Diary 2018 (55) March 29th – Bowling in Second Life

Thursday afternoon I went simploring and visited Baileys Norge  (read here). At the end of my simploring tour Jenny came inworld and we caught up sitting at a cosy spot at Baileys Norge.
When slave kelly came inworld we went to Psi’s realm, took her our of the hanging cage and dragged her to the main meeting area at Psi’s where we spent some time teasing our slave and exposing her to the people around. It’s good that slave kelly’s absence is over now and to have another slave toy to play with. We took her home and leashed her at our porch. There she can get familiar and used to us again.

March 29th: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm

Our night was different. Jenny, slave drone Flo and I went to Sun City, a sim that I recently explored within my simploring tours (read here), for bowling. We didn’t do that for quite some years and it was fun! Bowling in Second Life is much easier than in the physical world, ye still something you could exercise to get better. We just bowled for fun. Jenny won the first round, slave drone Flo the second round. Both games were close.
slave drone Flo’s twin came inworld at the end of our second game and Jenny and I took the drone twins to The Secret house to wind down until it was time for bed for all of us.

March 29th: Jenny, Diomita and slave drone Flo bowling in Sun City / Jenny and Diomita with the twin slave drones Flo and Annewanne at The Secret House (lower right)

Simploring 2018 (28) – Sun City

Sunday afternoon, March 18th, I went simploring again. I picked “Sun City” from the scoop.it SL Destinations. The featured picture looked nice, sunny and warm. Just the right place to be, as we experience winter days again in the physical world (mid of March!).

Sun City – overview

The landmark’s description is short but fits quite well “A sleepy city on Sunshine Island – not RP – bergson bowling alley / wedding chapel / explore / photography 60 min rez”. Sun City is group owned, the group was founded by Lily Dough (lilydough). In the group description I found a reference to Maybe Jones (May Tremont) for anything Sunshine Island related. As all buildings and objects I checked are owned by Maybe, I suspect that he or she is the creator of Sun City. Maybe Jones also owns a store for bdsm gear and furniture named [Linked] and there’s an inworld store at Sun City. Sun Island is an adult homestead.

Sun City – First impressions from the landing point

I got not disppointed upon my landing. It’s sunny at Sun City and it has the atmosphere of Summer. Sun City consists of one large promenade with quite a lot of shops and stores. There’s everything you would expect at a destination for a Summer vacation: Tourist info, cafe, laundromat, bowling, tea shop, cold drinks, ice etc. I visted the bowling. It has just one lane, but that’s all you need in Second Life. And it reminded me that we should do that again. It’s fun! Of course I also had a look into the [Linked] store.

Sun City – Bowling and [Linked] store

There’re some more activities to do at Sun City. I made a short trip with a small two seat plane. You can rezz it by clicking on the air sock by the runway. I also made a short trip with a pedal boot. The pier for the pedal boat is close to the landing point. Also close to the landing point at the beach is a place to meet with friends, to sit together around a campfire or just to enjoy the sun in a lounger.
On a seperate island is a wedding chapel. It really has all you need for a wedding including poseballs for a dance. I like the place.

Impressions of Sun City

Sun City is a nice mixture between a Mediterranean village and an American coastal village, maybe even Caribean. It has a bit of everything. The serenity and the cars and motor scooters of the Mediterranean, the buildings and their facades do fit with more with America.
Overall, a really nice place with some potential activities and the feeling of Summer.

Sun City – the wedding chapel and at the beach

Thank you Lily Dough (lilydough) and Maybe Jones (May Tremont) for creating and providing Sun City to the public. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Sun City