Simploring 2019 (107) Deadman’s Island 2019

Deadman’s Island is a haunted gruesome island where the tortured souls come to rest. Are you looking to visit somewhere dark, ominous and creepy? Deadman’s Island will leave you feeling like someone is right behind you, watching and waiting …” is the landmark’s description of Deadman’s Island.

October 11th: Deadman’s Island – overview

Once again I found the landmark at SL Destinations when i was looking for a destination for my simploring tour on Friday, October 11th. Right upon landing, the sim looked gruesome – but familiar. And yes, I had been here before in October 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (81) Deadman’s Island). The layout hasn’t changed but it was rebuilt in another (full) sim.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (1)

Deadman’s Island is owned by Alex Luciano (alexandrasadie), but I also found some objects owned by Jaxx Luciano (jaxxson37). Both are not partnered but the names make me suspect that they are a couple. The word dark fits very well for Deadman’s island. I changed my windlight settings to get my pictures a bit lighter. Beside some shabby wooden buildings the island is covered with forest. You will find a lot of dead bodies and creatures that seems to be a strange mixture of a dog and a dinosaur on your discovery tour.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (2)

Wherever you go on Deadman’s Island – blood, deads, scary creatures, rats, spiders, ghosts … and every once in a while you encounter a person fully covered by a cowl holding a mining light. I went to chapel and inside, I saw the cemetery. I visited the ghost ship. I went into all buildings, one seems to by an old asylum. Every room in every building has another scary sceenery. Everywhere is blood. It’s for sure nohting for the faint hearted. In one room swords darted up from the floor as I walked along and blood (my blood) was sprinkled around. Thank god, it was just pixel blood!

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (3)

I had also fun standing next to the band of skeletons, watching the witch brewing her particular soups and playing the organ in the chapel.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (4)

The ghostship is something particular as the ship is really tranperent like a ghost and it looks different from every angle. For your exploring tour I recommend to enter all buildings if you like scary scenes. And if you can, then turn you sound on, it adds a lot to the scary and dark mood. Also don’t miss to climb up the lighthouse, as you have a great view on the ghostship from up there.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (5)

Deadman’s Island is a seasonal sim. It is for sure worth a visit, particularly during Halloween season. I enjoyed my visit again! Thank you for providing your island to us all, Alex.

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