidnight) is an artist, creator, and admirer of all that is beautiful in SL. He is in Second Life for over 3 years. It is the first time that I came across his art. I can imagine that each of the pictures shown at “Bouquets and Flowers” could dominate a room and be an eye catcher. I’m a great fan of colour anyway.

Impressions of “Bouquets and Flowers” by Colm Midnight at Noir’Wen City Gallery (2)

The exhibtion “Bouquets and Flowers” will stay open until August 31st. All pictures are available for purchse. Thank you Colm for your art and thank you Belice Benoir and Nieu (NieuwenHove) for providing the Noir’Wen City Gallery.

Landmark to Noir’Wen City Gallery

Art in Second Life 2020 (22) ars amandi – art gallery

Friday, April 3rd, I visited Noir’Wen City (see Simploring 2020 (27) Noir’Wen City) and came across the exhibtion “The golden cage” in an affiliate building of the “ars amandi art gallery” owned and curated by Belice Benoir.

Saturday, April 4th, I went visiting the main building of “ars amandi art gallery“, which is of course also owned and curate by Belice Benoir.

The ars amandi art gallery

In the landmark description you find what the gallery and the exhibited art there is about: “Art attracts us only by what it reveals  of our most secret self – From classic to contemporary, from the erotic art to the hardcore art, the kink art to the fantasy art.

Belice Benoir writes about herself, that she can’t do ordinary and that she’s a pervert but in a romantic way. Honestly I’ve never thought about romantic perversion until now and I can’t find a definition for it.

The ars amandi art gallery is huge and extends over 4 buildings with 2 floors each. The landing point is in the center and I started my tour with building 1. Right at the entrance I found a board leading to the affiliate building at Noir’Wen City and to the exhibition there.

Impressions and examples of Belice Benoir’s work at her ars amandi art Gallery (1)

Building 1 and 2 are connected inside, to visit building 3 and 4 you have to return to the court. Belice Benoir’s pictures cover a wide variety of kinks and some are just erotic. She processes pictures taken in Second Life and transforms them into artful, strong pictures. Some have a message, others just are erotic. I got a nice overview over Belice’s work and I admit that I like her art and way.

Impressions and examples of Belice Benoir’s work at her ars amandi art Gallery (2)

I recognized a few of the pictures as they were also used in the exhibtion at Noir’Wen. The gallery offers also enough space to sit down and have a longer look at the picture. Belice has showcased some of her pictures in a particular way, for example by adding a few mesh pets in front of a picture.

Impressions and examples of Belice Benoir’s work at her ars amandi art Gallery (3)

The art is a bit sorted, so that the different buildings and rooms feature different themes or styles or ways of processing the pictures, but it is not persistent always which is for sure intentionally done to draw your attention to those pictures and it is a variation.

Impressions and examples of Belice Benoir’s work at her ars amandi art Gallery (4)

Impressions and examples of Belice Benoir’s work at her ars amandi art Gallery (5)

I enjoyed my visit to Belice Benoir’s ars amandi art gallery. If you like erotic art – have a look at her work yourself. And if you like it, you can order a personal picture that Belice will create from your picture taken in Second Life (at least she offered this service at a board in the gallery)
Thank you Belice for your art and for presenting it at your gallery.

Landmark to ars amandi – art gallery