A visit to Otium

Exploring sims: OTIUM

Exploring sims: Otium

The “Living in a modemworld”-blog of Inara Pey provides me with places to visit. This time I visited Otium, first alone and then together with Jenny.
The name of this sim has a meaning that I looked up at Wikipedia for a correct description:
Otium, a Latin abstract term, has a variety of meanings, including leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation and academic endeavors. It sometimes, but not always, relates to a time in a person’s retirement after previous service to the public or private sector, opposing “active public life”. Otium can be a temporary time of leisure, that is sporadic. It can have intellectual, virtuous or immoral implications. It originally had the idea of withdrawing from one’s daily business (negotium) or affairs to engage in activities that were considered to be artistically valuable or enlightening (i.e. speaking, writing, philosophy). It had particular meaning to businessmen, diplomats, philosophers and poets
(see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otium).

What you can experience at Otium fits perfect to the name. First of all there is a Mediterranean village with small alleys, lots of cosy places, benches and pavement cafes. And the village is not empty. There are little shops and the houses can be rented. Where you land when arriving at Otium, there’s a gallery. The exhibtion there shows Giovanna Cerise’s art and is called “LINE”. This Exhibition isn’t restricted to the gallery itself but is spread over the whole island. Giovanna herself wrote about her permanent exhibition “Creation of a path-research on the infinite freedom hidden in two-dimensional and three-dimensional size. The line, with its lightness incisive, inspired the Transposition of the complexity of the solid structures of some of my work in new areas, expression of pure essentiality.”

"LINE" exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise

“LINE” exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise

When exploring Otium you will come across Giovanna’s art everywhere, her filigrane “line”-art is non physical, thus you can walk through it and it changes it’s look depending from which angel you look at it. The art provides a perfect background for creating your own photo art, something to publish at deviantart. At the beach there’re other 3 dimensional pieces of her, of which some are also changing permanently. All of Giovanna Cerise’s art can be purchased directly. And I’m pretty sure that I saw her art before at some other places. I consider to get a piece for our island as well.

"LINE" exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise in the streets of Otium

“LINE” exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise in the streets of Otium

Coming back to the name of the Island: Otium. I visited Otium together with Jenny and after roaming through the alleys we walked down to the beach which offers some places to cuddle, to watch the waves of the ocean and even for sport activities like Taichi. Thus Otium provides everything to recover, to enjoy simply being yourself or to refresh your mind with art: relax, unwind, soothe your soul. The name Otium does really fit.

Taichi at the Otium beach

Taichi at the Otium beach

Jenny and Diomita enjoying at Otium beach

Jenny and Diomita enjoying at Otium beach

Otium is owned by Franz Markstein. Thank you, for your hospitality.