Diary 2018 (55) March 29th – Bowling in Second Life

Thursday afternoon I went simploring and visited Baileys Norge  (read here). At the end of my simploring tour Jenny came inworld and we caught up sitting at a cosy spot at Baileys Norge.
When slave kelly came inworld we went to Psi’s realm, took her our of the hanging cage and dragged her to the main meeting area at Psi’s where we spent some time teasing our slave and exposing her to the people around. It’s good that slave kelly’s absence is over now and to have another slave toy to play with. We took her home and leashed her at our porch. There she can get familiar and used to us again.

March 29th: Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm

Our night was different. Jenny, slave drone Flo and I went to Sun City, a sim that I recently explored within my simploring tours (read here), for bowling. We didn’t do that for quite some years and it was fun! Bowling in Second Life is much easier than in the physical world, ye still something you could exercise to get better. We just bowled for fun. Jenny won the first round, slave drone Flo the second round. Both games were close.
slave drone Flo’s twin came inworld at the end of our second game and Jenny and I took the drone twins to The Secret house to wind down until it was time for bed for all of us.

March 29th: Jenny, Diomita and slave drone Flo bowling in Sun City / Jenny and Diomita with the twin slave drones Flo and Annewanne at The Secret House (lower right)

Simploring 2018 (31) – Baileys Norge

Thursday, March 29th, I had some time int the afternoon for simploring. I picked Baileys Norge from scoop.it SL Destinations. Right next to the landing point is a board of orientation with all points of interest. That’s very convenient.

Baileys Norge orientation map at the landing point

Baileys Norge is a homestead sim owned by “(-_*) The Bailey Family & Friends” group, which is founded by Marley (marleyy). In the group description I found this text about Baileys Norge:
A small piece of rural Norway on Second Life. Everyone is welcome to TP in and explore this beautifully landscaped sim. It offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. There’s a place for everyone here, whether you’re alone, on a date or with a group of friends. This photogenic, cosy sim offers you places to take photos, relax. Or just simply take a walk and take in the view of the fjords.

Baileys Norge (1): Landing point (upper left) / The old shop (upper right) / Fishermans pier (lower left) / Viking boathouse (lower right)

Baileys Norge (2): west pier and church

And Baileys Norge is really all of the above. I took a walk from the landing point along the shores of the island and visited the above mentionend points of interest. I rarely saw a sim with that many opportunities to sit and enjoy. The sim surround is selected perfectly to fit into the theme.
There are several lodges and homes and all of them are differently furnished very detailled. At least it looks like the family and friends are living here. All doors are open and you can walk in and either get ideas for your own home or simply sit at a window and enjoy the view outside.

Baileys Norge (3): Cottage outside (upper left) and inside (upper right) / Farmhouse outside (lower left) and inside (lower right)

Baileys Norge (4): The hideout outside (upper left) and inside (upper right) / Diomita relaxing at the hideout (lower left) / hot well (lower right)

You can take very atmospheric pictures at Baileys Norge and of course I did. I used “Annan Adored Realistic ambient” for my pictures. I also tried out some of the many places to sit and enjoyed the peace and the nature. My visit was another short vacation within Second Life, a little time-out and exploring it was fun. At the end of my visit Jenny came inworld and joined me sitting at “The lookout”.

Baileys Norge (5): Seaview cottage (upper left) / The docks (upper right and lower left) / Diomita and Jenny at The lookout (lower right)

My thanks go to the “(-_*) The Bailey Family & Friends” and to Marley (marleyy) for providing Baileys Norge to the public and for my enjoyable hour exploring it.

Landmark to Baileys Norge