Simploring 2019 (121) A NYC Christmas

For my simploring tour on Friday, December 6th, I picked “A NYC Christmas” from SL Destinations . There I found the link to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019” which I read before visiting myself.

A NYC Christmas is a full moderate region owned by Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks). The sim was mainly designed by Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh). As she name implies it is a seasonal sim most probably available until the end of the year.

A NYC Christmas – overview

The sim offers Winter scenes of New York City around the Central Park. And it is very well built! The landing is in a subway station. Some mesh statues liven up the scene. On the platform is a drunken Santa and it is fun listening to him:
Drunken Santa: Hey look its Diomita
Drunken Santa: Ok damnit, who took my sleigh Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Buy me Drink and i wont tell anyone what you did last night… Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Diomita …my Reindeer kicked my Ass …now i have to walk home

Once you leave the subway station you enter into the metropol city of New York. I felt like being in NYC immediately. The streets are full of cars and trucks, where ever you look your view is limited by some skyscrapers. You need to focus to look at what is in front of you. Instinctively I was careful before I crossed the street. Yet I can assure, that you’re safe in Second Life *winks*

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (1) – arriving in the subway station and the first view leaving the station

I first tried the Zip line that ends near the subway entrance and starts at the top of the skycraper that rises above the Macy’s store. Back at the subway entrance I walked along the Central Park N where you find some nicely decorated residential blocks, a great background for taking pictures.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (2) – The zip line / residential houses at Central Park N

In the central park itself I found several nice places to sit and enjoy the environment. I had a coffee in an outdoor restaurant. In the middle of the park is a large ice skating area. But there’s more. At the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park N is a building that I named casino as there are two game tables inside beside that it is also decorated with love for the design.
In particular I liked the outdoor dinning in a covered bridge and I had fun dancing with a pinocchio-ish funny person. And if you like you could also start a snowball fight.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (3) – The Central Park

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (4) – The Central Park

At the Fifth Avenue you can also start a sleigh tour with Santa and 4 rendeers. The tour leads not only around the central park but also into some streets you might miss otherwise. I had fun, in particular as we got into a traffic jam cause be two cabs blocking the street. Santa tried to simply ride over the cabs and we got stuck. After a while I left the sleigh and Santa and the rendeers disappeared by SL magic. But the street where I left was not in the best quarter of NYC. Is it really a coincidence that I got stucked with Santa at a night club? *winks*. At least a police station was nearby.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (5) – The sleigh ride with Santa and where it ended

There’s really a lot to do and to discover at A NYC Christmas. I recommend looking into the shops, like Macy. The feeling of beeing in NYC is quite well done, with all the Christmas trees, the train running around the foot of the trees, all the red bows and the many lights. That is how it looks like! I also had my difficulties taking picture as it is not easy to find the right position. There’s always somthing blocking the view, be it trucks, cabs, power lines, decoration or buildings. That’s also like in NYC!

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (6) – Enjoying my visit

I was about to return home when I found a great motif for a selfie at Central Park W with a Christmas tree as background. Now I have a souvenr from “my” NYC Christmas. As opposed to Maddy Gynoid’s experience I had to fight with some lag during my visit and textures took long to wait – but it was worth waiting!

Thank you Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks) for providing your sim for this great seasonal event. Thank you Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh) for the design. I enjoyed and really appreciate what you all created.

Landmark to “A NYC Christmas”
Flickr group
Maddy’s echtvirtuell blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019”