Simploring 2021 (24) Wision

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, May 25th, I picked “Wision” from SL Destinations. SL Destinations is a directory of pictures and blogs about Second Life places, major events, galleries and exhibtions run and filled with content by Annie Brightstar (anniebrightstar). The website was down for a few days and not filled with content for a few weeks, but is back now luckily. Thank you Annie!

Wision is a full region, rated general. According to the landmark description “Wision is a sim in which virtual projects are created for the real world. In this period the sim hosts conferences and art exhibitions, but is available to photographers of the metaverse or to those who wish to stop in its suggestive quiet corners.

Wision overview and orientation map / the glass sphere at the landing point

Wision is owned by an avatar named valexius who is also founder of the sim group. The empty profile of valexius brings me to the conclusion that it is just an account used to told the sim.
All objects on the sim belong to Mexi Lane, who seems to be the real owner and creator of Wision.

Wision is a very well made sim that offers a lot of spaces for bigger events. The first event area is right at the landing point, a humongous glass sphere at the shore reaching out into the sea. Inside are many big, comfortable chairs arranged to listen to a presentation. Outside is catering and a small wooden outdoor stage.

From there I went along the shore, through an iron gate and go to the only residential house on the sim. It was open and as I found no “private” sign, I dared to have a look inside. The house is named “Mexi’s Atelier” and is nicely furnished inside.

Impressions of Wision (1): The glass sphere at the landing point / Mexi’s Atelier

Not far from the house is a large old factory, Wision Factory. Somme walls of the building are completely made of glass and thus there’s a lot of light inside of the building, that has just 2 very large rooms. Again there’s some furniture. One room is furnished for an evening event with a lot of comfy sofas and chairs and nice decorations on the walls opposed to the glas front. The other room is almost empty, but seems to be a multi purpose room with some chairs along the wall and some bicycles, perhaps for team events.

Impressions of Wision (2): Wision Factory

The largest building of Wision is in the center of the sim, a cinema, café and shop. Again it is an old storage house or plant building with a new usage. Inside you find a large event area with many seats for dinner, a bar, many posters of well know films like Hitchcock’s The Birds and Psycho or Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita.
Another wing of the building is home for a shop, yet it is not a shop where you can buy goods. It looks more like a training facility. And there is a bigger and a smaller cinema. A real multifunctional building.

Impressions of Wision (3): Cinema Café

I continued my simploring tour and went to “Valexius’s office”, a nice building built on poles at the shore. The door of the building was open and again I found it nicely furnished inside, a place where you’r like to make yourself comfortable. Not far from is is a small greenhouse with a few chicken running around. I had fun exploring and enjoying the lovely peaceful setting.

Impressions of Wision (4): Valexius’s office

Wision offers also a lot of nature, in particular in the area around the tower. here you can hike, relax or just enjoy the nature or the little river that winds down to the sea. Or perhaps it is a area for team events .. who knows? I liked it as a perfect place to take some pictures.

Impressions of Wision (5): Rocks and wilderness

What else? Returning to the landing point I found some nice places to sit and enjoy along the shore and I simply enjoyed the view. Last but not least you can also sit down in the glass sphere and enjoy the views (I did).

Impressions of Wision (6): Places to sit and enjoy the nature

Wision is a well made sim that fulfills every probable need for (virtual) team events or conferences. But it is also a publicly accessible sim where you could retreat to and enjoy. I was alone during my visit, no lag, no other visitors.
Thank you Mexi Lane for creating Wision and for opening it to the public while it is not used for events. I enjoyed exploring it.

Landmark to Wision
Mexi Lane’s flickr

Simploring 2018 (64) The Winds

For my simploring tour Sunday, July 22nd, I picked again a destination from SL DestinationsSummers Wind. There’s an exhibition at Summers Wind featuring Giancarlo Petrini, an Italian painter. I recommend reading the blog post “GIANCARLO PETRINI: hosted at Summers Wind” before you visit. This blog post contains a lot of information about the artist Giancarlo Petrini.

Giancarlo Petrini at Summers Wind (1)

The provided landmark leads directly to the exhibition of Giancarlo Petrini. It is located at the cafe of arts right on the beach of Summers Wind. The pictures are exhibited on the pier of this cafe instead of being presented in a gallery. It is a quite particular way to exhibit pictures, that are transferred from RL into Second Life. It feels like being at the beach of an artist community. I enjoyed taking a closer look at the work of Giancarlo Petrini.

Giancarlo Petrini at Summers Wind (2)

Once at Summers Wind I started simploring the island as the first impression was really stunning. It is a perfect summer retreat, just beautiful. I walked up and discovered two large caves, one was occupied by a store for mesh heads, the other was empty but there was one piece of art at one wall. Walking further up I arrived at a large greenhouse that is obviously used for meetings.
The nature and the setting of Summers Wind is just perfect, a dream and it is great for taking pictures that look a bit like painted. On my simploring tour I saw several homes and noticed that they are private and inhabited. At one house, that was not inhabited, I found a board and could grab some information.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (1) – Cave, Gazebo and more

Summers Wind is owned by Caterina della Rovere (catweasel ohanlon) and is a part of “The Winds”: “Summers Wind and Winters Wind are community sims – meaning that some portions of the sims are public. Summers Wind is a full sim and besides having 6 homes for rent, there are also stores, a small dance club, an events center and areas to explore and photograph. Winters Wind is a homestead with 9 home rentals. Autumns Wind has 4 rental homes. Springs Wind is a private homestead sim.
Please respect the privacy of our residents. Do not enter homes and parcels without permission. There are common areas Summers Wind, Autumns Wind and Winters Wind where you may hang out and relax.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (2) – Greenhouses

At the free residential home I learned also about the concept of the community. You can rent the house and furnish the inside as you like (supposed that you don’t exceed the prim limit). You are not allowed to change the exterior of the house – and if you want to do so, just have to contact Caterina and agree with her upon the desired changed. I do understand this concept as it ensures that the overall perfect design of the sim isn’t changed and thus all community members can enjoy the environment.

Impressions of the public area of Summers Wind (3) – a house available for rent

Summers Wind‘s public areas and the beautiful views you have overlooking the islands are worth a visit even when you don’t intend to rent a house there. I myself enjoyed my visit to the exhibition of Giancarlo Petrini and to Summers Winds – and I discovered another corner of Second Life.
Thank you Caterina della Rovere (catweasel ohanlon) for providing the public areas, the space for art, and for offering living space in such a great environment.

P.S.: I got a messsage from Caterina after publishing this post: “I’ve been blessed to have such wonderful and creative friends who deserve all the credit. Mexi Lane and Violetta Inglewood“.

Landmark to Giancarlo Petrini’s exhibition at Summers Wind
Blog post “GIANCARLO PETRINI: hosted at Summers Wind”
Summers Wind Rental Office and Pay Center