Simploring 2020 (21) The Getaway – Nutmeg

Following Inara Pey’s blog I came across “The Getaway – Nutmeg“. The landmark description is short but very fitting: “A quiet, serene place, where you can reconnect with nature, listen to soothing music, and truly clear your mind.

“The Getaway – Nutmeg” – bird eye overview

The Getaway – Nutmeg is a moderate homestead. As far as I could find out it is owned by Keon Xenga and Neva Xenga (nevacrystall). The Getaway – Nutmeg has been landscaped by Jacky Macpherson.

First impressions of “The Getaway – Nutmeg” – around the Landing point

There’s really not much to write about The Getaway – Nutmeg. In the bird eye view you can see that it consists of two islands that are connected by two small bridges. On the main island, where you land, is one residential house and a shed used for a flea market. You will find quite some opportunities to sit and look around and to chill.

Impressions of “The Getaway – Nutmeg” – the residential house and the flea market

In Keon Xenga’s profile I found the following: “If you ever yearn to feel at peace in the midst of our frenzied, hectic world, The Getaway is calling your name. Feel free to wander and explore.

Impressions of “The Getaway – Nutmeg” – enjoying the view and the peace

The Getaway – Nutmeg is very peaceful, it offers natural views and just invites to stay a bit and to dream. You can fill up your batteries there. Thank you Keon, Neva and Jacky for sharing this getaway with the public. I enjoyed my visit.

“The Getaway – Nutmeg”

Landmark to The Getaway – Nutmeg
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Nutmeg Getaway in Second Life”

Simploring 2018 (22) A short visit to Acorn

My short simploring tour Thursday, March 1st, let me to Acorn. Again a landmark I picked from SL Destinations. Acorn is first of all a shop “Original mesh for all your house & garden decor and furniture needs“. The shop and the sim is owned by Lulu Rage.

Impressions of Acorn (1) – around the landing point, upper left is an overview, lower right is the gazebo

But Acorn is more. It is again an example for combining business with a nice and beautiful environment. You don’t land at the entrance of the shop, instead you land on a nice green island, close to a gazebo. Only when you soom out, you can see the large building which is used for the shop. I first went to the gazebo and looked inside. You can purchase some of the furniture. Of course the sim is also used to exhibit Lulu Rage’s furniture and garden deco, but it is done very decent, no big boards or vendors, just small tags on the items you can buy.

Impressions of Acorn (2) – inside of the gazebo (upper left) / inside of the shop (lower left) / Diomita relaxing at Acorn (upper right) / the look-out (lower right)

The shop itself is huge and most rooms aren’t used yet. It might be that there’s more exhibition area needed soon. Although the shop building is very large and dominating the island, it does fit in the environment and does not destroy the peaceful atmosphere. I went to an overview platform and a walked over the complete island. It offers some really nice spots and views and is made with love and an eye for the detail. My short trip to Acorn was very enjoyable.
Lulu send me a message after this entry was published and told me that Acorn was was created with the help of the ever clever Neva Xenga (nevacrystall). Hence I added this credit here.

Impressions of Acorn (3)

Acorn is worth a visit, you can relax and enjoy there (and shop of course too). Thank you Lulu Rage for adding a nice environment for your shop!

Landmark to Acorn Mainstore

Simploring 2017 (90) Borneo Isle

I followed Inara Pey’s blog entry about Borneo Isle “A trip to Borneo in Second Life” and visited it myself. The landmark description is incomplete “Borneo is an all-new sim designed as a beautiful destination for those looking to explore, relax or simply pass the time with friends. This intricately detailed sim is open to all visitors, and offers a breath-taking landscape created by the amazingly ta” I assume that the maximum of letters was reached and that Gac Akina, the owner of Borneo Isle, wanted to give credit to the designer of the sim Neva Crystall (nevacrystall).

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Around the landing point

Borneo Isle isn’t in the jungle, it’s just somewhere, maybe in Europe or North America. It consists of a larger and a smaller island, both are high rocks in the ocean and are connected by a bridge. Borneo Isle is set for the season, hence it is cold but not winter already.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The nature growing back in the buildings

Arriving at the landing point in the middle of the main island and looking around you see a lovely autumn setting, bicycles, benches … and it looks inhabited. On the second view and taking a closer look, you see that the few buildings are abandonned, the nature is already taking the place back. The two buildings close to the landing are still full of stuff and furniture but the bushes and trees begin to grow even inside.
Form the landing point you can dare to walk downstairs on a wooden partly broken construction down to a bay where you find some old furntiure to sit on. Although is obviously abandonned it has it’s own charme and I spent some time there. In one edge there’s a chair, a guitar and an oven in a small shelter, just as if someone has discovered this place overlooking the bay as a personal secret retreat.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – At the bay

It’s fun to explore this Borneo Isle. I walked over the bridge to the smaller island and enjoyed the views. On the smaller island is another building and that is not abandonned. It’s used as bar and event hall and from Inara Pey’s blog post I learned it is supposed to be used for some events.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Inside and outside of the bar

What else? On the main island is one building that you can’t access, most probably that’s where the owner of Borneo Isle settled. The building does fit perfect into the style. Just everything is very detailled and fitting to the style. A really great and thoughtfully designed place. I enjoyed my vist very much! Thank you, Gac Akina, for providing your place to the public.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The lighthouse and a scenic view (upper), and the private part of the Island (lower)

Landmark to Borneo Isle
Inara Pey’s blog post “A trip to Borneo in Second Life”

Simploring 2017 (4) Saint Pete City

As I’m away for a few days of vacation I prepared just a few blog entries in advance. On Thursday, January 12th, I found time for some simploring. I did some revisits for places I’ve been before and that still exist. One downside of Second Life is, that you never know how long a sim will stay or if your visit is the last. I went to Saint Pete City, that I visited in November 2015 this first time (see here).

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Saint Pete City" (1)

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Saint Pete City” (1)

Saint Pete City is a very nice town, highly detailled, the shops and the cafés add a lot to it’s charme. And again I noticed the many bicycles. Most shops, houses and appartments are rented, so there seem to be a lively community here. I visited one of the free appartments to get an impression. It’s expensive to live here, but you get a return, living in a city instead of being in the suburbs. The waterfront of Saint Pete City has it’s own charme.

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Saint Pete City" (2) - a private home.

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Saint Pete City” (2) – a private home

Jan 12th: My second visit to "Saint Pete City" (3) - at the waterfront

Jan 12th: My second visit to “Saint Pete City” (3) – at the waterfront

Saint Pete City is owned by Neva Xenga (nevacrystall) and there’s a website you can visit for more information also about free appartments. Neva is also co-owing to (shopping) event places, Shiny Shabby Event and The Crossroads Event. I finish this short update with a quote from Neva’s Profile “..When u need the  wonders, noises and sweet delights of a magical city burried in stories and treasures waiting to be found, open the gates of St. Pete, i put my heart into it....”

You should have seen this lovely town. Thank you Neva!

Landmark to Saint Pete City
Saint Pete City’s Website