Enhancing the living latex doll outfit

Following a spontaneous idea I took slave Nina to Eclectic Randomness store inworld and got a single latex hair tail for her, that can be coloured in 2 colours. I was very happy with the result. The living latex doll outfit consists now of a Zentai Latex catsuit and a MCorset (both sold by Lali’s Shiny Nylon), *KaS* – Ballet boots, a *KaS* – chastity belt (or T&T belt in latex), the pacifier gag from MoDesign and the above single Latex ponytail. slave Nina made a picture of herself with the new addition that is originally posted on her dA page. And last night we also got the latex ponytial for slave Flo. The other living latex dolls will sure follow getting the latex ponytail.
20160118 living latex dolls slave Nina and slave Flo

Puppy fun

Puppies Diomita and Jenny

December 26th: Puppies Diomita and Jenny

Last night Jenny and I had really some fun. Tyra and Virgo gave us *KaS* puppy suits for christmas. There are items you would not buy for yourself – the puppy suit is one of it.  I saw it a couple of days before already and it became quickly popular in the bdsm-scene in Second Life. Anyway, now that we have the suits, we had to try them out and we did. The picture above shows us when we tried them on the first time. They feel quite more comfy than they look like. Just that the breasts are hanging out and down like udders.
Jenny, as the more playful part of us two, searched the marketplace and found an according puppy hood that fits well to the suit (hint: look at Lali’s Shiny Nylon sold by Lali Kamala). So last night we had our second test.

December 27th: Puppies Diomiat (left) and Jenny (right)

December 27th: Puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)

Of course we had to present ourself as puppies to Virgo and Tyra, so our first visit was at their home and both were pleased to see us as puppies and could sense the fun we had. Next we went to Ropers playground but unfortunately that was quite empty. But then Argi came online and from the picture below you can see how much fun she had with the puppies (and we had fun too!). What a great gift, Tyra and Virgo. Thank you! I’m pretty sure that we will have more fun with the puppy suits. Well and they can also be something really mean within a session.
20151227 Tyra and Virgo with the puppies Jenny and Diomita

Argi and the puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)

Argi and the puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)