Diary 2019 (33) March 4th/5th Ending the green light

Jenny’s and my time together was limited Monday, March 4th, in the afternoon. I had just returned from a simploring tour when my Eheslut Jenny came inworld. I took her to club Domme a Domme, just to enjoy the sensation of having her at my feet and we caught up with our mutal news there.
There wasn’t much going on in the club and I had to make the most of my time in control. I took Jenny to the Lesbian Cottage at Gregfield – Pleasure Land (read about Gregfield here). The furniture in the cottage offers nice animation and my Eheslut was once again allowed to spoil me with her tongue. She did to my full satisfaction – literally *winks*. We were just winding down, when Jenny had to leave again to tend to her RL.

March 4th: Mistress Diomita and Eheslut Jenny at club Domme a Domme and in the Lesbian Cottage at Gregfield – Pleasure Land

At night Jenny wasn’t online. Angelique was present, when I came inworld. We played a round of greedy, then went shopping for a bit. We visited 2 malls and one store but we didn’t find much that pleased us. I grabbed a few demos nonetheless and we went home, where I showed Angelique what I got. It was a change, that I showed it to her and that alone was fun. I kept nothing as neither I nor Angelique were excited about it.
In the meanwhile slave Flo had joined us and I began to select something to wear for me and later also for Angelique. Afterwards we had a quiet night out, visiting Mesmerize Dungeon and heavy Bondage Club. And that’s it already about Monday night.

March 4th – a night in 4 pictures: Diomita and Angelique shopping, Diomita giving a short fashion show for Angelique, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Heavy Bondage Club

Tuesday, March 5th, I had only a few minutes with Jenny in the afternoon. Jenny had granted the green light until that afternoon, hence I used the time to catch up with her and to return control to her. It’s always hard to let control go again, but my next green light had been sheduled already, that made it a bit easier for me.
Thank you for the green light, Jenny!

March 5th: Diomita ends the green light in the afternoon at home / Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo playing skipee

Or night was really relaxed. We spent it with Angelique and slave Flo. First I unwrapped slave Flo and took off the hood, the straight jacket, the catsuit and the reverse heel shoes. She had to take a shower after her time wrapped up in latex. When we were finished with it and when Jenny had also caught up a with Angelique, we played a skipee as teams. I turned out to become a long and very close game and Angelique and I won it by just 2 cards.
Jenny and I went to club Domme a Domme for a few minutes, then we went off to bed ourselves.

Simploring 2018 (83) Gregfield – Pleasure Land

For my simploring tour on Saturday, September 22nd, I picked a landmark, that Angelique gave to me the day before when we talked about my regular tours and about the beauty of some virtual environments: “Gregfield – Pleasure Land“.
The landmark description sounded promising: “TOS rule! Human avatars only! Explore and take pictures/photos in beautiful nature. Meet with friends and hang out.
Given the provided tags “Mature, young, cougar, babygirl, dad, family, mom, son, daughter, naughty sex, taboo, incest, bdsm, lesbian house” it’s also quite evident that the place is for adults only.
Gregfield is a full sim owned by Gregor Famveldt (schlips). The landing is a bit off the main island and offers some information as well as some places to sit. In addition there are boards explaining again the quite simple and almost self-evident rules. You enter the main island walking over a small bridge and at it’s end is a teleporter pad that you can use to visit the main spots more easily.

Overview Gregfield – Pleasure Land

I used the teleporter pad to get a first impression and visited all provided destinations to generate the above orientation map. There’s just one destination that’s not on this map named A-Frame. It leads to a sky sphere with a vacation home and a nice balcony from where you have a nice look into the nature that is displayed on the Sphere. The vacation home is a A-Frame house. I knew this type of houses yet I learned the term “A-Frame” when writing this post and looking for an English word.

Impressions of Gregfield (1) – Landing area (upper left) / Beach (upper right) / A-Frame (lower left and right)

Gregfield is really another beautiful and peaceful sim. After my quick tour with the teleporter pads I explored it on foot and there’re lots of nice places to sit and hang out and to enjoy. All houses are furnished and offer furniture with adult animations. Also the numerous benches, chairs, rugs and contain adult animations.

Impressions of Gregfield (2) – Bonkhouse (upper left) / Glamping tent (lower left) / Reader’s Home (upper and lower right)

Gregfield is as varied as I assumed already from the list of tags. There’s a bit of everything but it fits well into one sim. Be it for romance, for lesbians or for bdsm, you’ll find it here. The lighthouse and the open air bar and dance floor are built on a plateau and in the underground is a maze with rooms for D/s play. The entrances to the maze are hidden, one is close to the dance floor.

Impressions of Gregfield (3) – Waterfall Area (upper left) / Mountain Lodge (lower left) / Lighthouse and outdoor bar (upper right) / inside the Underground maze (lower right)

Of course I also visited the Lesbian Cottage. I like that the kinky parts of Gregfield don’t stick out on the first glance and that’s also true for the Lesbian Cottage from the outside as well as from inside.

Impressions of Gregfield (4) – Lesbian Cottage (upper and lower left) / Scenic View House (upper right) / Scenic Environment at Gregfield (lower right)

I enjoyed my visit, in particular I enjoyed the environment and the lovely views. But for sure I missed a lot of details on this first visit. Gregfield is worth a second visit. And if you seek a spot to retreat for a romantic date you’ll find an appropriate place here.
Thank you, Gregor for providing your sim to the public.

Landmark to Gregfield – Pleasure Land