Backflash September 2021 – “Strict Ballet Academy” (September 2011)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For August 2021 I scrolled back 10 years and selected a post from September 2011: “Strict Ballet Academy”. We really have had a varied time in our Second Life so far, trying out many things and kinks. The Strict Ballet Academy (SBA) is something Jenny and I do remember very well – and the textures of it and the building is still somewhere deep in my inventory.

Enjoy reading!

Strict Ballet Academy

We added a new place to our home sim – the Strict Ballet Academy (SBA). The following text was written by titta, Delilah, Jenny and myself. Enjoy learning more about the Academy.

When I was young girl I was in ballet. I loved it and did it for many years. First classical and later I tried  jazz ballet. Somehow the elegance and hard work attracted me. Looking back on that period I liked the way my ballet mistress was harsh and strict.  So I guess that memory with the BDSM theme made me founding the SBA some time ago.
I started it first as a Ballet Mistress but in time I realised there was something stronger deep inside me. Now I am a slave and therefore there isn’t a place for me to be in front of the classroom.  I wanted  to keep the SBA alive and my lovely family were with me on that point. So in good consultation with my Mistress Dio, we decided to bring new life in this wonderful and exciting place. Mistress Dio and her family members did a great job to keep the right spirit and rebuild the SBA on another sim. I’m proud and happy to see that there is a bright future for the SBA in front of us.

Delilah :
Hearing about this place after I joined the family made me curious and one evening, as I had time with tittia, I asked her to take me to visit the place and she accepted. First thing she did was to lead me to the dressing room and made me wear a Ballet Slut uniform which, I have to say, immediately turned me on and made me wet and shameful. (Even today, as I write those lines, and as I come back for that in this place which is about to disappear, and where I had occasions of several memories of a very *different* way since that, I can’t help but still feeling a bit dizzy about that particular first moment.)

Then she led me to the ballet studio and made me do a tour of the possibilities there. She didn’t give me a real lesson, but that was enough to get me really excited, and we both agreed it was very sad to let this place unused because of the lack of Mistresses to run it. Then I had an idea — and I couldn’t have foreseen what this idea would bring! I suggested an agreement to tittia than she would form me as a Ballet Mistress: she would give me lessons to make me know this world better “from the inside”  and then I could make the SBA reopen. Of course we had to ask Mistress Diomita if she would agree with that… She did not *only* agree, she immediately showed herself really enthusiastic at the idea.

Later on the night, as everybody had get to bed except our night owl vanessa and me, I talked about that event with my sis, and showed her the uniform. Just seeing me in this seemed to make her the same effect than it did to me to discover it by wearing it. And when I logged back in the next evening, I found vanessa in this uniform, and Mistress Dio said to me she ordered her to stay in it until otherwise told. And yet vanessa didn’t say anything to Mistress about the previous night. Funny how the things go. Quickly I went to give my first lesson as Ballet Mistress to vanessa, under the eyes of Mistress Dio who told me she was very pleased about it. Some other lessons followed. Today I realize it was these details that betrayed Mistress Diomita’s enthusiasm about all that, an enthusiasm which would soon give unexpected results.

So she started to talk about moving the SBA to the Eurobrats’ island, up the Hotel California,  next spring when the lease of the previous place will end. Then, about moving without waiting so long. Then, not only about moving but improving: bigger place, more furnitures, scripts… And then she started to build. One night Miss Jenny and Mistress accompanied me to “Miss S.” shop, so I could show them what tittia suggested it would be good for me to wear as working as Ballet Mistress; and instead of that, Mistress Dio started to talk about the idea to make an uniform for all the Ballet Mistresses. We spent some few time to debate how it would look, and she contacted Scissor Serpente to order it.

