Art in Second Life 2022 (5) The other side of Me… by Lika Cameo

I visited “The other side of Me…” by Lika Cameo, an exhibtion currently featured at DixMix Gallery in room “Amalfia”.

“The other side of Me….” shows about 10 couples of a painting and a photograph, representing the “me” and the other side of me. Each of these couple comes with a thought or a quote.

The pictures are arranged at the walls of the room and on the both sides of a central extra wall. When you look into the room, you can read on the small side of the wall “The other side of Me…”. And you also look directly at two picture couples at the opposed wall.
Right next to the entrance on the left side is a text, the lyrics of the song “Otherside” of the US American singer and songwriter Avi Kaplan. You can hear (and see) it on youtube here. It is the perfect introduction to this artful exhibition:

Emerald ivy, wrapped around my skin
Pulls me deeper, drags me back again
Tangle me up in your vines
Take my spirit, take my mind
Take me over to that other side

“The other side of Me…” by Lika Cameo – view at the entrance of room “Amalfi” at DixMix Gallery

On the right side of the entrance you find a short text of Lika with her thoughts about her exhibition “The other side of Me…”:
… There is always more than eyes can see and hands can feel… there is another world where i can be or i am… there is always another side of me…
Look in the mirror and see, look at your eyes and feel, you are about to enter another dimension of You …

The pictures are very artful and fanciful, true eycatchers that invite to immerse deeper into them. In particular with the provided quote to each couple of pictures. I began to ask myself “Do I have a similiar picture of the other side of Me? Do I desire to be the other Me? Do I want to go to the other Me?” It are these thoughts that let me immerse into Lika’s art. “The other side of Me…” is a well made exhibition that combines a poem and quotes with pictures and pantings to help the spectator to visualise them.

Impressions of “The other side of Me…” by Lika Cameo @ DixMix Gallery

Lika Cameo (Likacameo) is in Second Life for more almost 4 years. She’s passionate about art, photography, architecture, travel, yoga and people. Lika has a flickr account with more of her art and she has an own gallery in Second Life, the Cameo Art Studio.

Lika Cameo’s art is unique and displayed very thoughtfully. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and thank you Viloet Boa for the PR. The exhibition “The other side of Me” by Lika Cameo shall stay open until end of January.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
Lika Cameo’s flickr
Cameo Art Studio
“Otherside” by Avi Kaplan