Simploring 2019 (76) Malaika Park

For my simploring tour on Saturday, June 22nd, I picked Malaika Park from SL Destinations. There were already quite some blog posts published about Malaika Park and I read Inara Pey’s post “Exploring Malaika Park in Second Life” before I visited it myself.

Malaika Park is a full region owned by Leroy Voorhees and home for a few people. According to Inara Pey Malaika Park was created by Leroy Voorhees along with Gabriel2009, Wayne (waynenz), Sangi Phaeton and JJ Goodman. The groud level is publically accessible and looks like a Mediterrean town.

Malaika Park – overview

The landing is at the court of this little town, right next to a bar and to the quite large yacht harbour. The relation between the large yacht harbour and the town itself reminded me a bit of St. Tropez in France, in particular as Malaika Park is full of art pieces.

Malaika Park: Heart hands by reycharles and Senza vestito by Mistero Hifeng (left) / Snacks and bar (right)

I walked from the court along the the pier to the snack bar and saw the “Heart hands” created by reycharles, who’s gallery I visited in March (read Simploring 2019 (28) Rey’s Gallery) and one of several sculptures created by Mistero Hifeng that are spread at Malaika Park.

Malaika Park: court (upper left) / Merfolk Maiden by Lucas Lameth (lower left) / Blue and White no. 3 by Jake Vordun (upper right) / La…chiamano realta’ by Mistero Hifeng (lower right)

Close to the court is another large sculpture by Mistero Hifeng, La…chiamano realta’, and a modern sculpture by Jake Vordun (Blue and White no. 3). I visited the cafe and walked to its roof, where you have a nice view over the harbour. On the roof ou find 2 more sculpture from Jake Vordun (Diana and Actaeon). At the time of my visit a big cruise ship laid along the other pier. It reminded me of the current debate about cruise ships in Venice as this one clearly dominates the view on Malaika Park. I assume it is just temporary. The cruise ship is part of SL Pride and use as a big party ship.

Malaika Park: cafe with sculptures Diana and Actaeon by Jake Vordun (left) / SL Pride cruise ship (right)

At the end smaller pier is another scupture of Jake Vordun (Red No.1) and I came across a guitar player from Cica Ghost and I saw two sculptures form Lucas Lameth (Merfolk Maiden and Merfolk Guard). All the art is placed with care and the pieces do fit to their location. The art can fully develop this way and it is a pleasure to see and enjoy it.

Malaika Park: Merfolk Guard by Lucas Lameth (upper left) / paddle boats (lower left) / Boy with guitar anim. by Cica Ghost (upper right) / Red No. 1 by Jake Vordun (lower right)

I continued my exploring tour of Malaika Park and saw many more sculptures. I saw La vita…imparare vorra’ and Dentro corpi liberi from Mistero Hifeng. The later is unusal colourful for Mistero and a nice transition to Cica Chost’s “man 5” who holds a balloon and her matchstick animation “Cica’s Little Boat”.

Malaika Park: La vita…imparare vorra’ by Mistero Hifeng (upper left) / Dentro corpi liberi by Mistero Hifeng (upper right) / man 5 and Little Boat by Cica Ghost (lower pictures)

The colourful town houses are not furnished, but on the other side of Malaika Park you find (surprise *winks*) more art like another modern sculpture from Jake Vordun (Fancy Decor: Grantaire Sculpture). There are two residential home on this sime of Malaika Park, one is on the plateau of a rock overlooking the town and Gabriel2009 has his atelier here. It’s worth a look at it.

Views of the other side of Malaika Park, upper right picture shows Fancy Decor: Grantaire Sculpture by Jake Vordun

I ended my exploring tour visiting the pool and the games area.

Malaika Park: Gabriel2009’s Atelier (left pictures) / pool (upper right) and games area (lower right)

As far as I understood, Malaika Park is constantly changing a little bit. I assume that art is added here and there or that room is made for events like the cruise ship that was there during my visit. I really enjoyed how the pieces of art are placed at Malaika Park. This alone is worth a visit. Thank you Leroy Voorhees and all others involved from creating this sim and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to Malaika Park
Inara Pey’s post “Exploring Malaika Park in Second Life”

The Vordun: a new art experience in Second Life

This is really a new art and history experience using the features Second Life has to offer. My visit was short yet very impressive. I visited “A Night to Remember“, the exhibition about the Titanic catastrophy more than 100 years ago. It’s strange that among all catastrophies the mankind had to experience during the last 100 years, the Titanic still gets so much attention. Maybe it is because we know about the dreams that many of the victims carried with them seeking a new and better life.

July 18th: Diomita visiting the Exhibition "A Night to Remember"

July 18th: Diomita visiting the exhibition “A Night to Remember”

July 18th: Diomita visiting the Exhibition "A Night to Remember" - The 3rd class cabin

July 18th: Diomita visiting the exhibition “A Night to Remember” – The 3rd class cabin

The exhibition is very informative, has all facts and convinces with the use of storytellers who you meet when you walk through the hall. In the beginning you get a passengers name and at the end you want to retrieve this passenger from the list of saved and lost people. Mine was Mrs. Rosalie Paula van Impe, a 3rd class passenger who was among the losses.

July 18th: Diomita visiting the Exhibition "A Night to Remember" - The passenger and crew list with saved and lost people

July 18th: Diomita visiting the Exhibition “A Night to Remember” – The passenger and crew list with saved and lost people

A great experience! Thank you Inara for blogging about it and thank you Jake Vordun for providing the museum for us all.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

The Vordun GalleryThe Vordun Gallery

Saturday, July 12th witnessed the opening of The Vordun Museum and Gallery, created and curated by Jake Vordun, the owner of Fancy Decor.

Occupying a large, modern building on one side of the Fancy Decor region, the museum and gallery presents a venue capable of supporting multiple exhibitions, with two art exhibits and a museum exhibition being presented for the opening season. Together they make for a unique and immersive visit.

The Vordun: European MastersThe Vordun: European Masters: 300 Years of Painting

The first of the art exhibitions is European Masters, 300 Years of Painting, which occupies the main gallery hall. On displays are over 30 paintings from the period 1500 through 1799, all of which are presented in a scale consistent with one another and to their physical world originals.  These can be freely perused and admired, title cards alongside of each one offering information on…

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