And here we are, not only tittia and me but also Mistress Diomita and Miss Jenny, standing in our brand new and sexy Ballet Mistress uniforms in this huge place that is the new SBA , above our Mount Everest. There is still a changing room and an office, but the Exercise Hall that replaces the previous Ballet Studio is far more big than it was. And we have a brand new Correction Center to deal with some undisciplined students. And there’s also something more that we have: some very exciting perspectives for the future of this place…

tittia, Jenny, Diomita, Delilah – at the new Strict Ballet Academy

I met tittia at her Strict Ballet Academy. She showed me the place and I got the ballet slut uniform. And just a few seconds later I found myself excited in a submissive position… and I admit I enjoyed it a lot. I considered to become a student. When I met tittia later again I saw her submissive side and I couldn’t resist to explore that side. And this exploration ended when I collared her as “Maurer’s Prima”. Her tag implies already that she’s a ballerina – my ballerina, our ballerina. The founder of the Strict Ballet Academy.
Building the Academy on our home sim was a lot of fun as I like building. And we made a lot of plans and most of those plans will become reality sooner or later. For right now we want to reopen the Academy. My first plan is to get some more family members involved and hopefully also some of our other family and friends. If we get more of us instructing at the SBA we will be able to take a few more students, and to run the place a bit more frequently and maybe even to advertise for it.
As Jenny and I care a lot about our family our time to instruct ourself will be limited. But I should be able to supervise. And I look forward to use the new place and the background of it. In my opinion the ballet offers a great opportunity for role playing. And that might add some different fun for us and even become a family hobby for the Eurobrats.
I am quite open for enjoying the SBA at the most.. and we did already have a lot of fun just by moving, building, furnishing and getting the right clothes. So if it is just our family hobby I will be happy with it. If there’s developing more – even better.
Be sure to get a tour and consider applying for a first lesson.

This project came at exactly the right time for us. It has given us both a focus and an opportunity to involve and include our family.
When we developed our family as a couple we moved from Rivers Rock and Dragon Cove and finally to Mount Everest. During these moves we have focused on making a home for our family and now with the Academy the focus has shifted to making this a family venture.
It has been a delight to see the energy and enthusiasm from all sides and for this reason alone it has been a great success.

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Backflash January 2020 – Domme a Domme (January 10th, 2012)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Eight years ago, in January 2012, I wrote a post about “Domme a Domme”, it was the 100th post in this blog. I sorted it under the category “Exploring sims in Second Life”. There was just one single picture in this post. Club Domme a Domme has changed a lot ever since, gone through several full refurbishments and moved. Mistress Jenny and I still visit it quite often, although it is mostly a S&M (Stand & Model) nowadays. But the concept is still the same and sometimes there’s also something going on.
Here’s the post from January 10th, 2012:

Domme a Domme

I can not remember exactly how I found Domme a Domme (DaD), but as far as I remember it was a group that I joined as Yasmin has been a member and it was not free to join it. It was a small select group of Dommes that met to explore their secret side once in a while or just to escape from the pressures of being domme. At first it was my  personal retreat and I didn’t take Jenny there for a long time. And I had some nice experiences with Leighrayne Ninetails and others. The first club house was a small house with a limited number of props. As the group developed it was time to get a bigger plot and the group moved to Long Lost Bay.

The plot there consisted of a landing zone next to a lounge and some small traps. There was a club house with private dancing and some other buildings that Mina kept on developing. Leigh provided the main attraction and a lot of  banter was going on in IM. DaD was a good place to visit but then more and more people mainly stood around the landing area and did not explore anymore. There were also a lot of dommes looking to break everybody they saw and some of the stand offs and banter became humerous.

Quite recently a lot of work has been done to develop DaD into an urban area around a courtyard. There is a museum, a diner and some areas to RP in but the main meeting place is still at the main square.  Nowadays you will encounter a mixture of dommes and subs although subs are requested to not actively search for an owner there. The balance of people is similar to the way Stonehaven used to be when the patio there was a great place to visit, watch, have some banter or make friends.

So although you may feel a little frustrated at first that nothing is happening, just say hello to everybody and very soon you will begin to make friends.  That’s how I met people there, people who got close to me or were close to me for a while – and three of them are collared members of the Eurobrats today.

Beware some of the traps are cruel so keep your relay on ask unless you have a friend to rescue you close by.

