Simploring 2019 (30) Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”

On March 5th, I visited “Elevate Femdom“, a landmark I got from Ally (ally259), who recommended a visit. Elevate Femdom, or with it’s full name Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”, is described in the landmark profile as:
Set in an exquisite Indian themed venue, Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa offers a truly unique Female Led BDSM experience.” and tagged with “Mistress, sub, slave, Domme, Fetish, Bondage, domination, submission, dancing, live music, Femdom, Spa, Pool, event, fetish club“.
Of course it is an adult place. They host regular events including discussions, workshops, art exhibitions, fetish parties and banquets. Elevate Femdom is owned by mynx (mispixl) and her Mistress wife Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs).

The landing point is in a seperate welcome pavilion, where you can get a notecard with some background information about Elevate Femdom and a notecard with the simrules. I recommend reading the rules, although they are quite simple considering that it is a femdom place and everybody is asked behave accordingly.

Overview – Elevate Femdom Lounge & Spa 2019 – “a trip to india”

At the time I visited, mynx (mispixl) and Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs) and quite some other guests were present, amoung who were the sim manager Lethra Nyx (crazysad1stlady), the house slave Meldoran and the head barman and event host Marcas (marcasalan). Eva Burroughs kindly asked Marcas (marcasalan) to offer me a tour, which Marcas did. He was very kind, led me around everywhere, answered my questions and was just perfectly well-mannered.

Marcas: May I show yoou around, Miss Diomita?
Diomita: yes
Marcas: Miss Eva and Mynx have created a beautiful new place for those of us who call Elevate home. We can start with the main house. Most recently in between sims we had a bar called Elevate Wine bar. To my right we have incorporated it into the larger sim. We host smaller more intimate events here in the bar such as impromptu dances. A big part of this is community and it’s important to have plenty of places where we can congregate in different settings. Up the stairs here is our chat area.
Diomita: The chat area quite spacious
Marcas: Yes, it’s very open, but at the same time Miss Eva, Mynx and I feel like kept it contained to retain a sense of intimacy
We entered the chat area where I was kindly welcomed and introduced to the other guests.
Marcas: This, like I said is our main chat area. A lot of our guests often come here in the mornings and chat as they’re getting ready for work RL. There is also a room to each side of this one for smaller groups or couples for a more intimate setting. This allows people a break when the main area may get more full or “rambunctious” for their mood
Diomita: yes, the booths looks more cosy
Marcas: The whole sim is loosely based on a region of India, I believe called Kemar known for its waterways
Diomita: ah, therefor the subtitle “a trip to India”
Marcas: Also we like to have an area for more formal gatherings and events and every Christmas we have a holiday banquet. Our main dining room is this way.

Elevate Femdom: The landing pavilion (upper left), the bar (upper right), the chat area (lower left) and an intimate booth (lower right)

Diomita: and there is the pool
Marcas: Yes, the pool is down this way. A couple of the peacocks get a little friendly. Although this area is wide open and has plenty of room for large groups it’s also a great place to come when you want some alone time.
Marcas: Obviously this is an adult sim and much of the furniture and accessories allow for that type of entertainment
Diomita: is there also a dungeon?
Marcas: There is no dungeon. They had something like that at the old sim, and Miss Eva and Mynx found that it wasn’t getting much use

Elevate Femdom: The banquet hall (upper left and right), the pool (lower left and right)

Diomita: so what I missed seeing then is the event area, right?
Marcas grins “I was saving that for last, Miss”
Marcas: We’re having an event there that I’ve had the privelage in taking part in the preparations. It’s this way.
Marcas: This is our events area and normally looks like a wooden pavillion. Tomorrow we’re kicking off our new monthly Coffee Shop Art series. Each month we hope to feature one artist with an exhibit event and then display their pieces in the bar for the month
Diomita: So this exhibition ends today?
Marcas: No, it begins tomorrow. We just finished setting it up this morning
Diomita: for how long will it be opened?
Marcas: In here it will just be a day or two, but my hope is to move the pieces into the bar for the next month. All items will be on sale, proceeds of their sale will go to benefit the sim and the artist
Diomita: Eta Goldsmith (etamae) is the artist?
Marcas: Yes
Diomita: Why is it only opened so short … that is unusal for an exhibtion
Marcas: The event in here will be short yes, so we can use the space for other events but the exhibit itself will still be on display in the bar for a month
Diomita: good. I didn’t come across Eta Goldsmith (etamae) so far, but I really like her art.

Dominance and Submission by Eta Goldsmith (etamae) at Elevate Femdom

Diomita: unfortunately I have to run now
Marcas: Well thank you for indulging me in showing off the place
Diomita: thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed it, Marcas
Marcas: It was a pleasure meeting you.
Diomita: is the sim European dominated?
Marcas: Between Europe and England, yes. but there is a growing contingent of us from the US and Canada. I’d say the UK has the highest population here, but that’s also where Miss Eva and Mynx are from
Diomita: I understand. Thank you again … I really have to run now
Marcas: You’re welcome and come back any time

I really enjoyed my visit and the tour. I like the concept, that Mynx (mispixl) and Eva Burroughs (evangelinaburroughs) have realised at Elevate Femdom. I enjoyed my short visit to Eta Goldsmith (etamae)’s Exhibition “Dominance and Submission”.
I was impressed by the hospitality and the politeness of everybody I met. Elevate Femdom is for sure a really nice community for everybody who’s into female domination – and doesn’t have torture and dark dungeons as their primary kink. Thank you Mynx and Eva for providing this place, and thank you for everybody involved.
And last but not least, thank you, Marcas!

Landmark to Elevate Femdom