Art in Second Life 2020 (25) The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.

I had a bit of spare time Monday, May 11th, and decided to visit the Itakos Project and Art Gallery and to see “The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.“.

The Magical Rooms” is an installation of 4 different rooms, two of them are at the Itakos Project and Art Gallery and two others are located in the skies of Obscure Desires, an adult homestead sim owned by Maloe Vansant. You start your visit at the Itakos Project and Art Gallery. It is recommended to set your windlight to “midnight”, to switch on “sun/moon and projectors”, to switch sound on and music off before your go to the first room.

Room one contains a marine setting. The room has no windows, the walls are of grey stone, nothing distracts from the single scene that is installed at the end of the room and lightend by a spotlight. Three chairs invite to sit down and watch. But what is it? A barbwire fence and colourful jelly fishes, red blue yellw and purple. The spotlight and the shadows liven up the scene the jelly fishs contract and expand. You see the water, the beach but no sun, no wind, no clouds and you hear the rushing sea. The colours and light with the simple grey background has something magic.

“The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” – Room 1

To continue your visit you have to use the green bicycle in front of the room. Room 2 is again a simple room with no windows, instead of a door there’s a curtain of chains. The room is brightly lightened by several moving spotlights. Lying dolls suspended by chains hoover in the room. It took a while for me that all dolls are the same, some are of dark colour though. All wear blindfolds. There’s a chair to sit down and watch how the spotlights change the focus and the shadows, you hear the noise of chains, of opening doors. It is a bizzare scene, scaring to some extent and at the same time peaceful.

“The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” – Room 2

Room 3 is also bizarre and it is again installed in a room without any window. It’s full inside, full of bats. In one corner is a tree that almost fills the rest of the room, Its white leaves cover the ceiling and at the first moment I thought there were white bats hanging from the ceiling. A few suspended hanging chairs to sit hang in the tree. The spots light the room throwing even more bats as shadows on the walls. For me a bizarre scene that impressed me but I didn’t feel well in it.
Funny Remark: After this post was published, I had a nice conversation with mrs S (lauralar) and she told me that I totally misinterpreted room 3. What I identified as bats are roses!! I must have missed the smell of roses and I might have felt much better with the knowledge that it were roses and not bats *winks*

“The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” – Room 3

Room 4 was my favourite. Actually it is more than just one room, it is a house with windows and inside you find several surrealistic scenes, artfully showcased with spotlights and shadows. A feast for the eyes. A few almost holographic persons stand, work and sit there, some art is showcased in display cases. The sound reminded me of chill music yet you also here voices and when you go outside on the terrace you hear ainmals and feel like being in the jungle. There’s a lot to discover!
Another remark from my conversation with mrs S: What you see in room 4 is inspired by mrs. & Mr. S.’s real life and their passion.

“The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” – Room 4 (1)

Who is mrs. S. and Mr.S?
You can grab at notecard at the Itakos Project and Art Gallery with a bit of information:
mrs S (lauralar) was “driven by her fascination for colours, light, objects in rooms and initially merely taking pictures of their combination, mrs. S. discovered her love to design those rooms by herself in the first place. Thus she evolved from a picture maker to a storyteller in her very own way: The idea of a room or space and what it is filled with, as a well designed silent witness of human relations, needs and yearning.
Mr S. (saka infinity) is “an intense partner in discussing the impact of those rooms and became a congenial contributor to the overall experience by using his capability as a musician and light magician. As at various occasions before he brings his magical and sensitive soundtracks and lights to these rooms and by that adding another dimension to it: RL sound recordings, collages and beautifully spheric electronic harmonies make these rooms literally “3D” simply by letting our ears participate.

“The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” – Room 4 (2)

There were more people involved in realizing “The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.“:
Maloe Vansant who provided space at her sim Obscure Desires,
Akim Alonzo, the owner of the Itakos Project and Art Gallery,
Violet Boa, who works at the gallery and helped realising this installation,
Moon Edenbaum, who did the writing (I assumme of the notecard), and
Konrad Van Arbenlow (Kaiju Kohime), who provided some of his unique objects to work with.

Thank you mrs S (lauralar) and Mr S. (saka infinity) for your “Magical Rooms“, that impressed me. I enjoyed my visit a lot.
The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.” should be opened for a visit until end of June.

Landmark to “The Magical Rooms by mrs. & Mr. S.”
at Itakos Project and Art Gallery
The Itakos Project and Art Gallery website