P.S.: This is the 100th post on this blog 🙂


Some further remarks:
The three above mentioned members of the Eurobrats, who I met first at club Domme a Domme and who became our collared slaves were Dana (Dana Drezelan), tittia (Mistress Cuttita) and Delilah (Delilah Ormidale). We miss Delilah since June 2014. slave Dana is still arouned and we still see her every once in a while although she’s not our collared slave anymore. tittia is also still around and we see her and are in touch with her.
Leighrayne Ninetails is the founder of the Domme a Domme group and cares about it and about it’s home ever since. Thank you, Leigh!

Link to the original post:
Landmark to the current club Domme a Domme

Dio’s 7th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2015

Incredible but true: Today marks my 7th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has become a tradtion for me to write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. Again, at the first glance nothing has changed, we enjoy a rare stability within our Second Life and I am very thankful about it. But of course we had some changes and many events and joyful moments.

Our home might be one reason for the stability. It is my base, the base for our family and friends. And it’s the family and friends who make a home. Home in SL is where they are. We still have our homestead for more than 3 years now. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it.
We buildt a new main house. It is larger and has a spacious main room, so it is better for when we stay inside to play or chat and we stay a bit more inside now. We also added a new waterfall – Angel Falls just close to the Shangri-La. And we made new pathways and stairs and did some minor changes here and there. No big changes, slight improvements. When I get online and see our island, I know its time to recover and relax and to enjoy my free time. I’m at home.

The new main house at Eurobrats HQ

The new main house at Eurobrats HQ

With regard to our family we had some changes:
We released Danii on May 24th 2014, as she  got hooked to other activities (“real” games) and her visits got rare.
We collared rona, “Maurer’s Künsterlin”, on June 26th 2014. Again: Welcome to the family, rona!
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. Her submission and dedication despite the timezone issue was and is amazing. We gave Dana into the hands of centi (centaur.mcGinnis) at least for now. Dana will stay close and will stay a family member – and we only sold her for her good (and we will buy her back if needed *winks*)
We released our niece Luna (Fae) on December 26th, 2014. Fae has and always had her own kinks and ways. Fae found a new passion being a fairy in Second Life. She shaped her avatar into a dwarf and has wings and she renamed herself into Luna Dewglitter. We’re happy for her. And whatever kink she’s exploring, Fae is welcomed at home and in our family. It just doesn’t need a collar as Fae gets close for some months and then vanishes again for some months.
We also sadly released Delilah, our concubine, on December 30th, 2014. Delilah had some problems in her RL. We hope that she overcame them. But she decided to stay off and she didn’t reappear for half a year, no sign of life, no email reply. Where ever you are, Delilah: Good luck to you! And feel free to say hello to us when you return online one day.
Our official family has shrunk a bit but the family and friends group is still growing.
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) was a pony for a very long time. On the occasion of her 6th collaring anniversary, we allowed her transformation back into her Kitty shape. We can tell that Kitty is very excited about the change and particularly that she can see her new skin and shape now. She looks like a real woman now, just her manners and behavior need some let’s say improvements. We look forward to Kitty’s ongoing adventures!

our beauty Kitty Maurer

our beauty Kitty Maurer

Maurer’s It (queen.takacs) is our strict restrained bondage victim for over 4 (!) years now. Recently we moved her to “The Keep” for some weeks, where she enjoyed her isolation and can fantasize about how to escape from us (what weill never happen *grins*). Now she’s back to her place at the decking and gets some eye candy at least every once in a while.
Angelique, our sweet niece, is also already close to 3 years with us. She is very special for her aunts. Always a brat, always different and always faithful. Thank you for being with us. You belong to us, Angelique.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was acquired more than 1 year ago. Slave Flo cares reliably about dusting and keeping our home clean. She pleases us with her devotion and with her blog entries (“News from Flo”-series) and gives us a lot in return for caring about her.
And rona, who is our youngest with regard of being collared, added a lot to my and our SL. It’s because of her that I discovered new ways of taking and processing pictures. And Jenny and I are really happy having her in our family. She added different kinks and preferences to our family. And this is what makes this family so particular for me – it’s variety. Rona had an exhibition of her art on our sim in fall 2014. It was exciting to set it up, to make the boards and ads and of course to see it. I hope that her exhibitions will become a regular event in the years ahead.
As for right now we’re missing rona for 2 months already. We hope that she’s doing well and wait for a sign of life. If you read this, drop us a line please, Rona. We do miss you!

