Art in Second Life 2020 (6) Pencil Brush Paper by Bowfluv Curtiss

One year ago I visited The Citadel (see Simploring 2019 (9) The Citadel). The Citadel is a very well made adult/BDSM friendly venue. For me it has the perfect mixture of my personal Second Life: Art & Architecture, BDSM and a nice environment. The sim is owned by Lesk Alzael who also has a small store named Cabal at The Citadel. I bought a large obelisk and took a free copy of an “Architects Study Model” when I visited in 2019. Both items are at our homesim nowadays.

The large obelisk and the Architects Study Model from the Cabal store at our homesim

A few days ago I got a group message that there’s a new exhibition at the Black Lux Gallery at The Citadel. The gallery features the drawn art of Bowfluv Curtiss. The exhibtion is called simply “Pencil Brush Paper”

The Black Lux Gallery is in a large old plant hall with it’s industrial atmosphere. The hall is also used for events at The Citadel. Bowfluv’s art is exhibited at the walls and at a moveable wall in the center of the hall. There’re several erotic pencil drawings in black and white as well as other pictures that are coloured.

“Pencil Brush Paper” by Bowfluv Curtiss at Black Lux Gallery

Close to the entrance on the left is the picture of a naked female posing for a coloured pencil brush paiting. For me this picture was the most intriguing at the exhibition. It is titeled “Marisa Mirror Mounted”

“Pencil Brush Paper” by Bowfluv Curtiss at Black Lux Gallery – upper left is titeled “Marisa Mirror Mounted”

Each and every painting seems to tell a story. There’s a series of 4 female portraits. All are very different, although the first impression is that they are just slightly different. Each woman has a different eye colour, a different lipstick colour, a diffferent chin, different eye brows, different hair, a different nose. The longer you look at them the more you see the differences.

More impressions of “Pencil Brush Paper” by Bowfluv Curtiss at Black Lux Gallery

It’s the first time I ever saw Bowfluv’s art and I didn’t see any notecard or information about him at the gallery. Hence all I know is that he’s in Second Life for more than 13 years and that he still enjoys it (just like I do): “A long time here ….and still everyday a marvel.”

Thank you Lesk Alzael for providing the space for the art at The Citadel, thank you Bowfluv Curtiss for you art. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Black Lux Gallery
Landmark to The Citadel
Simploring 2019 (9) The Citadel

Simploring 2019 (9) The Citadel

When I came inworld earlier than usually on Tuesday night, January 8th, slave Gwen was present. Reading profiles I had grabbed a landmark a few days before about a place named “The Citadel” and I wanted to have a look at the Black Lux Gallery there. Knowing that it is an adult place, I simply took slave Gwen with me.

The Citadel – overview

The Citadel is an adult homestead owned by Lesk Alzael. The landing point is quite in the center of the sim, right opposed to a store named Cabal. There are not many things you can buy there, but they are extraordinary. I bought a large obelisk and had a look around. Cabal is presenting Lesk’s work that extends from decor and sculptures to architecture. There’s also a group joiner for the Cabal group and for the The Citadel group at the landing Point.

Impressions of The Citadel (1) – Cabal store (upper left) / at Eagle’s Landing (lower left) / Black Lux Gallery (lower right)

You can get around the sim either on foot or using the teleporters. I visited the Black Lux Gallery first as it was the main reason why I wanted to visit. The gallery right now shows a potpourri of the 2018 exhibitions. Obviously the program changes monthly. You can grab a notecard explaining how you could exhibit your art at the gallery’s entrance. The gallery does have a second usage as an event hall.

Impressions of The Citadel (2) – Black Lux Gallery

The next place I visited with slave Gwen at The Citadel was the Sunwater Hall, a big house full furnished and equipped. The open main room is used as a club with lots of cosy places to sit and pole dance areas. The furniture is stylish, the decoration artful and the place is used thoughtfully. I liked in particular the cell, that is installed under the staircase, what a sensful usage of this otherwise dead space! There are more rooms at Sunwater Hall and they are all worth having a look into. Clearly this space is adult *winks*.

Impressions of The Citadel (3) – Sunwater Hall

In the meanwhile Mistress Jenny has joined us and we went visiting the big tower overlooking the sim called “The Redoubt”. It is equipped with many bdsm furniture and I consider to visit with Mistress again, maybe on the occasion of a green light. Mistress and I tried out a throne with a cage under it. Again, this tower is furnished stylish and it is not a dark dungeon.

Impressions of The Citadel (4) – The Redoubt / a view from the gallery to the landing point with the Cabal store (lower right)

I also visited Castle Gardens and Eagle’s Landing, both are parks and offer cosy areas to sit and communicate or to just enjoy.
The Citadel is a very well made adult/BDSM friendly venue. For me it has the perfect mixture of my personal Second Life: Art & Architecture, BDSM and a nice environment. Good that I discovered it and made a first tour.
Thank you Lesk for providing the sim for playing and for providing the space for the art. The obelisk should remind me to come back soon, once I found a place for it at our home. I enjoyed my first visit!

Landmark to The Citadel