Diary 2017 (105) June 28th / 29th – slave pet & slave Jade and a relaxed night

We had a very relaxed night Wednesday, June 28th. We spend most of it together with slave pet and slave Flo in “the Keep”, where slave pet has her place to sleep. This night, she had some trouble with seeting up further gear that will make her even more looking like our slave pet (or puppy), she got a muzzle. So we were busy to get it sort. slave pet will be off for 2 weeks and unfortunately will miss her first collaring anniversary on July 2nd. But we will make up for that and then I will also have some pictures of our slave pet, puppy Christa.
Slave Maddie was present as well and we took her out of the terrace cell and went to Mesmerize Dungeon … where we lost her in lag. Also something that happens in Second Life sometimes.

Thursday, June 29th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon. As slave Jade was present, we went down to her cell and took her out of it for the first time since we caught her more than a week ago on June 21st. We brought her to Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) and I fixed her on the triple spanking machine. Prepared like that we began to tease her and to talk with her. and within a few minutes we had 2 random subs watching us. Mistress Jenny leashed and cuffed one ot them. This random sub had more luck than slave Jade – Mistress Jenny released her shortly after.

slave Jade seems already quite arrived in her new life. She accepted her fate as unevitable and does quite atentive listen and follow her rules. She must have realized what Mistress Jenny told her – it can always be worse. After our visit to BSP we leashed her at home at the Stonehaven wall.

Thursday night started off with another visit of “No Frontiers” (see yesterday’s post here). I visited it again this time together with Mistress Jenny. I just wanted to show her this art installation and we did the whole flight. Then we went to The Secret House and chatted a bit with BC (baroness capelo) and entertained the slent crowd *winks*.

Next stop was Mesmerize Dungeon, then Psi’s realm, where Mistress Jenny leashed a random stray sub and pulled her locks just a but tighter and the last place for that night was once again Club DeLust. On our way home we stopped by at our studio and I made a new profile picture for Mistress Jenny with the LUMIPro HUD. Kitty came by and was allowed to watch me working. She had a new “accident and was transformed to a Bimbo ….talking like a Bimbo .. so hot, she was so hot. Kitty Maurer: “Kitty was at Lillith’s *giggles* new like *giggles* sim… like Hathor’s Homeworld. Sorry for being so like *giggles* much trouble”

So that was another relaxing night. It looks like we have relaxed and full nights alternating now. That’s it for this diary post.

Mistress Jenny Maurer

Simploring 2017 (52) No Frontiers

For simploring Thursday, June 29th, I checked the Second Life Destination guide  and selected another LEA sim, LEA 16
“No Frontiers is an LEA immersive installation where you can pilot spacecrafts among large halls displaying high resolution sci-fi fractal frames by artist Gem Preiz. The trip will lead you to planets and stars after flying among colorful creations, surreal alien worlds and futuristic space bases.

Upon your landing you can grab 2 notecards with information about the art installation and about the artist Gem Preiz. There’s also a guide how to set your environment. Then you choose a vehicle, a space ship and begin your discovery. From the landing a tube leads into the isntallation itself, you fly through the tube to a box and at the wall you look at when you enter the box is a one high resolution futuristic science fiction picture, the box itself is filled with geometrical objects, which move and change and add another dimension to the picture at the wall. From the box another tube leads to the next box. I didn’t count the boxes, according to the notecard there’re 16. And each box is an expereince on it’s own. Flying the space ship is fun and getting these views was simply great. The journey ends in open space where planets and objects float in space.

No Frontiers by Gem Preiz is closed now unfortunately, I made it there on one of the last days. But once again I found a different way to present art and I learend about another artists playing with the possibilities of Second Life. Gem has a long list of exhibitions within Second Life and had several installations within the LEA program already. He’s educated in science and mathematics and and according to himself he enjoys the diversity of shapes and colors as a reflection of Nature’s one. Well, I can’t describe his work any better. No Frontiers was just great to see and I will look out for more art from Gem Preiz, thank you Gem!

No landmark this time as the installation is already closed unfortunately. I hope you got at least an impression of it by the pictures I took.