20140921 Exhibition Announcement

What else has to be mentioned about my 7th year in SL?
We continued our “Enjoying bondage”-series on the blog. It has become a regular event to think about something different every month. And I truely enjoy it.
I improved my skills taking and processing pictures. And I uploaded some of my pictures to deviantArt (dA). I have fun doing that and it became sort of a 2nd diary just for the best pictures that I took on SL. And I learned some new tricks about taking pictures and how to make videos. It was fun to learn how to do it and the results are at least a nice memory.
Inspired by the Living in a modemworld blog of Inara Pey, I visited several sims. One fascination of SL for me is the creativity of people around the world. It is simply amazing what is created by others inworld. I visited “Umbral”, “The Bay”, “The Citadel”, “Dawn of Radiance”, “The Lefevre Mansion”, “Sanssouci”, “France Portnawak”, “Santorini”, “Angel Manor” and several galleries. We made the Halloween and the Christmas tour, both were real events and left fond memories. I enjoyed the colours of autum in several sims. Exploring and discovering what the human spirit can produce is for sure something that keeps me excited here.

Diomita Maurer 2015 (picture taken at Angel Manor)

Diomita Maurer 2015
(picture taken at Angel Manor)

We also tried new toys and gear and lately we used more often Katie Paine’s “Restraind Freedom” (RF) gear. Particularly the hood, the stealth gag and the mittens took our attention. Besides Marine Kelley’s Real Restraints (RR) those became our favourite toys and our subs mostly are equipped with them for our pleasure (and their pleasure too).
I also need to mention Virgo and our Friday night parties. The parties are a part of my everyday life and I look forward to every Friday not just because the weekend starts. We enjoy great music, we have fun with the themes and we find time to chat in public and in IM while we listen to the music. Thank you Virgo for playing the music for us. I really appreciate it a lot.
Still there’s a lot to explore in SL be it ourselfs and or fantasies and kinks or be it art or creatively build sims. We also like to play games like greedy or ludo and lately also cards against humanity. So at least for me Second Life hasn’t lost its facination and I enjoy the time that I can spend here online.

Diomita "Owned Domme"

Diomita “Owned Domme”

Jenny and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversay on October 24th, 2014. This is even in RL a long time of being together and we continue to enjoy our relation. And we continue to explore eachother and our kinks. We both developed in our relation and became collared to eachother years ago. But this last year, November 21st 2014, Jenny took even more control and she replaced my jewelery collar with a thick leather and steel collar signed “Owned domme” and I submitted. Thus she took away my status of being equal to her. She became Mistress Jenny for me.
The experience of being submitted to her as well as giving full control to her changed me and us. For my part it is that I truely submit to my wife like she did and does for close to 7 years now. I do fully accept being owned property. I enjoy her control and her guidance and I see her submission to me in a different way now.
On New Year’s day 2015 Mistress Jenny restored my status and granted that I wear my jewelery collar again. We started 2015 as a domme couple, fully equal and partnered in love. As we see fit and feel for it, we will give full control to the other. Thus we can recover strength and enjoy our both submissive side as well. Thank you, Jenny, my world!

Besides Jenny, the brats, our neighbours many others contribute to our SL and became close friends for us. Thank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still enjoyable and exciting! It was a great 7th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 8th.

Love from Diomita

Dear Diary – Between the years and year end changes

The time between christmas and the new year is always a time to look back, make good intentions and to clear up. So we did to some extent in our Second Life as well. Just a few days ago I cleared up the family and friends group, ejecting those who don’t belong to our closest friends. We like to keep the group restricted to the family itself, former members and to neighbours and longtime friends. If you were ejected, please don’t feel offended at all!

