“My Viewer” page updated

There’s a new Firestorm-Release out with the version number As there were some major changes I updated not only my viewer but also the “my viewer” page. I recommend that you watch the tutorial video http://youtu.be/QYaf2NZZmIE which is really helful. If you have any hint what I should change in my settings, please let me know. I’ll appreciate that. If you update – good luck!

My Viewer & blog stats & welcome in 2012

First of all “Happy New Year” to all readers!  Let’s have a great 2012.

I got a note from wordpress telling me a bit of about readers statistics. We had 5.358 clicks in 2011 (after 1.939 in 2010 and 951 in 2009) adding up to a total of 8.248 views. Whe have 97 posts published whereof 57 were written and published in 2011. Our readers come from all over the world, most of them from the US, followed by UK and Germany. There are readers from Paraguay, Columbia, Honduras, Indonesia, Malaysia … wow. Our busiest day was December 29th, 2011 with 106 clicks, the most seen text was about our Rubber Mare “Dana”. The clicks and views on our blog rise slowly but steadily. Thank you all for following our Second Life. Nonetheless this blog stays first and foremost our diary to save our memories which are part of our RL.

The first text of 2012 shall be different and shall introduce a new page of this blog called “My Viewer”. Here I’m going to share how I setted up the viewer that I use and I hope it will be helpful. We appreciate any comments and improvements. So have a look on the new “My Viewer”-page.

Have a great start into 2012!