Simploring 2017 (90) Borneo Isle

I followed Inara Pey’s blog entry about Borneo Isle “A trip to Borneo in Second Life” and visited it myself. The landmark description is incomplete “Borneo is an all-new sim designed as a beautiful destination for those looking to explore, relax or simply pass the time with friends. This intricately detailed sim is open to all visitors, and offers a breath-taking landscape created by the amazingly ta” I assume that the maximum of letters was reached and that Gac Akina, the owner of Borneo Isle, wanted to give credit to the designer of the sim Neva Crystall (nevacrystall).

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Around the landing point

Borneo Isle isn’t in the jungle, it’s just somewhere, maybe in Europe or North America. It consists of a larger and a smaller island, both are high rocks in the ocean and are connected by a bridge. Borneo Isle is set for the season, hence it is cold but not winter already.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The nature growing back in the buildings

Arriving at the landing point in the middle of the main island and looking around you see a lovely autumn setting, bicycles, benches … and it looks inhabited. On the second view and taking a closer look, you see that the few buildings are abandonned, the nature is already taking the place back. The two buildings close to the landing are still full of stuff and furniture but the bushes and trees begin to grow even inside.
Form the landing point you can dare to walk downstairs on a wooden partly broken construction down to a bay where you find some old furntiure to sit on. Although is obviously abandonned it has it’s own charme and I spent some time there. In one edge there’s a chair, a guitar and an oven in a small shelter, just as if someone has discovered this place overlooking the bay as a personal secret retreat.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – At the bay

It’s fun to explore this Borneo Isle. I walked over the bridge to the smaller island and enjoyed the views. On the smaller island is another building and that is not abandonned. It’s used as bar and event hall and from Inara Pey’s blog post I learned it is supposed to be used for some events.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – Inside and outside of the bar

What else? On the main island is one building that you can’t access, most probably that’s where the owner of Borneo Isle settled. The building does fit perfect into the style. Just everything is very detailled and fitting to the style. A really great and thoughtfully designed place. I enjoyed my vist very much! Thank you, Gac Akina, for providing your place to the public.

November 10th: Impressions of Borneo Isle – The lighthouse and a scenic view (upper), and the private part of the Island (lower)

Landmark to Borneo Isle
Inara Pey’s blog post “A trip to Borneo in Second Life”

Saint Pete City

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

This week I found time to do a bit of simploring again. I went to Saint Pete City. Of course I was following a recommendation by Inara Pey again. There’s a quite detailled description of Saint Pete City in her “Living in a Modemworld” blog. Her report is titeled “The streets of Saint Pete’s in Second Life“. Inara describes Saint Pete City -as the name suggests, as an urban environment with a strong Dutch influence in terms of architecture and feel. Well, if you count the bicycles, you must feel like being in the Netherlands. But the architecture isn’t Dutch in my humble opinion, although I can’t really localize it either.

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

A visit to Saint Pete City (2)

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

A visit to Saint Pete City (3)

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

A visit to Saint Pete City (4)

The creator Neva Xenga (neva.crystall) wrote about Saint Pete City “When u need the  wonders, noises and sweet delights of a magical city burried in stories and treasures waiting to be found, open the gates of St. Pete, i put my heart into it..”

A visit to Saint Pete City (1)

A visit to Saint Pete City (5)


What really adds to the “Saint Pete City feeling” is the sound, a mixture of  the sound of the sea rushing, the cries of seagulls and mayn people talking. I roamed a bit around and noticed that whatever street you take, it leads you back to the main street, but you don’t get the feeling that the city ends. The courts and streets are so nicely planned that it feels a lot larger than it is. There are a some active shops and art galleries and some nice places to sit down and relax. Of course I took a lot of pictures and will only publish a few of them here.

During my visit I got a call from Nina, who needed shortly my help and I went to the beach to teleport her in as it is a moderate sim. But it was too tempting not to take another shot.

Diomita and slave Nina at the beach of Saint Pete City

Diomita and slave Nina at the beach of Saint Pete City

Finally before I ended my visit, I looked up the creator’s profile and found that she is also the creator of Baby’s Ear, a sim that I visited in July
( So I went there to finish my simploring.
And whenever you may need the music within the sea, the light from an old lighthouse, the joy of picking up apples in the back yard of a home, far from home, welcome to Baby’s Ear.. a place to get lost in.” (Quote taken from Neva’s Profile pick)

Returning to Baby's Ear

Returning to Baby’s Ear

Thank you Neva for these two lovely sims. I enjoyed my visit and it won’t be my last!

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Landmark Saint Pete City:

Landmark Baby’s Ear:

Baby’s ear

I went simploring shortly today following again Inara Pey’s Living in a modemworld blog. I visited Baby’s ear and was once again excited about the beauty that Second Life offers. Visiting Baby’s ear is like taking a short vacation to a forgotten island.  It’s more or less a farm on an Island and it looks like the inhabitants left it from one moment to the other on a short notice. And for me it was a trip back into the late 1980’s. Please read more at Inara’s blog ( There’re not only beautiful pictures but also a short video about this treasure. Unfortunately this treasure might be gone soon although it was just opened, so you’ll need to hurry with your visit. I couldn’t resist taken some shots. I was in particular attracted by the workplace in the living room which looked a bit like my own chaos in the 1980’s.

Like a flashback to the 1980's: Dio's visit to Baby's ear

Like a flashback to the 1980’s: Dio’s visit to Baby’s ear (1)

Like a flashback to the 1980's: Dio's visit to Baby's ear (2)

Like a flashback to the 1980’s: Dio’s visit to Baby’s ear (2)

The creator, Neva Crystall, made a really great job. Ths sim is a must see for all photographers – realistic views of a forgotten world.
Here’s the landmark to get to Baby’s ear:

Thank you for creating it Neva!

Diomita visiting to Baby's ear

Diomita visiting to Baby’s ear