Enjoying bondage series – December: Seasonal Decoration

Our Second Life began once at Stonehaven. Stonehaven and the sim it was located at, Littlefield, is gone now for several years. It was rebuildt in open grid. The founder of Stonehaven, Dirk Massiel, created a group in SL named “Friends of Stonehaven” and I’m still member of this group out of nostalgia. Just a few days ago I got a group notice from this group with seasonal greetings and a landmark to collect a gift. The Group notice was from Walter Balazic, who some of you may also remember. Of course I was curious. I wasn’t aware that he still has a place in SL. So I went there and grabbed the gift –  a snowman cage. It is funny and for today’s standards in SL quite simple.
Last night was the right moment to put it out. I placed poor freezing Argi in it and decorated the installation with our slave Flo, our doll Dana (who was wearing an according Santa costume) and Delilah, who had returned after a short time of being absent (welcome back, our concubine!). And there we go for the Enjoying bondage series – December: Seasonal Decoration.

Seasonal Decoration: Dana, Flo and Deli with Argi in the Snowman cage

Seasonal Decoration: Dana, Flo & Deli with Argi in the snowman cage