Regarding the family we just sold our slave Dana. That was bittersweet. We are convinced that Dana will always stay close and that she will enjoy serving her new owner centi.
Jenny and I also decided to change our niece Fae’s status within the family. We release her as our collared sub. Fae (or lately Luna) has always seeked her own ways and adventures in SL like her latest adventure becoming a “mini”-fairy.  She’s a lovely niece, a close and beloved friend, but we use (or should I say more precisely abuse) her as a sub less than rarely. Therefor it is only consequent not to see her as our sub. Fae shall keep her tag and her priviledges as our niece. Her home is at Mount Everst and she’ll stay a family member. We will only not list her as our collared sub anymore. We’re aware of her dedication and her submissive nature and we will not hesitate to boss her around nonetheless.

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 - one of Deli's last visits

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 – one of Deli’s last visits

Sadly we also released Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale), our concubine. Deli is a wonderful sub and has pleased us a lot and added so much to the Eurobrats. During the last year Deli came online less and less due to her RL and finally didn’t appear at all anymore for the last 6 months. We lost any contact to her and she didn’t give any sign of life or replied to our offline IM’s or emails. We can only hope that she’s doing well and wish her all the best. If you read these lines, Delilah – we miss you! Deli will of course also stay a family member and will be welcomed back home in case she joins us again one day.
With these changes it was about time to update the family overview which I did.

20141227 Mimi Singer Hadisson in concert at LDaMS_002Between the year is not only time to clear up, it is also time to have fun with a bit more time online (at least I could spend a bit more time online). And there is no blog entry without some more pictures. On Saturday, Dec 27th, we visited a concert at the Lesbian D/s M&Y Society. It’s always surprising to visit a concert in SL and this one was again proving what is possible in a virtual world. We enjoyed the performance.


This year I bought a HD Video System from Marine Kelley, the creator of our favourite bondage gear “Real Restraints”. A good entertainment for these days between the years is watching a video together. Marine published lately several movies from her “Gina-series”. And watching together, making remarks and cuddling is much better than watching alone.

naughty owned Mistress Jenny

One of these days Mistress Jenny teased me a full night long wearing a transparent latex dress. When we retreated to our private rooms, Mistress offered me her keys for just one hour.
I immediately took the opportunity and locked her arms behind her back and then forced her to sit on our sybian and began to play with the litte remote control. As the picture proves my naughty owned Mistress did enjoy it a lot – and I did too watching her *winks*

Jenny and I playing like kids at Baja NorteDuring this of the year many sims are decorated and changed according to the season. So now is the time to visit as long as they exist in this virtual temporary world of Second Life.
We went to Baja Norte and enjoyed a fabulous winter decoration with fairies, elfes and dwarfs.  You’ll find a description and the landmark in Inara’s “Living in a modemworld”-blog.

And of course we didn’t miss to tease and teach our subs between the years…..

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique


So – lets enjoy the last hours of 2014!

Delilah collared 3 years

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Delilah Maurer’s collaring and how the time flies. When Delilah got closer to us, we were just moving to Mount Everest. She was very patient during these days while we were busy building and creating our home and her collaring was the first event we celebrated on our new island.

Delilah was our huntress first as she loves to use the bow and arrows for hunting. Over the years with us she revealed her sensitive and submissive side more and more until she became our concubine. You can sense that she’s able to dive deeply into her second life and the scenery. Delilah also loved the ballet academy of tittia, she really misses it. Giving lessons there revealed another Delilah, demanding, passionately yet still very sensitive she is a natural when it comes to coaching others and getting them to work hard.

More recently Delilah shared some on line stories with us and all of them expressed the same theme. Delilah it seems is susceptible to hypnosis and we have implanted some very strong controlling trigger words that we do use on her from time to time.

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale) collared July 20th, 2011

Delilah’s RL has not allowed her to get online often lately and she’s having a tough time. We wish you all the best, Delilah and we look forward seeing you inworld again – and then we will celebrate together.
HAPPY 3rd COLLARING DAY, Deli!!! You make us both very happy.

love Dio and Jen

Dio’s 6th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2014

Today I’ll turn 6 years old in Second Life. It has been a year of slow changes, no dramatic changes yet my Second Life developed.

What could I do in here?

What could I do in here?

