Simploring 2017 (69) Another Long Journey

When I came across Inara Pey’s blog entry “A further Long Journey in Second Life“, the title already rang a bell. And yes, Inara as well as I visited “Long Journey” a couple of months ago in March 2017 (read here).

Long Journey – Overview

So what changed? First of all the landmark. Long Journey has moved to another sim. But Yang (sun2idea) did not just move, he further developed his small town that is packed on a sky platform of about 90 * 180 meters. Being in Long Journey you don’t realise that it is that small – and this small town offers a lot!
Compared to the old sim, Long Journey grew nonetheless. The canal, filled with houseboats that are used as restaurants or as event places, is now more in the West. The town is limited by a railraod for goods in the West, a big factory building in the North with a tall chimney, containers and shops in the South and houses, that are arranged in several levels and connected by stairs in the East.

Impressions of Long Journey (1)

As before, there’s a lot to discover. It is like a vacation day, you walk along bars, restaurants, the event center, cafe’s, a market. You see street art and find many places to sit and just hang around. Although there’s so much packed in this comparable small place, it doesn’t look articifial at all. It looks like a town that grew naturally with the tourism. And where is it? It could be somewhere in Asia, at least it has Asian influcences but for me it looks more like “Little China” in a town somewhere in America. At some edges it looks a bit down-at-heel, just like you would expect it in a district like Little China, other edges are full of life.

Impressions of Long Journey (2)

Yang rebuild Long Journey even better than the old one was already, a place to explore and to enjoy. He wrote about it “A small town for you to take pics, hangout and relax yourself in the beautiful landscape. Enjoy your journey, get the free gift, take the incredible photo.” Thank you Yang!

Landmark to Long Journey
Inara Pey’s blog entry “A further Long Journey in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (16) Long Journey

I went simploring and visted “Long Journey“, a place created by Yang (Sun2idea). Inara Pey had a blog post about it – A Long Journey in Second Life. From Yang’s profile I took this text about Long Journey: “An end or just a start? Are you always on your trip or need a stop? Make your heart peaceful but the music loud.  Runing away is also a long journey,  waitting a tram go through your dream and keeping smile.”
Visitors land inside a cosy bar and coffee shop and I couldn’t resist to sit down first before I began exploring the place, which is not that large but really offers a lot. I try to describe what I discovered. 20170303-lang-journey_01620170303-lang-journey_017The bar, where I landed, is at the entrance to the tunnel, that you see in the middle in the background of the overview picture. On the left is a large buildiung, that looks like a storage building but is mostly used as a photo and painting atelier. On the right is the ruin of another storage or fabric building. In the center is the railroad station and a a train is just arriving. In the foreground bottom right side is a residents house. And what else? A lot of details are to discover. Long Journey seems to be a artists’ colony. There’s the big building on the left. On the frontside is an painting atelier. The main part of the building is dominated by a scenery with a truck, obviously to take pictures of to present other artists acts. The ruin on the other side is in use for making a movie scene.

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

And on the street is the exhibition of another painter. You can also see a camera on a tripod that on a wooden bridge over a canal in the middle of the village. And there many restaurants and cafes. You will find a lot of places to sit and dream or to pose for a picture. What you really sense here is the love for detail that Yang has put in this creation. What I missed to my surprise was music. But I could turn on my own instead. I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing hour of simploring at Long Journey. Thank you Yang for opening the place for the public.

Landmark for Long Journey
Inara Pey’s blog post about Long Journey