Simploring 2017 (16) Long Journey

I went simploring and visted “Long Journey“, a place created by Yang (Sun2idea). Inara Pey had a blog post about it – A Long Journey in Second Life. From Yang’s profile I took this text about Long Journey: “An end or just a start? Are you always on your trip or need a stop? Make your heart peaceful but the music loud.  Runing away is also a long journey,  waitting a tram go through your dream and keeping smile.”
Visitors land inside a cosy bar and coffee shop and I couldn’t resist to sit down first before I began exploring the place, which is not that large but really offers a lot. I try to describe what I discovered. 20170303-lang-journey_01620170303-lang-journey_017The bar, where I landed, is at the entrance to the tunnel, that you see in the middle in the background of the overview picture. On the left is a large buildiung, that looks like a storage building but is mostly used as a photo and painting atelier. On the right is the ruin of another storage or fabric building. In the center is the railroad station and a a train is just arriving. In the foreground bottom right side is a residents house. And what else? A lot of details are to discover. Long Journey seems to be a artists’ colony. There’s the big building on the left. On the frontside is an painting atelier. The main part of the building is dominated by a scenery with a truck, obviously to take pictures of to present other artists acts. The ruin on the other side is in use for making a movie scene.

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (1)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

March 3rd: Impressions from Long Journey (2)

And on the street is the exhibition of another painter. You can also see a camera on a tripod that on a wooden bridge over a canal in the middle of the village. And there many restaurants and cafes. You will find a lot of places to sit and dream or to pose for a picture. What you really sense here is the love for detail that Yang has put in this creation. What I missed to my surprise was music. But I could turn on my own instead. I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing hour of simploring at Long Journey. Thank you Yang for opening the place for the public.

Landmark for Long Journey
Inara Pey’s blog post about Long Journey

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