Let’s begin with our home in SL. We still have our homestead, no movement this year and we like the stability and the base our home provides to us and the family and friends. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. It’s great to have them close.
Inspired by visits to other sims we remodelled our part of Mount Everest. We added grass, flowers, trees and some pathways. We created a new lounge with a pergola. “It” (Queen.Takacs) had some technical problems and her world became literally pink. It almost destroyed her fun coming to SL. She could solve the problem luckily after a while and we built a new pit close to the new lounge for her and locked her down there. Now she has a lot of time to recover from this hard time and maybe she catches a view on our feet sometimes. We built a new dungeon and tore down the Strict Ballet Acedemy, we removed the guest house and added some more cells to “The Keep”. Furtheron we changed the Beach Disco. The weekly Friday night parties are a fix part of our SL (as well as of our RL of course). We do have a great time there and Virgo provides great music for us and she adjusts the program according to the theme. We first thought we have to built and create it newly from the scratch but then we found a great ready built outdoor disco and modified it so that it fits to us.
Over all our island lost its desert character and became greener. It’s not the beautiful landscape that some have created in SL but it is ours and we did it at a resonable prim count. In addition Sarah did a remodelling of her island too. It has become a flowerful oasis and provides places just to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. We use the patio behind her house facing the lake quite regularly for our bondage sessions.

We celebrated several anniversaries last year. Jenny and I had our 5th wedding anniversary, something really rare in SL and even for RL it is not a given. I really feel blessed. And also our brats and closer friends could celebrate anniversaries. Regarding our collared brats “It” , Delilah (Delilah.Ormidale), Danii (Danii. Szydlowska) and Angelique (Angelique.Teskat) nothing has changed but they all had celebrated another year wearing our collar. Thank you all for your devotion and dedication to us. There’s enough to read in this blog about them, no need to repeat it here.
Dana (Dana.Drezelan) had her 3rd collaring day on December 18th. Again she explored something new last year and became a cow at DZone. Another experience she made, she was milked all day and Kitty enjoyed getting her fresh coffee cream every day. Dana gave birth to a calf at DZone and then was released there. We sold Dana to Claven (Claven.Albatros) now just the day after her 3rd collaring anniversary as our island would be too small for a herd of stock.
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) was naughty watching ponies for a while last year. She freed Hu-mares at SnR (Stones and Rubber) just for fun and loitered around in the according sims like FFF (Frilly Filly Farm). And thus she made friends over there and got drawn into the scene more and more. And although Kitty fought the thought of becoming a pony in SL ever and insisted that she went there just to watch, the unexpected happened and she became a pony. She got the best gear available and two friends who train her – Betty (bettylatexlover.resident) and Merjeni (merjeni.resident). Good luck, pony Kitty, win many prizes for us!
We released subtittia (Mistress.Cuttita) who had not much time to spend on SL due to her RL and is now exploring on her own again where to turn her SL to, when she finds the time for SL. Tittia is still close and always welcome to us of course.
We collared Flo (florence.riddler) and Fae (Fae.Howlett) on November 29th, 2013.
Fae is my former subsister and now the 2nd niece who we adopted. She was our sub when she and I were both owned by Yasmin. She had longer phases of absence to SL and returned now. We provide her the stability of a family, the base from where she can start her journeys and of course we keep her in bondage and gagged every once in a while.
Flo, our little doctor slave was first our kidnapee but then we kept her and the Stockholm syndrome did the rest. We enslaved her. With such a large family it’s good to have a doctor close and for us alone.
Welcome to the family Flo and Fae.

For me family is not limited to our collared brats. The family is more. We have some very close friends that are also sort of family for us. Beside our neighbours Tyra, Virgo and Sarah I want to mention Argi (Argi.Boa) here. Argi has been with us all over my last year in SL, still uncollared but nonetheless part of us now. Arka (Arkahelle.Janus) spent a lot of her time with Danii making one of her wishes come true, and recently Nirvana (Nirvana.Elan) appears more and more and fits in well,  Thank you for being with us. And I want to mention Claven who is a friend of mine since my first days in SL. She’s an unfailing source of ideas, a good dominant adviser and just a wonderful friend. Thank you, Claven.

Over the last year I tried to keep our blog alive and I wrote a lot about the things we do. We started the “Enjoying Bondage” series with one picture per month. The series gives reason to at least one bondage night or one particular bondage or anything related to that once a month. For me the blog has become a memory book where I read myself sometimes and smile about myself or about the good time I had and have. I lost mostly all contact to the old crowd of Yasmin but the memories are kept alive and every once in a while I stumble over things that remind me about this time of my SL or I meet someone (or a reborn avatar) of our old greater family. SL still keeps somethings to explore every day be it new people who I meet or be it new sims to discover.
I met Rona (ronapotter.resident) at “The Secret House”, a club we often stay just to chill a bit. Rona made some nice picture collages for us and she inspired me to create something myself. And I finally began to uplaod pictures to deviantArt.  So instead of the yearly portrait of myself to document how I changed my appearance in SL for this anniversary I made something different that not only shows how I look but also covers my relation to Jenny (laylady.lay).

20140122 Projekt 9D

As mentioned above we celebrated our 5th wedding day last year. We are collared to eachother and we switch back and forth. During the last year Jenny got more and more familiar in her role as my owner. And I can tell that she keeps me on my toes and she knows how to tease me. Nonetheless she still has her place at my feet too. We have a very rare D/s relation where we both can enjoy both sides of the leash. I personally think that we keep up the desire for eachother also by trying to develop something new for eachother with every session we have. We also developed rituals that are now part of my everyday life. We’re connected in many ways. Thank you Jenny, my world, slave, wife and owner for everything you do for me and for the family!

Diomita's  and Jenny's Gallery

Diomita’s and Jenny’s Gallery

Dear family, dear friends, let me heartfully thank you all for your love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be “Dio” without you. I couldn’t relax and enjoy SL without you. Thank you all for a great 6th year in Second Life. Many thanks!

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Brat’s stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that their Mistresses soon would be there.

Qt and Flo were nestled all snug in their Cells,
While their collars where shiny and covered with bells.
And Kitty was mischief chief, full of fun whims,
Was creating her havoc in pony girl Sims.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
Fae sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Angel was dusting the pictures no joke,
Her legs in a spreader her arms in a Yoke.

She had fallen again on the new-fallen snow
Her cheeks were quite red and beginning to glow.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a sleigh being pulled by brats in pony gear.

With a beautiful driver in her new leather dress,
I knew in a moment it must be our Mistress.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And she whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

“Now Danii ! and, Dana” she said with a snap
Get working together and pull this old trap.
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew once again,
With the sleigh full of presents, from Dio and Jen..

Dressed in fine leather, leaving nothing to chance.
She makes the girls pull her to the Friday night dance.
A bundle of Toys she had flung on her back,
Then thought who to tie helpless when she emptied the sack.

Virgo was playing great song on her stream
Tyra was dancing and looked like a dream.
The others were there and filling the Floor
Argi and Deli and and a whole lot more.

BC was smacking each bottom she saw
Claven and Sarah and more friends galore.
Dio dished out the presents with Jen as her elf,
And Argi was worried about the poor Dr’s health.

Then she sprang to her sleigh, to her team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard her exclaim, as she drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Stolen from Clement Clarke Moore (1779 – 1863) and butchered by Jenny Maurer

20131223 Merry Christmas from Dio and Jen

Enjoying bondage series – December: Seasonal Decoration

Our Second Life began once at Stonehaven. Stonehaven and the sim it was located at, Littlefield, is gone now for several years. It was rebuildt in open grid. The founder of Stonehaven, Dirk Massiel, created a group in SL named “Friends of Stonehaven” and I’m still member of this group out of nostalgia. Just a few days ago I got a group notice from this group with seasonal greetings and a landmark to collect a gift. The Group notice was from Walter Balazic, who some of you may also remember. Of course I was curious. I wasn’t aware that he still has a place in SL. So I went there and grabbed the gift –  a snowman cage. It is funny and for today’s standards in SL quite simple.
Last night was the right moment to put it out. I placed poor freezing Argi in it and decorated the installation with our slave Flo, our doll Dana (who was wearing an according Santa costume) and Delilah, who had returned after a short time of being absent (welcome back, our concubine!). And there we go for the Enjoying bondage series – December: Seasonal Decoration.

Seasonal Decoration: Dana, Flo and Deli with Argi in the Snowman cage

Seasonal Decoration: Dana, Flo & Deli with Argi in the snowman cage

Delilah Maurer – collared 2 years

Today is Delilah Maurer’s 2nd collaring anniversary and Jenny and I wrote both an congratulation note for her:

Diomita’s toughts:
Delilah recently became our concubine. our personal sub, patiently waiting to serve her owners, or to please them just by her presence.
I remember that her patience impressed me when she came to us. She stayed on our new island, with her thumbs cuffed together at her back. She was not restricted to teleport out, yet she stayed as I told her. What began at the former domme a domme site as an erotic testing of eachone’s power, with me kneeling at her once as we met there, led surprisingly to this stay at our home and consquently it led to her collaring 2 years ago. Delilah had a lot of fun with our Strict ballet academy and she was (and certainly is) an excellent teacher of this art. When she had a student there she fully focussed on the lesson and her passion filled the room. Unfortunately we had to close the academy due to it’s rare use but we keep it in our memories. Delilah faith, her dedication first to me, now to us both is a particular gift. She shows the same passion that we sensed in the SBA now as passion to serve us. We’re blessed having her and will go on accompaning her way submitting to us. We love you. Happy collaring anniversary, Delilah!

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student's face not shown intentionally)

Delilah giving a ballet lesson (student’s face not shown intentionally)

Jenny’s thoughts:
We met Delilah at Domme a Domme a long time ago when Dommes actually went there. We were playing with our new RLV arm mounted crossbows and trying to capture people there to play with. Well we caught Delilah that night and right from the onset we knew we had already got our money’s worth from our toys.
Delilah is not your usual pretend Domme looking for somebody to break her, she was quite surprised at how events progressed and for months afterwards we called her our Huntress and she gave lessons in the SBA and in all fairness she was very good at it.
Just recently Delilah approached us and told us that she would like to get closer to us. It transpires that our Huntress is better suited to serving us at a more personal level and we have brought her closer to ourselves as a couple. Delilah is now our personal concubine and we will expect her to work hard in her new position.
Thank you Delilah. When we first caught you we knew we had a prize in our hands but just how special that prize is becomes more apparent each day.

Delilah - Maurer's concubine

Delilah – Maurer’s concubine

Delilah Maurer

Last night turned out to end with a surprise. First I took Jenny and Delilah on a simploring tour. We visited Fortress Mortice (FM). The sim is part mansion, part asylum and part prison,  The owners use it as a cover for their criminal activites, for using their slaves as cheap labour and  amusing toys. In short FM is a new prison and slave sim. Dana considers a stay there. So that gave reason for the visit.
We got an enjoyable tour seeing all facilities of this prison and attended a trial. In fact we can imagine to agree to a stay for Dana or of another sub of ours.

Back home I was in the mood to play. I was just using Delilah while Jenny watched as Argi joined the scene. The situation was kind of embarrassing and humiliating for Delilah. No I wont go into details:-). In the end Argi and Jenny played while Deli and I took the time to whisper together about what has happened. As a matter of fact Deli had become even closer to us during the last weeks and also stepped deeper in her submission to Jenny and me. Spontaneously, I proposed to her to change her display name to Delilah Maurer to express this development. Deli loves her last name and had considered this change before but dismissed the idea. Now after the experience of last night and as I proposed it she felt ready for it. She thinks that the new name will also help and support her in her submission to us and protect her in case of any doubts. Jenny and I feel very honored about her change as for her it was not a petitesse but a big step. So we celebrated with her dancing on the roof of our most private home “Chez Maurer”. On a sidenote – thus Argi got the chance to see our skybox even before being collared by us *winks.

Argi, Jenny and Dio dancing together with Delilah Maurer

Argi, Jenny and Dio dancing together with Delilah Maurer

Thank you for your gift to us, Delilah Maurer.

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